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How To Make Trader Joe’s Protein Waffles

I picked up some protein pancake/waffle mix from my local Trader Joe’s down the street the other day and wanted to show you how easy it is to make. This is a healthier alternative compared to regular batter mix since it has less calories, more protein and less carbohydrates. Most importantly, it tastes wonderful and easy to make.
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Video Transcription

you know what’s up guys sanitary 103 in
the kitchen and today I’m making some
Trader Joe’s a buttermilk protein
pancake mix I got this recently at
Trader Joe’s and I want to give it a try
I got a good workout earlier and it’s
time to replenish the old body right
here so it’s very easy so I’m gonna be
making you can either make pancakes or
waffles and I have a waffle maker over
here which I’ll try to get it closed up
up and I’m gonna make about two or three
so to yield two or three you’re going to
need 1 cup of the mix brightener 1 cup
of water and a tablespoon of olive oil
and that’s it you’re gonna pour that
right into here so I’m gonna do that so
pour that in there put the water in then
I got a nifty
1 tablespoon measurement right here give
it a little bit more moisture not drip a
little bit Danny one just get a whisk
and you want to whisk it up give it a
good whirl sorry I can’t get the best
closest but I’m doing this obviously so
though consistency you want a little bit
a little bit watery but not too thick so
not too thin then got my classic waffle
maker if you don’t have one I recommend
you get one it’s awesome I like waffles
over pancakes they’re kind of similar
but I like the texture of waffles better
so this is from poison or I use this
from time to time
and it’s very easy it’s got the settings
from 1 to 5 and you want to add a little
bit of a trend it off-camera some
nonstick spray wanna just spray that at
the top and bottom of this and I’m gonna
plug it in once you have it plugged in
right here you want to just pour the mix
into here but the
one thing you want to do you want to
make sure is you don’t want to overshoot
on the mix meaning when you pour it in
and I’ll show you if it gets already to
the edge of the of this apparatus it’s
gonna start leaking so you want to under
it a little bit and then it’ll expand
and then you’ll get a good waffle if you
don’t it’s not a big deal it’ll just
leak a little bit you know a little bit
more of a cleanup so let’s go and do
that and for the setting I put it round
or close to a four five is a little bit
high and one’s too low so somebody call
pour it right now and as time goes on
it’s the batter will thicken as you can
tell I’m just gonna pour that just go a
little bit more I’m gonna go a little
conservative just to make sure it’s I
don’t want it to leak just like that and
it’s turned on and it’s red and I’m
gonna put it down take a few minutes
once it goes green it’ll be ready so
I’ll see in a couple minutes
welcome back with the green light just
turned back on so the moment of truth
that’s it and he’s gonna pop it up and
boom there you go see what I mean how
you you know you can’t overshoot because
it’ll expand and there’s no leakage
right here so that looks wonderful and
I’m gonna take it off just use this
around my hand just put it right here
I’m gonna make another one in a second
off-camera but there you go you got a
protein waffle and I’m gonna add some
sugar for your low-calorie syrup it’s
zero and zero so it’s you know what to
feel guilty about it it’s gonna add a
little bit of that extra flavor if you
want if you want to use a pure maple
syrup probably from all quality
standpoint it’s probably better but that
does have a lot of sugar so this is good
if you’re low carbing and then I’m gonna
add a little bit of optional feel free
to add whatever you want and that’s an
organic peanut butter just a little bit
to get some more flavor an extra protein
whoops so you do that
just a little bit I’m not gonna get too
crazy with it but I’m sorry about the
the movement it’s just very challenging
doing it by myself I really apologize
but you know more challenging filling
with a kid you know so I hope you
understand that so that’s good right
there and then I’m gonna add just a
little bit of boom right here a little
bit of strawberries just add a little
bit like there looks like a little face
do that so there you go right there
protein waffles oh unreal quick the
nutritional information if you’re in
case you were wondering alright there
Billy want to just read that 140 calorie
per makes two pancakes and 23 car but
three 2/3 of its dietary fiber so you –
the the carbs to get the net carbs so 20
protein oh sorry 20 net carbohydrates 10
grams of protein it’s got some other
vitamins so 2 to 1 carbohydrate to
protein ratio I did add a little bit of
this but very minimal so very clean and
easy meal feel free to have this anytime
and let me know what you think I’ll
catch the next video bye

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