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Rainbow Waffles

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Mariah helps Mommy make rainbow waffles. Please like, and subscribe if you love this video! Thanks guys!

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Video Transcription

your makeup is fabulous my face midnightblue looks almost in colors a cup whatdo you think there you want to helpnow you can’t help ya I saw the that’sall the parent cake don’t stick for theone should I say we’re making wafflestodayrainbow waffles yeahyour makeup is fabulous yeah might anyvisits are we growing gonna burnyourself this is very dangerous nowpurple yeah I’m blue over here how’d youlike itdon’t wait it’s very very muchtrafficking I think it’s good to countrymy chesteither yummy butter you sweat yeah okaymom baby hota little thoughby like stepper oh it would be like ahalf of waterlook pretty cool in additionyummy-yum a couple degrees I’m dreamingpurple and yummy bluehere we go dr taste ready[Music]

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