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Join me in making healthy quick & easy almond waffles. I also decided I’d take my dog to Pet Valu and Bass Pro. Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

[Music]good morning everyone and welcome backto my channellast week on Instagram I made a vote tosee who would want to see some snoop onmy channel so that being said yesterdayI went out and about in Moncton and Itook some videos of snoop and I at someplaces where people go you did reallywell he met some friends we got sometreats we even got some whipped creamfrom second cuphowever the video quality wasn’t what Iwas really hoping for if you’reinterested or will be some clips at theend of snoop and I going to some placesaround town so today on the menu we aremaking some almond flour waffles we’regoing to start with our one cup ofalmond flouralso while you’re doing this it’s alwaysa great idea to start your waffle makeroh and one thing not to forget that I’veforgotten before and it’s a totaldisasterwhat the waffle machine is always makesure to spray it or add some butter tomake sure that the waffle will come offat the end a 1/2 teaspoon of bakingpowder[Music]we are going to mix this up[Music]going to take our two eggs and we aregoing to try not to put any eggshells inthem and we are going to start mixingthis into the almond flour and bakingpowder now we’re going to take ouralmond milk shake it up and we’re goingto put one quarter cup of almond milk inour waffle mix going to add one teaspoonof vanilla add our salt and just by saltwe just want a little bit so I normallyjust do two full spins of my salt shakerand we are going to mix this up I don’tthink we need too much I just never knowthe amount to put in like that does notseem like enough so we’re gonna put alittle bit more[Music]and we are going to shut the wafflemakernow we’re going to spray it one moretime because we have some more thismakes two waffles it’s now ready andthis waffle looks incredibleboth waffles are on my plate we can shutthe waffle maker put that to a side weare now ready to put our raspberries allover the waffles I’m going to put ascoop of my yogurt on here and we aregoing to add some maple syrup of courseso as you can see these are super simplethey taste so good and they are actuallyvery good for you as you can see theseturned out I’m amazing I am going to putthe ingredients after this video and atthe start so that you guys can see howeasy it is to make it’s also healthy foryou it’s so much healthier than thosemixes you can buy at the grocery storeI’m going to finish it off with adding alittle bit of hemp arts totally optionalbut it’s that added health bonus to addthose to your waffles so yeah thank youfor joining me I hope you enjoy thesenext couple clips of what snoop and Igot up to yesterday yeah don’t ask itwas just we had fun so yeah that I guessthat’s all that mattersstay tuned for my video that’s coming upnext week another surprise and anotherexperience another adventure I lookforward to seeing you guys next week andyes please subscribe[Music][Music][Applause][Music]remember you’re looking all over townfor for owls buttons new found one[Music][Music][Music]

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