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Kids making waffles Pauli’s & Dani show you how to make waffles.

Kids making waffles

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Video Transcription

hello and today we are gonna be showingyou how to make pancakes and we’re gonnahave some secret ingredients mmm secretingredient so first step to makingpancakesyou got grab a a cup like this or not orsomething like this and you have pancakemiss you fill it to the top then youpour one scoop in and then you tap itdown a little then add a second schoolwe’ll show you how to make pancakes inthe next one so we’ll add a second oneand that’s step one completed of makingwaffles before we get to the second stepwe’re just going to two things yes twodifferent kinds okaywhat’s our next step on the box threetaps okay first up two cups of pancakemix no milk is next to you what does itsay how much for waffles it says one anda half cupsokay so we’re for making waffles we’regonna[Music]one and a half where the one and a half[Music]see that’s a one and that’s one in 1/2ok so that’s where we’re going to fillit up to want to fill it up I actuallycan tell we’re gonna start buddy stopput it in pour all the game ok step tocomplete our next step 3yeah we’re going to add what step 3 forwaffle step 3 add 1 egg yeahok actually all right now um our lastone is it’s not gonna be on the backstell them the last step it’s actuallythere’s two more steps there’s a fewmore step 1 step it fourth step we’regonna add our secret ingredient and showthe audience what your secretingredients hold it up to the camera youtoo Dannyvanilla extract you know like well itlooks a little backwards to you okay sotell him how much we’re gonna happenhae-joo drops maybe three a generous Lwe’re gonna add two drops and if you addtoo many that and it’s gonna not tastegood so you always have me so you alwayshave to do a dropper – okay so we’regonna do one drop and Daniel do a dropone all right step 5we’re going to stir the pancakes okayokay oh you see your lips young using ityou just let this step you just stir thebatter mix it together mix the wafflestogether until[Music][Music]okay we’ll show you how the pancakes allright tell moves and I’ll be back withthe finished product okay we’re gonna beback with the finished cake so we’ll beright backokay just me a cop them because that mansurvived that night okay okay we’ll beback okay see you later bye

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