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Video Transcription

guys hope you things gonna be good butbetter watch this video today we’refinally in the comments you guys couldsay do a cooking tutorial do a cookingtutorial so today we will be doing thatagain so no further ado let’s getstarted make sure you click that bell soyou know every time we post a new videoand subscribe and take that thumbs upand punch that thumbs up in the facelaughter they do let’s get started so asyou guys can see my kitchen is a messwe’re not gonna be using that side thatside is a messperhaps we’re gonna be using it yesskillet okay I’m gonna be using theskillet and if we go to the fridge wehave a lot of food guys and we barelyhave space in here because they only gotfreeze food but here there’s not muchstuff but we will be using some of thestuff so now we get all the ingredientswe need so today I’m really right – Ireally like to freestyle because that’smy style and when I cook food for myparents I always like try to makesomething I used to make but then makeit like awfully better so let me take myingredients and I’ll get back to youguys in a second okay okay we pickeverything and I’m going to go straightguys my ingredient so today we’re goingto be making something for my littlesister and my sister really loveswaffles for breakfast and surely ain’tanything for breakfast so I’m gonna makeher something so she loves waffles I’veactually her favorite breakfast meal soI’m gonna be making some blueberrywafflesI have that over there one thing justgot so funny this Europe it’s not toomuch of that that’s really making somefun okay and yes we’re do me making thatfor her we have this butter fair and thewaffles put that up there we have thesix system so it me I forgot what thisis called but it makes your food reallygoodit might look nastybut it looks so delicious in your foodand I’m not gonna use all of this ofcourse more let’s start cooking guyswhatever we gotta keep all plastics orweight from the fire I forgot this onedoesn’t work this one does not work Iforgot this one doesn’t work so guys I’mgonna go give use that one over therebecause I’m a year ago my brother he putum a plastic bowl on here and it meltedin and then this thing stopped workingif you guys can see probably you can’twhat if you guys can look down all daydown there there’s like a lot of funstuff outoh so many moons hood goes does I say wewant to talk about the first changefirst you want to let that sit we wantto put the butter on right okay guys sowe’re gonna put the butter on so I haveto do a part two to make sure you guyswatch the video right after this onejust go scroll up to the last video wedid and you guys are gonna find it makesyou guys watch it so you guys can seethe food more better[Music]

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