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hello everybody and be welcome toanother video this is an developerAnnabella’s am and in today’s video iwill show you my new waffle maker isthis one single flip waffle maker and Iwill also show you how to make a perfectrecipe for a perfect American waffle sothis waffle maker I bought at Walmart itwas a good promotion at that time afterBlack Friday and I will show you everydetail different toppings as well I hopeyou will enjoy this video and just comewith meto another video[Music]I’m so excited to open with you my newwaffle maker it was just so anxious tohave this waffle maker with me when Isaw it I just fell in love because Ijust thought it will be a great optionto prepare different dinner options formy family I was just kind of tired ofjust eating sandwiches pasta or pizza orjust those like you know cereal or anyother stuff so I just loved it and Iwill just open it and show it to you I’mvery excited saying hi to my friend Ninajust share it with me how do you makewaffles here in the commentsso after reading the instructionsfinally I never figure it out how doesit work so here is how we can flip itand just open it yeah if you are the onethat has just kind of difficulties withthese appliances you’re like me it’sgood that we have the instructionsI’m not the one who can just get verywell with this do-it-yourself stuff sohere is you can see there is anindicator saying when the waffle will beready and I will share with you myrecipeso for the recipe we will need twotablespoons of butter of modern ourgreen all-purpose flour 2 cups 2 cups ofmilk I am using the 2% option 3tablespoons of baking powder 2 eggs I’musing the large ones okay if you’reusing a smaller eggs maybe three justone teaspoon of saltthree tablespoons of sugar and then Iwill put one teaspoon of oil just tomake sure it will not stick so I willjust melt this butter here with themicrowave just to make it easier andthen just we’ll mix it and I will showeverything to you[Music]walking alone streets empty the only thenagas is the homeI’m getting stronger stand by you sir[Music][Music]you[Music]ready to explore rightthis guy I need you felisOh Joe[Music]so I will just start mixing everythingwith my manual mixer is this one forabout two minutes the until I reach theconsistency I want[Music][Music]so I just added two extra tablespoons offlour just to get to the consistency Iwant the consistency should be similarto the one to the pancake mixture okayso I will just show it to youso look who just woke up from the napthis is my baby Steven oh my baby oh Itold me he just still wants to sleep alittle bit more but it’s time to wake upso I’m also here with my princessStephanie say hi hi so it seems like Iwill be having good helpers today itseems like my baby just wanted to bewith me we will prepare these wafflestogether I will just show you theconsistency of the ready mixture mydaughter will just connect the wafflemaker just doing a little bit ofpreheating just after making that I justrecommend to you just preheat thiswaffle maker for about five minutes soyou just start having better resultsthis is the consistence as I told yousimilar to the one over pancake mixtureokay[Music][Music]lion roaring in the Morning Sunsearching for the left is happy butinside[Music][Music][Music]let’s gonna come the birds of Jessicawe will always take a stand[Applause]for the peoplelet’s go back to[Music]let’s go backkids across the[Music][Music][Music]coming[Music]walking alone streets empty the only thenagas is my homeI’m getting stronger step-by-stepso finally it’s time to taste them hmmI’m very anxious let me show you the endresult so here they are they look soyummy one day I will be eating them withscrambled eggs and also some cheese andchicken breast and for the kids if theywould like a sweet version we have a figjam and also strawberry jam so let mejust taste it and I will tell you thetruth so here we go so they are justamazing you will certainly need to trythis recipe I really recommend it to youso hype I’m sure you will love them aswell so that’s it my friendI see you in my next video I hope youwill have a beautiful day ahead anddon’t forget to share with me whichtoppings you will be using and that’s itmy friendgod bless you bye bye be well my mom’svideos make sure you subscribe like andsharethank youyou

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