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Video Transcription

good evening ladies and gentlemen
welcome back to yummy burger 99 the new
cooking channel that actually cooks food
today we’re going to be making a toaster
waffles look now you may be thinking you
just pop it into the toaster and then
wait but you forgot that I cook the
greatest food in history that grilled
cheese I think three days ago that was
poppin fresh and now these toaster
waffles will be poppin fresh now as you
can see I’m wearing the wilderness man
t-shirt which you can’t buy because I
don’t have a website let’s get to
cooking so as you can see I got my
waffles and my walking there’s waffles
so let me take you to step one
wait step two you’re gonna want to put
these into the toaster but um not in
just an ordinary way a special way so
we’re over here now instead of over
there now just like every good food it
has to have the airborne taste but
instead of just with the grilled cheese
I just threw it like a frisbee this one
if you have no idea what just happened
my phone fell off the tripod back to
what I was saying you’re gonna wanna
so I’m done using the tripod because my
phone fell twice so you’re gonna want to
throw these behind your head into the
toaster like so popping so as you can
see they’re in the toaster now we’re
gonna have to turn on the toaster but in
a very pop’n’fresh way for this you’re
gonna want to achieve the power of
toaster waffles which is a skill that
not many people know but I am one of the
people that know it so I’ll show you
what it is
so this is gonna be a part of the video
where I think my sponsor is
so my waffles are done so after a lot of
Yahoo loud angry screaming I finally got
my waffles now time to butter them so
last time I made one of these
I said don’t use a switch player but to
make these perfect you still don’t want
to use a switch plate just using a
normal butter knife now time to butter
them now again you still want to use a
lot of butter because it just makes
things better
you see we still have a lot of butter
now when you butter these you want to
make sure the butter gets onto the
waffle because that’s the thing you’re
eating and you want to butter both so
they can both taste good
and here’s a tricky part and a key that
not many people know to save silverware
and iron you just want to use your knife
to cut it and eat it
since this won’t stab your tongue
so I know last time I got a big video of
just me finishing my grilled cheese but
I’m running out of space hunting my
phone so I’m I Creator is no dealer
poppin fresh
Edith subscribe bye


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