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Make and Taste Popin Cookin Waffles

Our friend Elizabeth brought home a Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ Waffle maker kit from Japan. Thanks Elizabeth! Watch Eva and her mom make and taste some waffles!

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Video Transcription

hi welcome to Evo’s pleasure today and
my mom here okay we can either tell me
how I should highest let’s practice our
highs hi hi is that too much okay hi
welcome to even slash out today my mommy
my and mine and I’m gonna be making this
all by myself
and we’re making waffles and my mom is
the CEO to weed and help me okay and mom
tell anybody what this is and go Evan
I’ll even tell them what it’s about okay
so this is all the waffle kit then the
only ingredient I think you remember
this the only area we need is what wanna
and I’ll help you measure that there’s a
whole bunch of instructions in the back
first we have to make the waffle and
then we get to form it in this little
like waffle shape I think it’s a heart
hot yep so let’s open it and see what we
there’s a whole bunch of instructions on
it see it says it’s so cute and fun and
look adorable so I’ll open it the craft
I remember I know I opened it the wrong
way so pull the stuff out a whole bunch
of this little package yeah so I don’t
know oh my gosh it’s the door blood show
everyone everybody that cute little
thing in the back and this is our little
plate on the front I bet it’s helpful we
just cut it open so I have the chocolate
one and everybody’s here there’s a whole
bunch of Sox’s here so we have chocolate
if it is chocolate it’s okay I’m gonna
put it down then we have some Twinkies
you know we have this whole little
section thing you have to cut into
pieces and that’s what’s gonna form our
waffle so this is our measuring cup this
is our little waffle maker is our
measuring cup so I’m gonna cut these
apart and now I organized all of our
ingredients what do you think and we got
some whole it’s so cool
we have you know I think you can go yeah
oh yeah and you can do guys I’m gonna
get this plate right yeah are you at
play and I’m gonna put all the girls on
the plate no no or a the little coat
okay so now I cut out our tray we have
our waffle mode mold huh yeah so we
pinch it together look at heart but we
have to make all of our banners and
there’s five steps of this waffle so
first you hold the waffle mold and then
we have to make the waffle batter we
have cranberry sauce watermelon cream
blueberry sauce and then we need to
decorate it so what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna make all the banners and
then we’ll put it all together
okay it’s like a waffle press Kenji take
it together and
like a little heart waffle okay let’s
make our banner yeah okay so we’re gonna
make our three waffles are three heart
waffles we have to UM I think vanilla
waffles in one chocolate so we need to
get the dough and I’m gonna give you the
water to pour in there so here’s your
pour it in the triangle so we have a
little container that has sorry move
that pour the water in one triangle fold
water and then you have to pour in join
pour in the dough or do you want horded
okay yes oh I don’t know what the
container is going to fill it all of it
in that one little section of our
cooking tray or dough tray to get out
LP shape now mix it up yep you mix it
mix it mix it on only 20 to go down to
dough people yep don’t get it out I bet
you need all that dough in there from
one little waffle do you smell it it
smells delicious cooked waffle
I mean I don’t think we need any more
water yet but right now you’re just
going to get all the powder in oh yeah
let me put it through one second let me
put it all together
don’t like it yet and then we’ll need
the dough I’m gonna put a little
but did you need it we not sure if I
trust you
Oh Han okay I you know what wait there’s
two different steps so you can mix the
water in did you taste it are you eating
the waffles behind my back and then we
like knead the dough like see look at
the picture roll in a ball it says so
we’re gonna get a little tiny tiny pinch
more water I think I measured wrong I
obviously did not do a very good job
measuring correctly remember we spilt a
little so now oh that was much better
you did a good job so far it’s like cake
batter I think what do you think smells
amazing okay so I’m inputting your hand
and look at this little picture see
where it says you roll into a little
ball yeah we’re so I’m gonna put it in
your hand right yep put it in your hand
and you’re gonna roll all of it into a
little tiny ball
we’re supposed to put it all on the side
so it’s supposed to be on the side a
little here like in the press well now
you could press it together and then
we’re ready for your next one okay does
it look just like one okay I don’t think
you put there very long it should just
automatically take like the the form of
a waffle let’s see oh did put it
delicately on the plates oh good idea
looks adorable maxilla I know
so don’t we have all these closed up
that will go definitely in force is
there’s a blueberry sauce I mean you
miss that Winnie Wow
yep I can decorate the plate perfect oh
that looks just like blueberry sauce
no it’s good perfect
let me show them lift up your hand yeah
perfect oh you’re testing okay what’s
alright good go to Larry sauce yes now
put your waffles on the plate however
you want to decorate yeah yeah and then
you can also so we have our watermelon
cream right yeah so what they did they
actually spread it on top the Cali
peanut butter yeah you want a spread in
one first before you put it on the plate
okay nevermind there you go yeah sure
the chocolate one first okay Oh aisle
three okay I’ll hold your little
watermelon cream spread
oh good these are a lot of berry flavors
we have blueberry and be like plating
now away the customer probably left the
building because we have been taking a
very long time for these walls no
there’s so there who’s the customer me
are you okay sure I was assuming you’re
the customer yeah is it enough water on
spread here huh might want to put it on
your knife for you so I can help you a
little it’s stuck in the corner here you
so there’s a big glass of wine perfect
okay now we have a few two more things
we made we have our cranberry sauce
which was pretty amazing we mixed up in
this little cup you can put that on
there and then we actually forms a
cranberry sauce look remember into these
tiny little circles for her so you can
put them on the plate if you want to
train us or join a spoon or you just and
pick them up yeah okay do you want this
or no I’ll put an honest thing for you
kind of like jello jigglers huh I’m
really glad you’re this shot this I
think you’ve looked everything oh that’s
a beautiful decorated waffle plate in
the last one we only made five we do
have some cranberry sauce slaw and I do
want to put the rest of this on your
plate somewhere yeah okay you can hold
the container and then I’ll hold your
sprinkles last oh wait you just blob it
on your plate or you just gonna use a
cramp oh okay delish yeah okay it smells
very good I’m glad you like it
and last but not least is our so cute
that’s why we have you Jordan form in
your hand like it’s easier you could do
that just pour me in your hands it’s
this little little tiny container
and every waffle there’s a customer
should be relating she’s like taking
forever but this cook in the kitchen is
tasting everything I think that’s why
it’s taking so long huh
this should have been like the easiest
waffle breakfast to make because all you
had to do is add water but it took us
like 45 minutes huh you did you had to
make me dead and her late we did and
then here you want me to pour let me
I’ll just do this look if we put it here
you can take it on my hand easier it’s
just easier than the little Bowl perfect
and then we’ll show everybody your end
result I think it looks really like the
package and then you can eat it perfect
oh okay you can eat it all I’m gonna put
the last little sprinkle on okay ready
let’s see what do you think I’m gonna
show the end result see so we have our
three waffles with our jelly sauce and I
like oh the eye okay I’ll turn around I
didn’t know the plate was wrong
those are his eyes and is that is no us
yeah I got it I was wrong perfect okay
now what you need first the chocolate or
vanilla vanilla one first you can get
those too it’s still my house I don’t
oh you want me to do the other one hmm
you tell me first how it tastes
well it’s chewy so awful supposed to be
chewy what do you think
that is a very interesting texture it’s
not bad if well it is good but a waffle
should be crispy full of butter is it
home very soft sour yeah I think we have
blueberry sauce everywhere whoo
too much huh me blu-ray sauce everywhere
okay well you know what you don’t mean
to try up a delivery sauce it’s prime
minister sour that tastes like
blueberries you can eat the chocolate
looks delicious
did you try your little cranberry sauce
those little dots you mean those are
pretty interesting try that gotalk ones
I’m that good I think the texture is
just tricking us a little bit because a
waffle it’s supposed to be crispy and
making it subscribe to my channel I see
you next time bye
I mean

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