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How To Make The Perfect Waffles in Antique Cast Iron Waffle Maker

Join me as I make a waffle on my newly restored Favorite Piqua Ware cast iron waffle maker. I admit, I did give it a trial run and learned what to do and what NOT to do! This shows the basic principals of making great waffles in your waffle iron, not necessarily the recipe you use. You can pretty much use whatever you like as long as it is close to room temperature and thicker as opposed to thinner batter. For this demonstration, I used a simple pancake mix where you just add water. I used milk instead of water to give the batter more substance and used slightly less liquid than the instructions called for to make the batter thicker. I hope this helps and you should be making perfect waffles in no time if you watch to the end! These were IMHO the perfect crunchy waffles! Yummy!

Original of the video here

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