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Video Transcription

hey guys I Shelby welcome back to mychannel today I’m going to talk to youguys about chapels I recently bought alittle mini waffle maker and I’ve beenloving making these so first of all ifyou like these videos please give thisone a thumbs up as well subscribe mychannel like this video leave me acomment let me know if you have anyquestions about it as we go alongand I’d be glad to answer that so formost of you who have asked me abouttrifles this is what the video is aboutit’s a super easy Keith keto waffle it’smade of cheese and one egg so what I dois I personally like mozzarella cheesebecause it doesn’t have um that I don’tknow how to describe it like a supercheesy taste like American cheese orcheddar cheese has so when you put syrupon it and you actually eat it as awaffle it does not taste super cheesy sohere I ended up getting a – mini makerI’m just going to open it and show youI’ve been having it heat up so it makesone little disc of a waffle and I lovethat because per the recipe I get twowaffles so it’s great so I’m gonna goahead and get startedfirst I’m going to spray this I’m goingto crack one eggI’m gonna whisk this up and all therecipe calls for is one egg and half acup of cheese so just kind of shake itin the bag let it level out like thisand then I just fold everything in onitself so that it’s all evenly coatedoopsready to go you want to make sure it’sas evenly distributed as possible allright sighs you can see the egg is veryevenly spread out and this does not looklike a lot I know but once it cooks andstarts to settle it expands and it’sreally good so with this recipe like Isaid it makes to chavo so I’m just goingto put half of this mixture in themiddle of the – mini waffle maker andthen as it cooks it will spread itselfoutexcuse me it’ll spread itself out andit’ll cook so you don’t want to overfillit because then it’ll spew out the sidesso I’ll show you what I mean so I’m justgoing to take a little bit at a time andkind of stick it in the middle thereso that’s about half and like I said Idon’t spread it out to the edges I justkind of put it in the middle I’m goingto close it just kind of firmly press itand the cheese and the egg is now justgoing to work its way you know aroundthe edges so it will be delicious ittakes about 30 seconds to a minute tocook this I personally like mine alittle bit crispier because the crispyare they are the less the cheesepulls apart kind of like a mozzarellastick or whatever I don’t know if youcan hear it but it’s this like reallyloud stone it’s working also with these- minis oh there’s no on/off switch soall you do is plug it in let it warm upand there’s a blue light on top so Ithink it’s supposed to go off when it’sheated and ready to go but I just kindof pay attention to when it’s hot enoughand I’ll start cooking usually it takesonly about a minute or ma C and rightnow I know you guys how they can’t seeit but since the egg and the cheese iscooking my lid is kind of puffing up alittle bit which is exactly whathappened so don’t you know think thatyou put too much in there or whateverduring that and like I said there’s nospillage around it so that means thatit’s a decent amount in there so it’sit’s steaming really bad I’m just gonnapop it open and look oh that’s perfectyou can kind of see how the egg workedits way to the edge filled in all thecracksthis does not crispy enough for the wayI like it so I’m just gonna keep the lidclosed for a little bit longer let thatcrisp up and brown up some moreit shouldn’t take too much longerand then also before you put in yoursecond chocolate into the mini maker youcan kind of see how that egg kind offalls out of the cheese I’m just goingto give this a quick stir and for thoseof you who cut your macros your netcarbs your fats your proteins and yourcalories this is such an easy thing todo it makes the counting easy becauseall you do is track half a cup ofwhatever cheese are using in one egg Imean it doesn’t get much simpler thanthat and then if you choose to addanything like I do like fruit orwhatever toppings you decide that’s alsoeasy because you can either count themweight them on a scale however youchoose to do it so I’m gonna check onthis one more timeoh that looks beautiful I’m going tocheck the bottom bottom is nice andcrispy as well so I’m just gonna take myfork you’re going to set that rightthereI’ll show you guys what that looks likein a minute I’m just gonna you don’thave to spray a second time but I alwaysget nervous that if I don’teverything will stick so make sure thisis all mixed in and just like before aspoon and probably be a lot easier butyou’re just going to lay this in themiddle like so and that honestly mightbe a little too much but um as you cansee there’s a little bit of cheese andegg left in here and I choose to keep itthat way because if I put that in thereI know it’s gonna spill over so becauseit’s not a big deal to have a little bitleft over so just all that one’s cookingumI’ll show you this so this is what thechafa looks like on both sides I mean ithonestly looks just like a law phonedon’t know if you guys can see it fromback here it is a really good size Ineeded a mini maker it’s the size of myhand with my palm pretty much it looksso good and it’s nice and crispy andkind of like fear it you know as I’mtouching it and you know getting all mygerms over it but it was so goodagain if you have any questions about myprocess how I’m doing this please leaveme a comment below and I’ll be happy toanswer your questionsso what I like to do is tap my chocolatefruit sometimes so I have some washedraspberries over here that we’re goingto do also I’ve recently tried chalkszeros sugar-free keto friendly syrupsand they are amazing I got the 3-packand it came with caramel flavorchocolate syrup and maple syrup and thischocolate syrup literally is like asubstitute for Hershey’s syrup it’samazing so even if you have any ketofriendly ice cream like halo top oranything like that that you choose toeat Arctic zero I think is another onethen it would taste delicious on top ofthat if that’s something that you likeand if you guys have tried choc zero ifthere are any other flavors you’ve triedbesides those three let me know becauseI’m definitely interested in seeing whatthe rest of them are likealright so again the lid is lifting up alittle bit on this- waffle maker which is perfect so I’mgonna check it out see what it lookslike Oh perfect see this one filled outa lot more than the other one so againit’s still a little bit too undercookedfor me it does look delicious a lot ofpeople like their chocolates to looklike this but me like I said I justprefer a nice crispy waffle so we’regonna let that hang out for a little bitmore so these are pre washed like I saidI’m just going to top them on top withmy waffles but syrup on there I don’tknow which one I’m gonna use the samepickle whose caramel and I use that onein a while and just to talk about somemacros on these really quick if youcount net carbs this caramel syrup onlyhas one net carb which is amazing andthat’s per one tablespoon and if youmeasure out your servings or if you’regood at eyeballing it like I amone tablespoon is a lot of anything Imean coconut oil syrups toppings likemustard and whatnot so if you I know itprobably sounds like it’s not a lot butonce you start measuring I mean you’llrealize that one table so does go a longway so this settled back down whichmeans that’s probably browned up oh yeahlook at that looks good and see likewhen I stick my fork in it it doesn’tpeel back so just in there on the sideflip it over yes looks delicious with itthey’re also just a quick tip do notforget to unplug this because like Isaid there’s none on an off switch soyou want to make sure at some pointcools off and I’m just going to set thatoff to the side so now I have my twolovely little wafflesthey look great so what I’m going to dois like I said we’re gonna do thecaramel syrup soI’m stuck on there so good as strong asI thought okay there we go yeah okay soI’m just going tothere’s a syrup on there okay they smellso bad and the best thing about these isthere really is not a huge eggy taste tothem so I don’t know if that’s somethingthat anyone’s worried about but itreally does not have much of an eggytaste at all raspberries on here I alsolove to do strawberries and thestrawberries with this chocolate syrupis so delicious because it just tasteslike chocolate-covered strawberries anda waffle so I mean it’s like a hugedessertit’s awesome so there you go that is myeasy chop already like I said if youguys have any questions please leave mea comment like this video share itsubscribe my channel let me know ifthere are any other recipes that youwant to see me do um have a good day andwe’ll see you next time

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