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How To Make Valentine Special Waffles

Wake Up Nigeria February 12th, 2020.

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Video Transcription

we are back in the kitchen somethingvery special is happening with ChefYahweh’s good to have you join us I’mliking your outfit I don’t know why Ididn’t bring one for me buddies okay soum we have something special that we’remaking today and it’s waffles all rightand we’re going to be teaching you astep-by-step process of making theperfect waffles in your home any day anysingle any single day every morning nowtalk to us about what we have here theingredients that we need for the perfectwaffles okay to make the perfect werefour we need to you need to get ourflour flourso that’s flour over here right butterbutter egg eggs our baking powder bakingpowder salt salt sugar sugar and milk soit looks like almost the sameingredients for like regular pancakesyes okay but there’s a special way thatyou put together the water okay so thisis very good I’m excited about it now sois this the waffles machine yeah this isthe Dewar formation okay so why do wethen need a fine pan no different partwe are going to use the nice I see whatyou mean I see what you mean okay whatdo we have in here though this is ourvanillaokay vanilla extract is looking verynice very nice very nice so I like it Ilike it so where we’re starting from westarted with the flour we started withthe floor it does mission so we’re gonnameasure the flour first and foremost tomake sure that we have two normalmeasurements for it so these are likemeasurement spoons so the measurementspoon so you can have measurement spoonsyou can get them from anywhereI’m sure like in Nevada or any shop anyany shops okay so so what’s themeasurement that we’re gonna be usingfor this this morning we are about touse two cups okay just to copy our twocups of flourso pay attention so you don’t end upmaking a puff puffinstead of waffles so if you payattention then you can get it right thefirst time instead of having to do itover and over again so we’re measuringthe flour so this is just regular flourfrom the from the market yes okay okayso two cops in here as you can see andthen what goes in after after this notafter this to measure our baking powderokay so we’re going to measure thebaking powder so the first thing we didwas to put two spoons of these insideinside inside a bowl and then a littlebit of baking powder the baking programyou measure 4 teaspoon 4 teaspoons ofbaking powder using the small part ofthe things so sporty spoons of bakingpowder in there one two three four allright so when we do get back we’re goingto be giving you more information aboutwhat else you good is gonna need to gointo your flour so don’t worry oh nowe’re gonna wait for you when we getback after this thanks so much of youwelcome backwe’re at the kitchen with somethingspecial this morning how to make theperfect waffle some of you have madewaffles that tasted like biscuits toohard some made waffles that were alittle bit too watery so looked like youknow fluffy panko but chef Yabba isgoing to teach you how to make theperfect pancakeso waffle so already what we did earlieron was we we took two scoops of theflour floor we’ll put a little bit ofbaking powder and a little bit of saltand some sugar as well so that these arethe dry ingredients that we have now onthis side if you lookthe camera we have some liquid milkwhich we’re gonna warm up and then somebutter as well that we’ve already sortof melted a little bitso that liquid milk is we’re just gonnaleave it for maybe like a minute or twoand then it’s gonna be one of the thingsthat we’re gonna do when we start to mixin here so this world the mix is it’sgonna take place now so simple wafflesthe ingredients are also very simple butyou have to mix them with the rightconsistency for you to get the perfectwaffle so we’re gonna put theingredients on the screen now for you tolook at so there it is very simplestraightforward salt yeah I was gonna Iwas gonna read that out for youbut anyway so salt sugar eggs butter forbaking powder a little bit of flavorwhat kind of whatever kind of this isvanilla you can have strawberry can havethe rest from here so there it is verysimple one milk as well so make surethat you your work your milk is warm sothat milk is going in here now I don’tknow if you can see it so if the cameracan just get that we have some warm milkthat has gone into maybe we should callthis a mixing bowl right yeah so this isour mixing bowl where where the warmmilk has gone in and you kind of comeaway from the ingredients I’m sure theingredients are yeah so the ingredientson your screen again prettystraightforward I think the people havegotten it okay so anyways to if I canhave a camera here so this is where wehave this is the mixing bowl and somewarm milk in there just a little bit nottoo much and so that’s letter R so thisbutter has been melted just a little bitof butter as well not too much eitherso that’s milk and butternice consistency what else do we do itdoes make the two together okay that’sour we add our two x so two eggsso with this the flour two cups of flourand yeah X + 2 X so 2 cups of I’ll go soif I have 3 cups will be 3/8 yes okay sosomething like all right so so I’m justgonna keep mixing while you’re this yourstyle of breaking eggs is different so Ishould i mix the faster I just just keepit keep going the way I am so like thatso now the eggs are going in there andat some point we’re gonna have the flourgo back in here as well right so twoeggs or two cups of flour two eggs so itlooks like the difference between thisand pancake and pancakeswhat’s the main difference and thedifference you are really is just debutter just a button just so it lookslike so but pancakes you have a littlebit of butter but not so much not somuch but to add vanilla cookie a sodavanilla so how much vanilla extractshould you put in this one teaspoon 1teaspoon there you goso everything has a nice and yellow feelin there now no a lot of power on Bailey- together yeah so welcome so at thispoint we’re gonna be combining the dryingredients so that’s the file with thesugar and baking powder and the salt andmix it come it to converge with the wetingredients so should I stopor should I continue okay keep doingthatso there’s no point where we add anywater to it no no you don’t need to addany water so just a warm milk does warmme up and that’s about very nice I’mgonna be giving my wife a surprise thisweekend when she wakes up in the morningand she sees me in the kitchen mixingstuff she’s like walks up dude yeah allright so anyway so while this is goingon while we’re trying to get thisperfect so while we were you know tryingto mix this inmake it perfect I’m gonna be headingover to the couch where we have somerelationship talk you know this isFriday and we need to this Friday’sValentine’s Day we need to make surethat you do things right right all rightso we have some relationship talk goingon right now on the couch so the ship isgonna finish with his thing there theValentine’s Day special this is what todo that morning the morning after bedValentine’s Day morning after specialwaffles okay chef yabas well done sovery simple very simple but it’s aprocess and you need to be able to getit right and you just want to tell usabout it before we perfect wherefore youneed to have your flour eggs bakingpowder sorts sugar it sounds very simplebut you know meyeah serve our guests okay I lostexactly what you think okay you almostdon’t want damages sure chef has donesuch a great job which way to tackle itanyway demolish the thing yes deliciousexactlylots of hard work went into all right sowe’re all trying to keep calm but youknow that Mike is in the kitchen sothere’s it later that we might not get awaffle if you don’t wrap up this shortI’m home Eng thank you so much for thekitchen SS thank you all I guess forjoining us your view is coming up nextmake sure you stick around for that andwell done chef yeah thank you so muchthanks for having see guys tomorrowThursday edition of the show[Music]

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