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Tree chicken and Waffles!! Catch and Cook wild iguana!

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So guys I have somebody’s visiting from out of town they really want to catch iguanas for pets and also try it I told him we can fry it up nice. we went back to the house and they surprise me with some bacon and Waffles the rest was history iguanas are invasive species over here in South Florida populations are in the Millions here at the Iguana man we believe iguana make great pets and should only be harvested if you plan on eating them nothing should be killed for no reason and throwing away even if the law says so. Let me know your opinion in the comments down below

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Video Transcription

who needs chicken and waffles when you
got iguanas and one guy so we just
pulled up to sauce King secret spot and
look guys we’re just getting out the car
and look who’s there to greet us guys a
giant iguana is just sitting out there
sunbathing eating food and sauce King
just came up with the most genius plan
guys we are actually gonna try to see we
can snare the seagull on
oh dude you were right about your secret
spot bro we just pulled up over here man
and look we already caught our first
giant ofwater for the day a really
really good start
hey guys what’s up it’s the iguana man
thanks for checking out this video today
we meet up with Bryce and Cole all the
way from Orlando Florida they drove a
really long ways to come catch iguanas
for pets and also try the delicacy yeah
guys they want to try eeek wanna
since iguanas are super plentiful over
here in South Florida and they are an
invasive species I think they came to
the right spot they can catch as many as
they want for pets and also they’ll be
able to try the iguana meat itself this
iguana was previously frozen we just had
a thought out
I’m gonna show you guys how to prepare
this tail after you finished chop up
your iguana meat it’s time to wash it
then you can hit it with whatever
seasoning you would like alright so
we’re gonna take some seasoned salt it’s
pretty much all purpose seasoning we’re
gonna sprinkle a little bit season a
little bit get some nice texture on
there some good seasoning a little
pepper blue moon just kidding we’re
gonna mix this up a little bit make sure
it gets all nice and covered by the
seasoning it’s gonna taste great guys my
gosh look at that guy’s nice would you
get that full wood flavor dude to put
this on the frying pan so there’s a
little twist to this recipe I thought we
were just gonna be making fried a Guana
but my friends went to the store they
picked up some waffles and they picked
up some bacon it’s funny because earlier
that day they asked me if I knew
anywhere that had good chicken and
waffles I told him I never had it before
they kind of laughed it’s kind of funny
it’s their first time trying iguana in
my first time trying fried tree chicken
and waffles mind you guys I am in no way
shape or form a master chef I grew up on
scrambled eggs macaroni cheese and ramen
noodles check this out guys we have
peace our iguana tail right here and we
have boneless sections of pure it’s
perfectly seasoned check it out guys
wrap that bacon right around like that
and we’re gonna get this toothpick
and just secure the bacon on the iguana
tail this is pure boneless from the
another piece of bacon guys we’re gonna
go ahead roll it in the bacon like how
you would a sushi roll just like that
nice and tight
look at that guys and we’re gonna get
our toothpick and insert it through the
bacon through the iguana you guys can
tell I watched too much of the Food
after all the iguana was rolled in bacon
we decided to lightly dust it in some
all-purpose flour just so it gets a nice
golden crust when it’s deep-fried right
thank you
some powdered doughnuts he has ready for
guys already who needs chicken and
waffles when you got iguanas and wine so
good and I can only imagine how good
it’s gonna take
I think they already grow cedar-plank
well you did an amazing job after all
the bacon-wrapped fried egg wanna
goodness was done it was time for us to
toast up our waffles and hit it with a
nice healthy layer of pure homestyle
maple syrup talk about an amazing
opportunity for everybody to try this
super exotic dish right here guys very
few places in the world can you get
fresh iguana meat and here in South
Florida we’re definitely happy about
this round okay I try some of this
natural you get the good iguana taste
it’s like a frog wing or a chicken wing
oh this is amazing
I could eat the cartilage on this
everything like a chicken wing I’m not
even kidding about you guys so we were
actually going to go ahead and cut this
taco so we can get a piece of it it’s
one piece right there a piece right
there it’s amazing I’m sorry I’m going
for the second popper this right here
tastes like sausage and pancakes
yeah hands down like that I’ve been at
Roscoe’s chicken and waffles awful I’ve
got chicken and waffle and curry yeah
you guys got a lot of competition coming
so I’ll go ahead and go for a go with
there just as is
dude that’s probably the bet one of the
best ways I’ve ever tried to go on oh
right here dude bacon bacon front like
that with the waffles no the waffle
makes it no good the plane and wanna
taste I’m not kidding the plane iguana
tastes so good like a chicken leg
so iguanas are invasive species over
here people had them when they were
little pets and released them when they
got too big for them to take care of
also our state has had a lot of storms
in the past and a lot of them broke free
and escaped into the woods each female
can lay up to 50 eggs and they have no
natural predators so they’re reproducing
at an alarming rate over here at the
iguana man we believe iguanas make great
pets they should only be harvested if
you plan on eating them the state of
Florida considers them a nuisance animal
because they burrow everywhere they
defecate and they eat a lot of natural
native plants over here we’re trying to
find a better alternative for all these
iguanas I don’t think it’s humane to go
out there and just kill an animal for no
reason and honestly if you plan on
killing every single each iguana I mean
good luck man
because it’s really not gonna happen
they’re way too elusive they’re really
fast they’re excellent climbers and if
you spook them by the water they jump in
and they’re gone maybe you guys can help
us in the comments down below let us
know your input and your opinions and
what you think we should do next to help
control regulate and help these iguanas
out here well it’s the iguana man guys
signing out and until next time guys

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