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Today we are gonna make waffles! Hope y’all enjoy! Also, please subscribe:)

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Video Transcription

[Music]yeah well goes it up to flower sisterokay so um oh we’re gonna make walkwhat’s in it and I got the recipe of itso um it says to cup off powder and wealready put powder so half cup of waterand we have to water it pour Ares okaythis is begso I’m Africa I’m actually okay oh yeahlet’s mix it up firstOh Oregon Sophia what’s upokay next is oil way way we Sylvia thatmakes it very good my hands are all oilyyour do is so unlike a faster okay letme see okay so on this we are makingwaffles and I think we’re gonna make twowallsso uh you want to mix it so this will bea myth and I then is getting goodso um um I think it’s goodoh really you are do more faster let medo it my faster this is also good guysthis is our first time making waffles sothat’s why we need the recipe to do itnext is um turn the waffle maker on nono I got it in here Ohup here I think that’s too much[Music][Applause]NACO purchasing herenope okay yeah um so um um okaywe had to pour it Oh something else forme so I’m gonna pour it in so you don’tneed this so just put it in here oh ohmy god that is like so coollet’s make it so you water scaredoh no no okayI think do you think I would have beenlowerI think this will be enoughyeah okay so when it’s green I thinkit’ll be done so fast or let’s wait alittle bit okay so over like pain let’swait for like oh okay so um I think it’sgonna be to me some mixing if you wantto mix in you someone okay so it’s readyall right okay okay I’m gonna say myregulars not sure okay okay so let sofirst thing on every waiting for it andhere showing you so oh don’tit’s like ready so I benefitedI’m gonna wash it okay we’re gonna cleanthis and then so wait Ohokay put it up we brought a little bittoo much and it’s a little bit okay Alanokay so okay I’m gonna play this one[Music]okay so we got that plane so prettydon’t break it okay this is okay so wehave still little bit more are downwe’re gonna cook it oh yeah hold it Iknow it’s gonna be because you’re whereyou’re putting it here okay and I have asolowe are dirty run away is it already yeahokay okay okay okay now I’m gonna putthe waffle in the plate is it yeah onemy soulOh oh my god guys look how good take itout yeah so after this we’re gonna cookone more and then we’re gonna try tochase it will be very good I know wellthese doesn’t meet syrup because it’snot like in um Texas it’s well my auntygave it to my mom so I don’t know how totake it out guys maybe he’s like yeah soum why are Sophie’s getting another forkor something yeah so I think thisclothes it okay and we don’t have alittle bit more guys I’m like hungry nahjust to eat okay[Music][Music]so these are super super good you’re nowtrying this waffle must be the littlewrong because um it’s not very like thatone is like I’m like great they open itit was to turn on the evening because ofsome of the parts are done some of theparts are done at some or not so that’swhy if I’m readyjust keep it that way and then it willturn off the green and then it will turnoff again so that’s why ok and now itwas great before but now it’s um notgreen anymore so that’s why that’s whatI said and it’s gonna great right nowand but not yet and um but it’s stillnot done I think on what the piece aredone that’s what we can’t wait one moreand enough we’re like five minutes thepace truck you know so guys look at thiswalk or to let look good there’s my girlmake your luck with special Pete ballmm-hmm like a rascal burger okay um apizza I think it’s good but it’sactuallyokay we don’t need it off in this awaffles so that’s why um so that’s whyum we are just eating plain bug I umtheirs was healthy the powder of thismakes it very good and you just meetlittle oil and of course we needcoconuts prices break on the wafflemaker I only need one and all it won’tso it won’t nonstick cooking sprayAlania does a half of water yeahElla Nina one egg and then my life isvery yeah and then mix it very togetherand I’ll I will show you guys recipe ofit a little bit louder okay I’m gonnaread again what do we need two cups ofpowder half water 1/2 cup of water PDand then one egg a little bit oilbecause we don’t want a lot and mix itvery well so um if we don’t mix withEric well the powder was too big there Ithink I won’t taste goodand then I’ll turn on the waffle makeron and then don’toh you already did that and then spraynonstick oil to oil thing cooking sprayto the water maker and then and thenclose the path oh it’s right anyway andand to and went into the water makersturn to it well I already tell you soyeah feel free you can I need there ohmy god guys this is more better than thefirst one[Music]ok so I think not yet not yet not yet isit oh I wanna see what okay why almondsI already told you well okay so um Ijust wanna say this okay so why are thisis ready and the mazes are gonna enjoyno I got it well we’re gonna taste it soyeah I love these walk less shareswait these don’t less waffles I make youknow these are like pizza for piece ofpizza but it doesn’t have good guys it’sreally good okay we’re gonna do here byme I don’t know how it tastes so good Ihope you buy them by beaten oh well youneed powder I will show you the powderor something close to your eyesoh um the pattern well I don’t have anown I used to all the powder so um I’lltell you it’s green and it has a lotalready what and so it’s hands a littleeggs you’re not really Big Apple okay Ithink it’s done oh my not burningdarkness how about um you take it superhardcity in a hot and then not even more socoolwhat dr. Deb how do you make wafflesokay okay um I guess enjoy it it’s verygood hmm okay well we’re done with allof you and thank you for watching ourvideo subscribe our channel and commentdown below make sure put a checkmark bye

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