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[Music]hey guys I’m back with another video heyguys welcome back to the channel yes Iam back with another video okay so let’sput together the mixture or the bannerfor our waffles alright starting with 4cups of all-purpose flour 2 tablespoonsof sugar it’s already in the dry flourthen I have 2 1/4 teaspoons of salt andI also put in okay that’s all having itoh and 2 tablespoons of baking powder sowhat I haven’t when I have in this bowl4 cups of all-purpose flour 2tablespoons of baking powder 2tablespoons of sugar and 2 1/4 teaspoonsof salt okaythat’s my dry ingredients so for the wetingredients we’re going to have 2 and3/4 cups of buttermilk so here’s one in3/4 cups and here’s another cup ofbuttermilk right here don’t think youcan’t see thisokay and inside of this cup ofbuttermilk I have a tablespoon ofvanilla extract as well as a half ateaspoon of almond and a half ofteaspoon of butter flavor okay I havethat inside of my wet ingredients thenwe have four eggs right here and then wehave a cup of butter which is one stickmelted and that’s the ingredients forthe waffle mix so to me mix this flourthat already has like I said the saltand the baking powder in it we’re goingto start adding our wet ingredients okayall right I’m going to pour it in thebuttermilkand if you don’t need this much you canjust cut this recipe in half and I woulddefinitely try to leave it in thedescription okay throw a cake and putthese in here again this is four largeeggsmake sureit’s not too runny and the stick ofmelted butterokay so I’m just getting my battertogether and then I’m going to get mychicken together and um so I’m notgetting ready to actually prepare thesebut you can go ahead and mix your batterinstead of the side let’s see how thisis lookingand if it looks like it’s – I didn’t putall the milk in here yet because I don’twant it to be too runny okayand they need just a little bit moremilk this is the kind of music so twocups of buttermilk and then two 3/4 cupsof buttermilk okay put your buttermilkwaffles with the hint of almond again Iput a taste of half a teaspoon of almondand a half a teaspoon of butter flavorinside of here along with tablespoon ofvanillaand now you want to just mix it wellalright I’m going to get this set asideand get my chicken cleaned and seasonyou guys have seen me do that before sonow comeback will probably be ready todrop our waffles to make our waffles seeyou guys back in a little bit okay alsogoing to have some strawberries andpowdered sugar for the waffles so andthis is just my seasons that I’m goingto use for my chicken you guys like Isaid I’ve seen me do that before justcutting up some strawberries andstrawberries are optional okay I haveeverything prepped now for my wafflesI’m going to get started on my chickenokay are you guys back in a minutenever used itI am hoping I can get this thing boatand ER one two three four we’re gonnasee if that worksyeah I’ll see thatI’m just going to put it put the wafflein here then look at baby and then whenthe light pops on ready I guess thenit’ll be ready all right I’ll be backall right guys it is time to make thewaffles so I have preheated the wafflemaker and I’m going to coat it with someBowlhopefully they won’t stickwe’re gonna see cuz my guests are hereand they are ready to eatthe chicken is done all we need now arethe wafflesgood things going okay okay this will bethe first waffle I’m making and I’mgoing to make it with you also if wefail we fail together all right here wegoit’s safe to put about a cup of themixture here it is into the waffle makerso let’s go- clothes cut it on medium cuz I don’twant it to be too light but I’m going tobe too dark flip it over and when it’sready it’ll let us know I will bring youguys back in the middle right guys herewe go let’s see what it’s looking likeso let me get something to get thisfirst just put the next one on here wego baby spray this up I think that’sgonna be it all rightso I’m using a cup of mixture for eachwaffle all right okay I’ll bring youguys back in a mass let’s check on thesecond waffle see if it’s readyalright okay guys when I come back it’llbe time for us to eat everybody I amback with another video and it’s goingto be a banger I got my girl Tim we gotchicken and waffles let’s let this foolthen we’re gonna get into it all rightguys let’s let’s the food bless thisfood that I’m bout to see for thenursing of our body a man okay we’rebackalright introduce yourself I think youwould say the other night yes all rightwho we got heresorry sorry is it a cage I can say thatwell we have chicken and waffles myfirst time making chicken and wafflesand these are homemade right yeah so wemake it so we’re gonna see how theytaste yeah I’m gonna let everyone knowjust how they are ready get started ohwe also have we have B love style and wehave that we eat every love song so theycan dip their ticket if they want to wehave the of course the homemade wafflesand the strawberries and the powderedsugar which I’m not really that intothat but you know they wonder somethingI like to give my guests what they wantand we have our circle cooks and we havesome all honey and hot sauce – oh wehave adult beverages let’s start eatinglet’s just get into this let’s see whatthese waffles taste like let me knowokay no we don’t need any right nowwhere the chicken is do it let me tastemy waffles ptomaine waffles here we gookayI don’t know about you guys but I tastethe vanilla I taste that little almondthat I put in there it’s hard to tasteit you might need some water we gotplenty right over therebe honest women now let me know let mesee let me finish itlook at that chicken in a bee love sockslet me see what this tastes likeoh you got the strawberries all overyourslet me try you’ve never had me love soman she’s never had me love those yeah Igot my ugly Christmas sweater tonight[Laughter]butter garlic and onions a bunch ofseasoning mm-hmm let me get back intothis waffle yeahso you were in the show the other nightthen I got them with their muscle[Laughter]channels aren’t for everyone young Ihave a nice – let me taste a food soyou’re gonna have to come on here whenI’m doing seafood everything else it’s abanger but just the muscle be lovesoftware my chicken isn’t that bad yougot the strawberries she works withthose we also have chicken legs we justdon’t have them come on oh and I alsomade some pecan pies today and I gaveher one I made for my uncle my aunt myaunt lost her sister fluffy I love youand I’m thinking about you see you guystomorrow but I made a couple of extrapounds and I gave you one we don’treally we don’t really eat become past11:00 she’s gonna taste it for you guyslater and let you lick – I don’t knowwhat it tastes likeare eating and they’re not too darkthey might don’t yeah she got a hotplate just really pretty oh you playedup so I can see when you got a couple ofbones over there now about that way withthat amount and I really pretty see thething really good when I see how he’sgood but that’s right is this your pursema’amis this your first time stopping by mychannel thank you for reminding me youknow which I need to do hit that likeseparate subscribe button and turn onyour post notifications because hey youknow I’d be dropping what bangers yes Ido your girls didn’t feel like right nowthey just like it like it is first timelike you know mama eat seafood some soI’m just try see on the seatit was good at those you she got thebiggest king crabby there was in the sawthe sweet wasn’t it mm-hmm so shewouldn’t know the taste you need to try[Music]this is something I’m using mygrandfather used to ok guys what I wassaying my grandfather used to use thiscircuit when I was growing up inBeaumont Texas when he would make uspancakes in the morning so I just keepsringing but I was just telling you guysthat my right guys my phone just justwent crazy and just cut out right at theend so we cleaned up I just want to comeback and close out the show I thinkthey’re gonna take the bullet theythought I was gonna take a shot with abut it’s empty but you guys are drinkingout Dallas Cowboys shock waves okay Ijust have me my little wrinkle injurywait thank you all for coming on theshow thanks they took that shot so didyou guys enjoy the food yeah okay likeour ways awesome bangerI hate we had technical difficultiestonight but as you see we overcame thoseand we have a pretty good show sure didalright daddy don’t say he’s good to methat’s right Larrylike nobody come B hit the red buttonalright guys thank you all for joiningme and i truly appreciate thank you guysfor coming on the show thank you all forwatching us on this anytime anytimeafter i always say you never know wherephilly field will be or who i have onthe show or what kitchen i’ll be cookingin but one thing you can count on you’realways welcome in my kitchen good nightgood night[Music][Applause][Music]

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