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Waffles Playing Gang Beast because mechs are in Fortnite

Hello my name is THE DANCING WAFFLES and I mostly make videos during the end of weeks and in the weekends. I make most Of them Friday-Sunday so stay tuned for new videos. But remember that you have to STAY SOGGY WITH THE SYRUP!!!

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Video Transcription

hey guys it isn’t it
it is an officer
yeah I may have to set this down yeah
I don’t know Matt so I’m just kidding
yeah okay so I’m the dinosaur break it
break it we’ve played this before I
forgot how to run because we’ve been
playing this game okay okay
we haven’t playing this game for wwk
Donham I’m gonna die i’ma grab someone
no this keeps so hard actually how to
punch you I grabbed the girl
those at the same time hook hook door
shut break it break it it’s better it’s
way better with people physics makes it
way a little baby dinosaur guys okay
this okay guys he’s Michael
he said purple minion no resource
we could place three player know I need
help over here Donna look there go up
here uh kill me you first no don’t let
go bro let go follow us right to know
something but my arms are slipping
okay so we might be this really cool man
it’s called
wait add add just solve it on the right
person and you make sure you make sure
you break the rails
yes break the rails and make it work
break the rails break the rules
no you almost got yourself in yeah get
off there’s really no one watching
not right now
you’re you’re definitely not getting any
more see if anyone is watching let’s lie
yeah but no one is and no one is say hi
oh we just I just have to go see my okay
it’s our viewers
he does
what I study more game please
I’ll check them off cuz I’m a beast I
that’s not tasty Fisher now you’re not
going by yourself where is it
okay so there’s this one called wheel
there’s one called a wheel I came in
here you have to get close guys what is
it’s a ferris wheel and the floor breaks
I think
is this not the map oh yeah it’s gonna
break out here it’s gonna break
it’s breaking right here but these parts
they don’t break easy
oh crap they actually do break easy oh
I can’t even hear you
I’ll come on man
no I did no I did
okay so I had to look at that just
because I got ya had to go see something
hold on God look at more two-player
games I really want to play games we
gotta find them hold up
I’ll be back in like five minutes
okay guys so I just find Mount minecraft
I don’t know how much it cost let me
check it out
okay guys we may be back in like seven
okay guys we’re just gonna make a series
or something I don’t know if it yeah I’m
gonna end this one and actually we’re
just plaguing before a I’ve finally back
but oh yeah Ranger
it’s not gonna be for tonight
it’s not me
game is free
yeah hi
smokey he called you small waffle Ranger
yeah he’s a small wolf
it’s his start
yeah you are your small walking
on the on the red I’m the red super
yeah you can’t name your cake
I’m the red dinosaur he’s a red chicken
just right
see my dog has to say look like guys I
know this rings kind of do by the way
I’m the red dance least the red chicken
yeah okay I bet next-door neighbor
stir-fry here you don’t come with me in
bed oh gosh don’t do it
that wasn’t me tells you it if it says
it I got out of it okay I pause it
oh gosh your leaky right ears mom hope
it breaks so you go down with it cuz I’m
not going down with it yeah look at this
whole piece yeah it’s not yeah it is
I’m not going down I’ll stay right here
yeah those pieces I think I should just
why is everything for me breaking I may
make it I may make it art series with my
brother pull me up
yeah by making it
oh well this one game I don’t even know
what it’s called just called don’t bite
me bro no yeah this game called don’t
bite me bro is sometimes
yeah he’s reading everything you like
reading grab onto me when I get onto
here come on come on I’m going to this
one I don’t got you well you’re dead
okay so I just died look at this game go
don’t fight be bro
alright make a series out of it if it’s
deep fryer first foots free actually up
I’ll look it up
this videos lying
what are you doing your spider chicken
I’m not leaving you restart it hurts
this game love it
it’s not switched
no I if it isn’t making soup
it is split screen okay so oh well
that’s not good
I was just looking at this thing I see a
lot longer cuz it’s split screen
how’d I put up I’m sorry for the not
that don’t bite me bro okay so
we’re perfect what’s the RQ Stamper real
oh that’s y’all thought it was I thought
it meant real quiet oh yeah oh my gosh
guys calm down I’m not your dad oh no I
got you I got you homie I got you
I’ll save you the other times oh my gosh
sir this is a smelly go you’re probably
gonna die I’m not dying
look I can walk straight through here
without any cracks because I’m bees
oh yeah be hanging them babies
well what’s not use the rest of us
touching spicy pepper does that mean
was it really right does it really yeah
why would you say that well go check
this game oh five minutes hopefully it’s
good okay oh yeah
that’s not art ah it’s in the beginning
let’s go
got a little bit art
yeah hope it Barry
you put but the bottom okay
Oh what did you read oh my god make sure
I don’t eat that help me please you’re
not stuck don’t worry I don’t need your
help I can walk without cracking
yeah I said that
yeah like that hurry up you gotta go
post something on my Instagram yeah my
there you go go look at my Instagram I
don’t got you I don’t got you boo oh my
word wait what again oh I mean I burped
okay guys tell us what oh gosh
tell us what we should do at least
oh gosh okay JB sir
he’s such a pity what should we do game
oh my gosh is too ghostbusters
yeah isn’t so
I forgot see if my stream stays up this

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