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Keto Vlogast Day 1 | How to Make Chaffles or Cheese Waffles #chaffle

Today is August 1st which starts vlogust I am so happy to be doing this and probably crazy at the same time. Today also started princess ninja and Keto challenge of the turtle trifecta. So I’m on a mission to lose 3 lb this month which I’m not sure I have done since I started. Which is also why I’m not doing keto diamonds 10 lb challenge. lol #ketovlog #turtletrifecta

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Video Transcription

so I’m making lunch this morning I’m
gonna go ahead and have two of these
eggs we get on sale I’m gonna have four
slices of that bacon I had that I made
the other day I’m a I’m having uh huh
some of the smoked turkey breast you
can’t see it but it’s got very good
macros it’s low in fat higher in protein
and there’s none of that junk in there
because it’s the organic one I’m gonna
have some broccoli and cauliflower just
with salt and pepper on it and last but
not least I have one cup of this carb
Master vanilla yogurt has 12 grams of
protein in it for two cards so that
looks like a hodgepodge but it’s about
600 calories so that’s about half my
calories for the day and I think it’s
gonna be good
heyyo good morning keno Pam it is amber
and I do daily vlogs for right now
anyways of what I eat in a day and all
things keto and all things family around
here so if that’s interesting to you hit
the subscribe button and make sure you
give this video a thumbs up I know crazy
but running late this morning because I
had to get up and make my lunch I didn’t
pack it last night terrible I know
that’s like cardinal rule 101 make your
lunch before the night before I didn’t
so I got up and I didn’t have anything
packed or anything planned so I made
some eggs and I made kind of a Tammy
from Quito in the chaos kind of lunch
spiderweb on my face oh we live in the
country so there was like a spiderweb
across the cars so is what it is we’re
breaking out the waffle maker to make
these cheese truffle waffle whatever
they call them things that are have been
on Instagram all over the place well
it’s like a chocolate ice how it’s like
CH a FF le I don’t know hubby is
laughing at me
anyways so all you need for this recipe
basically is one egg and a half a cup of
cheese so it doesn’t matter how many you
make you can make more you can make less
everybody else is doing it now a little
mini waffle maker but hubby would
actually probably kill me hang me up to
dry well if I wanted another kitchen
appliance so we’re just gonna make it in
our regular one and we’re gonna take
y’all along for the ride
we bought the most ginormous thing of
there is on earth
really doing silly girl hmm
and we um we try to shred our own cheese
for the most part around here so we’ll
just put it in our handy-dandy
okay they make these waffles you are
gonna just use a ratio of 1/2 a cup of
any kind of shredded cheese to one egg
so for us because we’re making the
larger waffles
it actually takes one cup and two eggs
to fill up my waffle maker so 2 eggs 1
cup of cheese I put some salt and some
pepper and we’re just gonna stir this
all together looking something like this
then you just spray down your waffle
maker really well pour the mixture right
into the center of your waffle maker now
this is not like regular regular waffles
where you have to make sure it’s spread
just perfect you can kind of push it
around a little bit like that but then
that is it
close the lid smush it down and wait for
the goodness now and mine it has a ready
light but that’s not really what I look
for I look for all the steam to kind of
calm down and be good and when you open
it up look at that beautiful waffle and
believe it or not it comes out pretty
easy not when you’re using one hand but
it does not
stick to the waffle maker and then
how cool so this is how we’re using on
waffles most of them are using awful
like half a waffle but after I got done
making the waffles I put it in my
nutrition tracker and I realized that
the Mazzarella cheese we used even
though we shredded it ourselves was like
to carbs for per ounce so this is four
ounces so that was eight carbs and so
this was mint this waffle is meant to be
like a zero carb option to make sure you
double check your cheese before you make
them and make the mistake we did I’m so
excited I forgot we had vanilla premier
protein and happy let me drink all of
its Carl Mullins and didn’t even tell me
like what’s a heck you oh but I needed
just a little bit more protein so I’m
only doing a half of one tonight so five
and a half ounces over ice like a
vanilla ice cold milk shake
hmm BAM are you sweating to death yeah
yeah whoo we just got done walking been
sweating to death yeah he got off work
and went and pulled a bunch of scrap to
be able to earn some money for his race
car and it’s hot very hot so I’m not
gonna see I’m sweating and this girl
doesn’t like to sweat y’all there it is
mother you’re so silly well that’s it
for the night y’all I’ll put my macros
at the end thanks for watching

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