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How to make waffles with a waffle maker

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Video Transcription

[Music]300 grams of plain flour 50 grams ofmelted butter the eggs for larger Sakurayolk on the egg white 2 tbsp of tastinteaspoon[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]folding the ex-wife with a big metalspoon what make us listen please maplesyrup or a checkbook[Music]

9 Replies to “How to make waffles with a waffle maker

  1. Guys let me tell you if you make this for your boo, make sure you make for yourself as well, cos I just had to fight my hubby for a piece like

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  3. Aww man that looks so good. I was literally telling my dad about your live the other day and how I was gonna make this. Idk how easy this will be for me only because it’s from scratch lol

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