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How to make perfect waffles every time pt. 2

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Video Transcription

alright guys you already know I’m thewaffle making master and today we’remaking some double chocolate wafflesalright guys first things firstwe got to get this waffle into thatholster alright so I’m just gonna I’mjust gonna do a little a little whoopwhoopyeah yeah and then you just gotta justkind of toss it down the stairs rightdown there so we’re gonna go for it yeahI got this first time ladies andgentlemen there were absolutely noretakes in this situation alright guysnow that you got your waffle and yourtoaster you’re just gonna you’re justgonna want to come over here and slapthat bad boy dog get that going everytime coming right guys so now while thewaffle is cooking I’m gonna be usingsome of this peanut butter powder to addon top instead of normal syrup and withthis peanut butter guys you’re gonnawant to you’re gonna want to throw somewater in it because otherwise it’s justpowder nobody likes powder so you’rejust gonna want to mix some water up init you know I like mine to the constancyof just like pure water you know youknow how what I’m sayingso then you just do this give it a goodmix it’s a good consistency I’d say Ilike mine chunky so I left some chunksdon’t mind the splash all right and thenby the time you finish this alright guysso the waffle just finished I’m gonnaI’m gonna grab that out of the waffleiron and then you’re just gonna want totake your your waffle and your peanutbutter and you’re just gonna want themjust gonna want to add that peanutbutter right on there and let me tellyou this recipeme it creates perfect waffles every time

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