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My WAFFLES Tutorial

Tutorial on how to make waffle for my english class project.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

for our waffle only one tip screen threecorners of a cup one cup a whisk hasbeen this bread butter and of course awaffle makerfor our ingredients wholly free wafflemix milk vegetable oil and butter asidefrom that will also need a bowl where wewere four corners of milk next we’ll addthree teaspoons of vegetable we proceedto mix them together with a whisk untilthere are no impurities[Music][Music]and spread out the butter with a spoonor a spatula over the area where the mixwill then be poured into[Music]afterwards we can close it up and waitfor it to be[Music]it’s also important to check on thebooks every once in a while[Music]once you finished making all sit downrelax and enjoy your nutritiousbreakfast[Music][Music]

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