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Vince makes waffles!!!

Vince loves to help in anything I do. So I thought he could help make waffles. And he just wanted to do it all by himself (with a little of my help). And I thought that was a great idea. So here he is making waffles. Enjoy! And if you haven’t already make sure you hit that subscribe button and ring that bell and give us a big thumbs up. Thanks for watching

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Video Transcription

hi guys we’re gonna make waffles today
yeah yep
just yeah all right okay let’s get
everything ready yep we got all the
stuff that we need we we kind of cheat
we use this but he can do it yeah
Mountain yeah
oh it’s syrup syrup okay
is it this right here now you have to
get married
okay you know what mommy are you know
he’s leaking because it is syrup okay so
you have to get now you’re gonna do the
stirring and stuff okay buddy we’ll have
to get four to three waffles you want
one and a half cups of mix no I don’t
put the water in it you can dump the
water not yet though let’s put this in
here and I’m letting you do it because
this is your I’m gonna do this part
though cuz this I don’t need this
everywhere every other mom can agree I
don’t need to get that everywhere in the
house okay not yet
now you mister you can add the water
good job you can mix it now but you’re
going to want to mix it with this one
this one is just to scrape the sides
okay so mix it with this one mm-hmm
mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix
mix mix mix oh it’s already smelling
delicious good job you gotta get all the
lumps out you’re doing a great job hold
the ball so don’t move saying we want a
bike ride today see mom wasn’t YouTube
ready or else we would have filmed it
hmm say are we happy
um we have a seat on the back of my bike
yeah sit back and relax mom another
pedaling huh
yeah hmm I was a sweaty mess we know and
we were my hair back and everything so
I’m gonna get no hair in this looking
pretty good you can see mixing it you
can’t give up Oh your arm hurts
Oh Oh his arm hurts
stir in that much oh come on push
through be strong boy do help smash that
we’re gonna add a little bit more so
that it’s a little bit thicker a little
tiny bit
here mix it up butter just mix it you
don’t want that one you went this other
one yes okay besides let me turn on our
waffle maker we’re just doing everything
on the on the the table instead of the
counter just are you eating it yeah and
you had a blue sucker I see should I had
them ready for you yeah all right well
it’s about ready there buddy okay my mom
no okay and then we’re gonna spray pan
inside of here okay and then I’m gonna
give Vince to watch a little bit more
and you can even put chocolate chips in
a new stuff that’s really good when I
was working at the daycare we did it
with the kids and it was so good no no
it’s enough you gotta wait till that
time and then um but then we used
whipped cream instead of
syrup but that’s more of like a dessert
I guess I don’t know whatever Fletcher
better but see you in a minute it will
only take a second to get done do you
like that you like the UM the batter
yeah is it good yeah you’re a pretty
good little cook you met you made
mommy’s coffee this morning huh yeah I
know I should have videoed that because
that was awesome the other sucker
say we went on a four mile bike ride huh
and we went to church there’s a time
okay let me get it it’s gonna be what
and there you have it I guess that’s all
I don’t think I don’t eat waffles so and
now um he’s gonna have to try it out let
us know how it tastes no no no no no
mister you don’t eat raw that’s I mean
it’s not there’s nothing I know that’s
sad for you but
you’re fibbing I know but that’s still
King it you’re an awesome cook
we got to get some syrup on it and you
tell us what it tastes like
yeah we’re gonna cut it up that’s the
finished product
yeah we gotta cut it up know what you
think I know but it’s still uptown funk
you up – okay take away tasting no it’s
not that anymore say goodbye to everyone
knows it’s delicious it’s all sticky
sticky okay gigabytes everyone knows
it’s delicious thumbs up thumbs down
you made it huh I think it’s a thumbs up
I think he’s being silly
yeah you been what you eatin it for it’s
a thumbs up you did that all by yourself
you made it all by yourself huh sighs
you’re getting so big
ok2say to the other side yeah
I say we’ll be going to Texas what the
video today we’re going to video our
flight to Texas and then our trip down
there huh
we’re gonna go to a kids museum and
stuff but thanks for watching our video
since making waffles now he’s drinking
syrup I’m sure thirsty huh thumbs up
alright say bye guys

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