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How To Make Chaffles, Cheese Waffles Chaffles Recipe

In the low carb world Chaffles(Cheese Waffles) are very popular. In this video I show you How To Make Chaffles.
1 Cup Mozzarella Cheese
2 Eggs
This is an extra ingredient I add the the basic Chaffle recipe
1 TSP Swerve Confectioners Sugar.
Blend and pour into a waffle iron
I like using Choc Zero syrup on mine
Choc Zero has
15g carbs
14g Dietary Fiber
Chaffles are very versatile check back for more Chaffle recipes

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Video Transcription

hello I’m the low-carb guy today I’mmaking something that should be a partof your low carb lifestyle if you’re onketo or one of the other diets youshould make this a part of it as wellit’s very popular easy to make and Igotta tell you extremely tastythey’re called chapel’s cheese wafflestwo ingredients mine includes three I’mgonna go into the kitchen in a secondshow you how to prepare this first ifyou like what I do bring to the tableplease subscribe to my channel you cando so right there and click the littlebell next to it so that you’ll getupdates when I post new recipes thankyou I love that we get together likethis because we’re all in this low carblifestyle together and you know after awhile it gets real easy doesn’t itI know it does hopefully these recipeshelp I’ll see you in the kitchen sinceI’m going to be making too CharlesI’m gonna start with 1 cup of mozzarellaand I’m gonna chop it to make it alittle bit finer because I’m going to beputting it in a blender now add two eggsand I add 1 TSP of swerve confectioner’ssugar add some cooking spray and you’reready to pour the batter in I blend itand pour it into my waffle iron now I’mmaking a nice sized chafathese are not minis and I’m making twoof them and I like to make sure that thebatter goes on the entire griddleand it’s ready oh by the way with myChapel at breakfast oh I use this Chuckzero vanilla maple syrup very tasty youwill love it with your Chapel I’ll havea link below so you could find out moreabout Chuck zero if you enjoy my channeland when I bring to the table pleasesubscribe click the bell so you can alsoget updates when I post thank you forwatching and I’ll see you the next timeI go into the kitchen[Music]

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  2. The cookies look really good. I wish all these new recipes didn’t call for coconut or coconut oil. I am allergic to coconut. I can always place another fruit in place of the coconut. However need to find another edible alternative to the coconut oil. This allergy has become more dangerous due to this coconut oil used in food and body care products.

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