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How to make waffles | how to cook waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Video on how to make waffles, easy steps to make waffles, making different flavors of waffles.

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Video Transcription

hi guys and welcome to the family fudge
today I’m going to share with you for a
very easy and tasty recipes that you can
make in your waffle iron so stay tuned
now there are so many different foods
that you can actually cook in a waffle
iron of their event waffles so today I’m
going to share with you a breakfast idea
two ideas that would work for either
lunch or dinner and then a dessert I
hope you like this video I hope that
you’ll give it a big thumbs up and that
you will subscribe if you’re not already
so let’s go ahead and jump right in
I’m kicking things off with my breakfast
option today I’m making these churro
french toast sticks now I call them
churro french toast sticks because I’m
going to be using some cinnamon and
sugar they are super delicious I’m going
to start by cracking three eggs into a
dish to this I’m going to add about 1/2
a cup of milk just a tiny bit of sugar
not too much because it is going on the
outside as well and then I’m going to
whisk it up now if you want to get fancy
you can also add some vanilla flavoring
a little bit of salt and a little bit of
cinnamon and then I just whisk this up
again next I’m going to prepare my
cinnamon a sugar mixture so it’s ready
to go I’m going to add about 2 parts of
sugar to one part cinnamon and then just
mix it up
now one very important detail when
you’re using your waffle iron to cook
other foods is to spray it really well
with nonstick spray this waffle iron I’m
using today is actually my husband’s
grandmother’s and it is older than I am
but it still works really well so I’m
gonna start by dipping my bread very
quickly into the egg mixture I don’t
want my bread to get too soggy and then
I’m just going to cook it until it’s
done next I’m going to remove it and
very quickly dip it in my cinnamon sugar
mixture making it like a churro then I’m
going to cut it into sticks this is
definitely one of my kids favorite
treats I’m also going to serve this with
some fresh strawberries and a little bit
of maple syrup to dip in now before I
give this a try I definitely want to
remember to take a picture for my family
with the cinnamon and sugar these smell
like churros for sure and you guys these
make excellent freezer breakfasts as
well make a big batch stick them in the
freezer and reheat them in the toaster
next up I’m making my barbecue ranch
chicken queso waffles I know that sounds
really funny but this is a very easy and
tasty lunch or dinner I’m going to start
by adding some of my favorite barbecue
sauce to some chicken meat now this
chicken meat is left over from our
rotisserie chicken it’s the perfect way
to use it up oh yes and I also added a
little bit of my homemade ranch and then
I mixed it up and I have a separate
video on how I make my homemade ranch if
you’d like to check it out I will link
it down below now of course you
definitely want to remember to spray
your waffle iron just so this doesn’t
stick but basically I’m going to put
down one tortilla and then I’m going to
add a little bit of shredded mozzarella
cheese followed by some of my chicken
and then some shredded cheddar cheese
and I also like to throw in a handful of
spinach totally optional you can leave
it out if you’d like
I’m going to top this with one more
tortilla and cook until it is warmed
through and the cheese is bubbly and
delicious then I’m going to very
carefully remove it with some tongs and
a spatula and slice it up
I’d like to serve this with extra ranch
for a dipping and some carrots and would
you look at all that cheese
next up are my cheesy corn dog waffles
I’m starting with one box of this a
jiffy cornbread mix I’d like to get all
the lumps out of there to this I’m going
to add 1 egg 1/2 a cup of sour cream 2
tablespoons of melted butter and half a
cup of shredded cheddar cheese and then
I’m just going to mix it up next I’m
going to take several hot dogs and I’m
going to cut them in quarters I’m going
to add one a bamboo skewer to each piece
of hot dog next I’m going to scoop a
little bit of my batter onto my waffle
iron next I’m going to add my hot dogs
about eight are going to fit in here at
one time and then I’m going to cover
these with more of the batter and cook
until golden brown once these are done
I’m going to remove them and slice them
up I like to serve this with some
ketchup and mustard and some tomatoes
these are perfect for dipping and the
kids love them last up I’m making a
dessert these are going to be brookies
which is a combination of a brownie and
a cookie of course cooked in the waffle
iron I’m going to start by preparing the
brownie batter according to the
directions on the box so a little bit of
water a little bit of butter one egg and
that is it I’m going to stir it up I’m
going to set that aside and prepare my
cookie dough so I’m going to add my dry
ingredients with the chocolate chips a
little bit of water a little bit of
melted butter and that is it I’m going
to stir it up next I’m going to drop a
little bit of my brownie batter and a
little bit of my cookie dough into the
waffle iron and then these are going to
cook super fast just a few minutes
now I have to be honest with you it was
kind of difficult removing these from my
waffle iron but we got him out and they
tasted delicious to serve these I like
to add a little bit of vanilla ice cream
but I left my vanilla ice cream out and
it got all melted but that’s okay I’m
just gonna put it on top add a few mini
chocolate chips and we can dig in it’s
definitely a lot faster than cooking
brownies in the oven okay friends let me
know in the comments down below out of
all of these recipes today which one was
your favorite
thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you next time

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