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Part 1 of cook waffles with Mesiaya

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]this happened but I don’t know how to[Music][Music][Music][Music]145 30 they all this anybody sofar they don’t pull that they’re gonnafolks and agri-food my den for one dayyes decent I’m one free like youspitting around insulting homies likethen you had a crowd Callisto so fivemillion worth of what I’m create onedon’t man I got a do it fasterthey had one chicken the walk and I willbe and I said that’s how I wanted whatyou know[Music]he said hood my boyfriend nearby dolphineerie-lookingOh baby I see it any work you must besinging crosses a G maybe work registrythat’s a man but I need any work I was abit painful just turn around and go toyour property nothing that you reallyhad an essence to return to coming outthere not bang you in don’t baby peatrip over them we got my truck mypension holder we go order a taxi I saidwe can order a taxiy’all see my water it’s great they’regoing for pork chops and MessiahI didn’t mix the stuff up on the sideover here is my Omega C is Marsyeah hey how’d it get stuck to the thinglike thatOh Kenny I thought you might sneeze onthese waffles now neither oh you foolJesus obvious names and all my hard workthis is my blood and my tears rightclickum I’m tired oh and I’m cooking also inyour teeth oh you have to help smooth toclean so I’ve done this plenty of timesthat’s how I know thathow to cool baby and please do not trythis at home cause whatever happened toyou baby I’m not paying baby I’m morelikely shoe than pay okay so let me digback let me flip this down okay so nownow we do need the weight on thesewaffles I’m gonna try not to make thisvideo so long because I do not want itto be you know I want to I do not wantto have to do a whole anyway withoutshyness them for a sneeze on easy girl[Music]man see you bet heavySuneethapop sake and Rafi okay so this timetrying to come back to my DS is notworkingso be careful when you do this make sureyou spray and then every what sound easyokay then I’ll finish it it is seven uhthirty so seven something that should bealmost finished[Music][Music][Music]I’m sorry guys I’m just happy todaybecause write it down in the commentswhat you really want the crystals whatyou really want for Christmasclose I wish I’ll top one thing okay umwhat I really really really want forChristmas my first thing on my list waswe’ll take these ugh things come on andthey just stood out that’s the wholediscount maybe impossible

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