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How to Make Waffles, Simple and Easy || Molly’s Kitchen

Disclaimer- This recipe came from tefal.com


300g of Self raising flour
2 eggs
75g caster sugar
10g baking powder
1/2 (500 ml) milk
100g butter (melted)
a pinch of salt

Leave the batter to rest for at least 30 minutes, if leaving for more than a few hours put the batter in the fridge.

You can make the batter the night before if you are going to have it for breakfast just store it in the fridge overnight.

I used the Tefal Snack collection, with the number 4 waffle plate.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello and welcome to today’s video today
I’m Molly’s kitchen I’m gonna be showing
you how to make indulgent lovely waffles
first things first you’re going to need
these ingredients 300 grams of
self-raising flour in a large bowl and
then separately you need 10 grams of
baking powder a pinch and a bunch of
salt a hundred grams of butter 75 grams
of caster sugar half a pint five hundred
mils of milk and two eggs you’re also
gonna need a whisk for this add your
baking powder to your large bowl of
flour and give this a quick fix
to this then mount put your butter in
the microwave this can be for around 10
seconds to 20 seconds then add your salt
to your flour mixture get that a little
bit of a stir
and then normally with my hands I make a
well in the flour or we’re going to put
our melted butter so we get that
microwave you’re going to add it in
you’re also going to add your caster
sugar and your two eggs
you’re then going to give that a quick
mix till it’s fully combined at this
state when you’re mixing it it will go
rather lumpy but that’s alright for now
and then you’re going to gradually add
your milk a little bit at a time until
you have a runny batter consistency
which there may be a few lumps
and then you’re gonna grab some clean
foam on the lid to your container or
what jogger bowl or whatever you’re
using to cover the top taking an
airtight seal
and then you’re going to put your
battery to rest for half an hour to an
hour for use once your bars rested
you’re going to make sure your waffle
iron is heat up and then you’re going to
place as much as your iron can take ours
takes a ladleful how am I going to put
that in for as long as it’s sad for once
it’s ready we’re going to just take it
out and this will be done our waffle
plate comes in makes two waffles a time
so we just flip them in half and today
we put faith serve them with bacon and
maple syrup for breakfast

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