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Video Transcription

okay this video is going to be aboutmaking waffles okay so I have a wafflemaker called the chef man whatever okayso I already have my pancake mix in mybowl you’re gonna get good you’re gonnawant to flying it out if you have ameasuring Bowl so you can see with themeasurements on okay and one cup I haveone cup so far okay um there’s still alittle bit left in the of the mix so I’mgonna try to get NoI can see bring it up so it should looka little bit like this it makes you walkmore to add you definitely do okayobviously close picture then you’regonna add a little bit of water but forme I always like to add a hole in themand so the water can just stay in thereand then it’s satisfying to let the word[Music]gonna mix yeahI need always add a little bit morewater because you don’t want it to bethat water weary unless you’re one ofthose people who like not saying addstoo much I like water easier before Imake a lot my life okay I still need toand Christmas is four days away commentdown below I think so down below if youcelebrate Kwanzaa lower health care orsomething like that I don’t know aboutother holidays I I was remissI think mine is just perfectyeah mine is perfect nice then you’regonna take your waffle maker a chef manwaffle maker you don’t have one then usea funnel if you don’t have that thentake a paper plastic cup and cut a holein the middle and then yeah but if youdon’t have that then are no ideas foryou or you could just make cakes okayand then you’re gonna pour if you havethe same resentment you’re gonna pouruntil you think it’s just right if youdon’t and if you do have to loosen whatis right I think you know what to do youjust pour it in and then wait till itgets to the top and it doesn’t go downbecause if you literally fill it up tothe top and it’s full alreadyit’s gonna puff out because I’ve donewell almostquite really done that before it’s notlooking that liquidy for me right nowokay what is yeah it’s already blowingup and yeah let’s wait there’s still alittle bit more mixed I can even if youhave the same onewait till it’s red and blue at the sametimeokay put it back in because it’s alittle slippery but it smells good so Imight even take a pan and slide itacross till I get salt pinky yeah or awaffle for you and then when you’re donewith that you take your wolf oh wait afew minutes little okay pretty nice sofar I think I should you have it alreadysubscribe and like the video commentdown below so a waffle to usewe stay healthy okay also if you want tomy best friends yes the YouTube channelhe has 50 subscribers um his name onYouTube is Brady Bay something Brady bysomething so just though subscribe toenemies get into a hundred subscribersand that maybe he’ll give them to mesome of his subscribers okay okay and ifyou want to get that out grab a knife Iknow I’m a kid but still trusted withknives mmm cow that’s what as theseknives before you should comment downbelow if I get more than two commentssaying I should make an omelet an eggomeletthen I will make one of our ladies butif I don’t stand upI won’tI know that was kind of favorites but hesaid it was like here it early not eventouching not to literally go like thisso let’s like put it really far from meand I can make it go like that and itstill looks realistic what if I go farawayno biggie this is it very far away frommeso maybe don’t I pick up cuz maybe I’mgonna see like cinnamon waffles I’mgonna put some okay if I get stuck putyou’re good for melet’s go like thislike I know it’s about the red ball sowe back in the mind got a pic deckswinging from side to side- creeper oh manso we lacking the mom bought up thecackling brown side to rock so mucheye-to-eyebecause they will also have a tik-tokaccountready blow if you can do the remedy Ican’tI barely trying well here’s the MIT Olgastill write things apart here’s themiddle part and I’m gonna put thecinnamon on this time I’m gonna makesome real money over my sanity so you’regonna pour it in your hand holy cowyou’re just gonna[Music][Music]and you’re going to turn it to that sideyou’re goingso you gotta make it like that and thisit’s called a summer off hmm pretty goodyou can skip forward but I’m gonna go tomy own family real quick and ask them totry thisokay back my mom ate it all I still havelittle pieces[Music]this is called the perfect one okay Ijust realized this isn’t enough likethis one one of these only watery withthe mixture house left yes just in aportal and exactly what I said not to doit the beginning of the videoyou know there’s still something I meanyes waffle mix in here no I’m saying itbecause I don’t want it in you I’m notsaying it yeah now I’m just gonna justso–but all my rules[Applause]does that look like I used it I don’tthink so it’s like we is howling likethe swirling storm inside always feeldon’t feel oh let them know well nowthey knowso you have to let it go let it go it’sup let it go let it go I like attentionattention catch them with that play thesong that go let’s go watch ahSimon Says I like attention attentionattention attention attentionI don’t need you to detention detentionokay wait one second on this other sideI’ve been making coffee that burnTimbers who that steam can shiver yourtubers Ohthink it’s red honestly no it’s notstillshould feel the steamso hotshould I put cinnamon on it my audiencesays you know no the audience is on thismystery mysterious person you wouldnever find outonly I know they will talk but they willnever you will never know what okay Imade to die no thanks for the coffeeyou’re welcome whoo I just did a sneakpeak of like attention attentionso you’re not post so stopit’s the greatest thing in the worldsomething got him oh no like my eyeball[Music][Music]20 minutes to clean up your[Music]

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  1. I don’t like the taste of soggy cooked carrots, they tend to make me gag. I don’t mind raw carrots or ones that are still crisp though.

  2. Ok… what was on the plate next to the Chilli? Cake? I’m assuming bread, but it was cut like cake?if it was bread, is that a cookie (in American?)?

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