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odelay in the house once again onceagain thank goodness and I’m about togive my either one manso what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna hookup some Belgian waffles okayI’m gonna hook up some Belgian wafflereal simple recipe what we do first iswe wanna hook up our batter right sowhat I got is I got a 1/3 cup we do uhin 3ds all right okay all right so we do3ds get our batter out of the wayall right out of sight out of mindokay and the next thing we do we do 1/3of a third tablespoon of our vegetableoil a little bit too much put some backall right so with the vegetable oil onsight out of mind then we’re gonna comewith 2/3 cup of water to take 1shoot what I like to do got an egg go sowe’re gonna end it at our egg okay let’sget him out of sight out of mindokay and also what I like to do on minecuz I don’t like to put too much syrupsince they’re so good without it I liketo go ahead and add some cinnamon allright and by the way when you get thiscinnamon I like to get the cinnamon thisfrom Vietnam from the Asian stores it’sit’s sweeter than the other cinnamon soanyway I put a little cinnamon out ofsight out of mindalright now what I do I go old schooland I use my whisk all right and I juststart whisking this thing up whiskingthis thing up and so I like to whisk mystuff until it’s just about totallytotally mixed with each other as opposedto some people they just say mix the biglumps out but I like to just give it agood thorough beating very simple mixand at this point you don’t have to usecinnamon obviously you can use whateveryou might like all right so that’s whatwe got and you can best believe thatthing is nice and mixed well blendedalright now turn on Holloway flavour andthen with this particular one it asksyou what you want and media I get theclassic and I do it for one minute and45 seconds okay and then you start itand it goes through is preheating thingsand then I’m gonna start pouring butbefore I do that I’m gonna use this premeasured cup here if I use all of thisis a bit much so I’ll use this and itshouldabout pretty exact and I like to get anice pretty looking waffle sometimes youcan get a waffle this too crunchy and Idon’t like that I like my walking speedjust right not too crunchy and not toosoft but I kind of like the middle to befluffy all right so that’s what I’mhoping that we’re going to achieve inthis case all right I got a small placeso that the waffle can really look bigeven though it cooks as one wafflethat’s actually sectioned off into fourwaffles and so you can feed four peopleespecially if you got some chicken huhthis waffle is the bomb and anotherthing that I’ve been using latelyis the air fryer get your waffle goingand so that you can be on that healthkick you don’t use no syrup on yourwaffle and you air fry the chickeninstead of find it the traditional waywith all the oils and all that stuffbecause when you air fry all I do isseason the chicken I put it in the airfryer set the time let’s say you’veadded no oils so you get your oldchicken and waffles oh no no I can smellsomething so that’s telling me that thisguy is getting ready to go now this onethat I use this waffle maker it’s prettyfoolproof it preheats and let you knowthat it’s on preheat with the letters PRe pre then when it’s heated to whereit’s supposed to be and it’s ready foryou to pour the waffle mix it it has P oha right so you can’t go wrong it tellsyou everything to do then when your timeis upif tells you Oh Pete in open so youcan’t go wronglong as you’ve got that magical betterthat’s the key that’s the key and we’regonna test it you’re gonna test it rightbefore your very eyesall right here we go there’s the PR allright so here we go with the badI’m pouring my batter down in my holeall right let’s get all that batter inthere let’s get it init’s got a nice hole at the top and asyou can see you just pull your batterneatly in all right okay so there itsays OPN Hopi in right all right so italso has a feature on hereand if for some reason you want to golonger it has a button where you canjust press it and give it 30 moreseconds all right so it says we’re doneso we’re gonna go in we gonna go in allright so here we go okay now this alwaysseems to happen it’s tucked up at thetop but the thing about it is most ofthe time that I’ve done it it comes offpretty easyso let’s see if they’d have a sister yescame open pretty easy no take a look atit all right now that’s a Belgian waffleBelgian waffle you see what I was sayingabout the four sections all right nowlet’s cut it open got the first knife Isaw so let’s see if it’ll do somejustice all rightthis ain’t a baby mama knife was itain’t sharp oh I feel the heat from themman if I had that chicken well I couldtell you exactly why I chicken cross theroadhmm I’m telling you there it isBelgian waffle Belgian waffle man lookat it right now that I feel like I couldfreeze it and heat it up at some othertimeit’s not too crunchy it’s just perfect Ithink the next time I’m gonna try it onone minute and 30 seconds instead of 1minute and 45 just because the bottom isa tad bit crunchy but let’s see how ittastesmmm see the inside is just cooked that’swhy I didn’t want to go with the 130because the 145 they don’t have it inbetween it’s either/or so I figured Iwould just have it at the 145 since theinside is just cooked but I would try itone time on a 130 any hole anyway thisis some good stuffmister don’t you leave and I’ll see youagain soon

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