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Watch our step by step on how to make waffles.

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Video Transcription

yeah sorry be gone for so longI went back now we don’t we’re nowhereto stay we’ve got special video pleaseI’m glad to be making so we’re gonna begiving you a step by step showing youhow it goes I don’t evils and I’ve nevermade one basically it’s a challenge andI know I’m gonna make a fish you canmake better me let me show youringredients we’ve got to do today overthere we’ve got I don’t need any of thisbut we caught this monster chocolateNutella and now we have this pink topwe’ve got vanilla extractI’m not gonna be in any of this fun thisgolden syrup which has about a millioncalories inside eggs here oh sorry badwe’ve got no tools the equipment youknow and then last but not least themost important thing Oh waffle maker sothat’s the waffle maker that’s gonna bedoing the magic giving it the board andtouches so let’s get to itthat’s actually not it we cannot draw wehave our measuring cups so you’re nevergonna be doing bad magic turn[Music]as long time back no hey boys you knowyou know even I’m what unit he has to goback or what’s the hands of no callthere now – no – no[Music]I’ll go next – naughty bigger so I needa bit more this and I’ll show you howyou motions and all the creases thefemur nailshands done step one is two cups of flourjust open it up and I’ll be backopened up my accessories for this guy’shey that’s one of you know point that’sone so that’s step one done I see you onstep two that tablespoon of bakingpowder todaythousand years laterand it goes step free half a tablespoonof salt as you can see I wasn’t anygreat so now for the magic might needmore about my total it was so close sowe did a bit more ski that they’re proudto of magic goestiny bit more no thanks but I’m luckydo you know mom’s dadthat’s right so it goes that’s theirfree done so taking turns I might crackone I might crack – but depends onfoolish there goes your lucky one doneall right my technique is a differenttype of technique so what I do is knifeyou have to be precisely this one so youhave to get a thousand years later andthen last step is boom don’t doubt mepeople don’t ever doubt me because Iknow yours doubting me you don’t that’sone thing you don’t doyou just don’t doubt me let me do thethird one that could be a big onewell not well for me as well was shelike laughs so that was step for interstep 5before I do step 5 what a bit of eggyolk and nothing is on my hands so letme just wash my hands is one and a halfcups of milk which I forgot to show youso let’s take a trip to the fridgeyour mommy Hulk one now so those freshmilk this is what this is hotboom boom boomthis is a balancing game that’s oneperfect it’s the balancing game come onthat looks like miss so that stepstarted I’m just like puke which iswhere I will be in it let’s get into thenext step so we’re just getting internetsitting now getting ready for you guystell me how you think it’s going blackpoet subscribe if you have it alreadygive us some suggestions in the commentsection see you in the next step okayone stage six I’ve really melted thebutter so just try get this success forthis this has been added to the pukeyou can just wipe up your mess thank youand get into the last but not least in afew moments stepwell last step the vanilla extract 1tablespoon just might be a bit easier toinvolve balance indo it go yeah go now come take a look atthat puke come on that looks likeactually the mess but now it’s time formixing so I’m going to do is maybebattles up to free to see who mixes intofour so up to free pleasure free I’vegot the free let’s get buzzedthat was lots of free I’m not gonna ishappily go Club before she beat me ifyou watch on video quite a while agospeed beside this is Margaret Charlesalso prayed one month that was also freefree hi so now I’m gonna need Mac andrelaxthat was also free tempter mix no timefor this tool disgusting I’m I didn’tpour in so via headI’ll take a look at this completely thisguy is definitely puke boy let mecorrect myself I did waffles bar anypotato and waffles but not this messthis is what we need on to Brenda’smixer machineshe’s not here and we’re not there solet me do this so obviously they knowthey have someone when I’ve got Wi-Fiwell if you paused because it’s very hotI’m gonna watch remember we’re trying tosee if he makes the best one so firstpoignancyokay that’s nice done that’s a viciousone’s done gonna take a closer look andI’ll be up nextooh[Music][Music][Music]Oh[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]don’t even look we’re just good justhurt[Music]well just take a look at the wafflesyeah I don’t know I still think that mywaffles are better but you know when youeat what would you want a crunch rightyou want a crunch but let me know in thecomments which ones do you think abouttake a look at them again please pleasecomment down below and let us know who’sour powerwhoever gets the most votes basicallyloser faces a forfeit more things to dobut this is get back into that gamecurrently five four five five outdescendants on this thing that goes yeahyeah we are four five four five four twomoose upset one fat one yeah just coolhair a bit yes yes[Music]that’s the video I want thatbut don’t forget let us know at the endin the comments who has the bell wafflesthank you for watching make sure to LIKEcomment and subscribe yep thank you forwatching people yeah[Music]

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