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Hey Beautifuls and Welcome! This video has been highly requested, it’s a how to make Keto Egg Waffles / Egg Fast Egg Waffles. I have been loving my mini waffle makers and use them almost daily! I show you how to make the Okie Waffle (the base of the recipe I got from Nicole Keto.Okie on Instagram) of course I’ve tweeked it and modified it, you can as well because you can do so much with the mini waffle and mini griddle makers! This weekend I also bought a waffle bowl so be on the look out for waffle bowls too, lol!

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Video Transcription

hey friends welcome back I wanted to put
this video out really quick because it’s
been highly requested and I wanted to do
it today because I decided I am going to
do an egg fast tomorrow starting the 20
tomorrow’s Monday the 29th I believe so
I wanted to put this out there in case
anybody’s is going to be following along
with me and my little three day egg fast
here you guys have requested how I make
the egg fast egg waffles they’re called
so many things so many variations
chapel’s pakal’s the okie waffle but
here this is the mini – I originally got
my first one from Target it was on sale
for seven or eight 99 and then the other
one this one I got from TJ Maxx or
Marshall’s for $7.99 so this is the
waffle maker I already plugged it in I
already plugged it in so it’s ready to
go and I’m gonna show you how I make it
waffles but I also wanted to let you
know I do have a griddle as well so
while I make my waffles like if I wanted
to make like an egg sandwich like an egg
on egg I would make my egg waffles and
then I could fry up an egg in here or
grill up an egg in here which I’ve done
in the past
yesterday I recently showed my friends
over an Instagram how I put a sausage
patty on here and then my pancake batter
so I had kind of like I think it’s
called pigs in a blanket or maybe
like it or maybe not but we’re in the
sausages inside the pancake so that’s
what I had yesterday this comes in so um
what this comes in handy I absolutely
love I love these guys they’re little
they’re inexpensive right now I’m on a
waffle kick and I don’t mind investing
$8 on my little waffle cake for now so
let me show you real quick how I make
this quick and easy egg waffle it’s a
very very egg fast friendly so let’s get
into it also if you’re new here I would
love for you to click on that red
subscribe button and join my youtube
journey here also don’t forget to click
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you’re notified every time I upload a
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schedule very soon and also friends
please don’t forget that you could share
my videos share my videos to whoever you
think need some kind of motivation some
kind of an idea 8 fast share away now
lets happen to this video so all you’re
gonna need are some eggs I used two eggs
two weeks gets me about four mini egg
waffles I like to use pasture-raised
these are from a local farm here in
Indiana or not here but next door to us
in Indiana so two weeks whisk them up
and then some cheese so super easy so
let me go ahead and whisk up my name
once your light goes off you know what’s
ready to go also I do use a spray oil so
it doesn’t stick to the waffle maker you
can use avocado oil you can use extra
virgin olive oil you can use coconut oil
whatever you like I like to use avocado
because it’s a good healthy fat and
obviously there’s no flavor to it so all
I’m gonna do is I’m going to go ahead go
ahead and spray it down just a little
bit you don’t need a lot you don’t need
a lot
and then this is what I like to do I
like to put just a little bit of cheese
on the bottom because I like work to get
a little crispy me right I spoon in my
egg we need to put it into like a little
measuring cup with a spout whatever
I let it cook for a second and then I go
ahead and close it
and it usually takes probably about two
to three minutes so once it really
starts to get cooking I open it up and
then I put a little bit of cheese on
this side just a little bit just so I
can get that little crunch factor going
okay now we’re gonna go ahead and just
remove it it looks beautiful perfect and
we’ll continue making the reference I
did forget to season my egg before so I
just added some salt and pepper I
usually add in cayenne because I like
everything spicy but you can add in
whatever um sometimes I add in that
garlic jalapeno whatever to give it
flavor especially on egg fast so let’s
go ahead and make another one
so sometimes I put a little bit too much
Aegon you could see here from the side
but that’s okay these are really easy to
clean and that’s why I always have it
like I’m a little plate or usually put
like a plastic cutting forward
underneath just to save myself a mess on
the countertops but yeah so just be
careful not to overfill it but if you do
is no big deal so just like a glue if
they do pop Tuffle up a little bit but
then obviously they go it down I’m just
adding a little bit of cheese again when
you’re on a fast you can go ahead and
weigh out your cheese you don’t really
need to use it I just like that little
crunch that it gives to it I’m all about
the crunch factor alright so I’m gonna
go ahead and take it out see how nice
and crunchy came out
I’m not sure why he’s giving me such a
hard time today Oh touch so it has a
really nice crunch factor to it and what
I love about these these are kind of
like my meal prep for my egg bounce
because I’m just going to go ahead and
put those in the container put them in
the fridge and what I’ll do is I’ll
stick them either you could stick them
in your toaster oven or toaster to
rewarm them up and they’re perfectly
fine I’m just going to go ahead and
finish off and make the rest
all right friends so there you have it
you could tell these two have the pepper
and the seasoning and this one has
nothing it’s very easy very quick very
delicious people use these every day not
being on an egg fast I’ve seen them use
them for buns for hamburgers so many
different things sandwiches you can just
do so much with this little waffle maker
I absolutely love it like I said I do a
lot of pancakes I make either my own
pancake mix I use I do have the birch
benders keto pancake mix I also have the
swerve pancake mix that I use depending
on how much time I have it depends you
know that I’ll tell me what I can do if
I can make my king pancakes from scratch
or if I use the quick grab and go ones
that I absolutely love it
I’m so happy I invested in it and I
definitely recommend it for $7.99 even
if you just buy one and make them one by
one it’s no big deal I’ll show you what
I’ve done in the past for a class of one
of my favorites is just to smear a
little bit of cream cheese on here
she’s on here and put everything but the
bagel seasoning I’ve seen that pop up
all over the place now I’ve used them as
buns for like egg and cheese like egg
and cheese sandwiches it’s just I love
it it’s so Anna breaks it up you know
I’ve even done my egg Loaf recipe in a
he in a waffle
just need to do so much this this time
around I think I’m gonna try the cheese
buns in the griddle to actually have
like a actual bun instead of a waffle
but yeah so thanks guys
I just wanted to share that with you
because this was highly recommended and
I hope you enjoy let me know if you end
up purchasing one and how you make them
how you like them comment down below and
just type in waffle if you like to see
more of these types of videos

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