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I’m Bianca and I’m a level one chef I’mLorenzo and I’m a level two chef I’mTracy and I’m a level three chef I wouldwatch my grandmother cook and that’s howthis recipe came to be I’m no JuliaChild but it is edible it’s a recipethat I kind of messed up for years Istuck with itI’ve been making this beast raised doughrecipe or a very long time it’s gonna besuper fluffy and light on the inside andcaramelized and crunchy on the outsideso first we’ll make our batter and we’llstart with the dry ingredients my familythey generally cook with feeling whichmeans they tend to stay away fromrecipes this is my Belgian waffle battermix I’m actually gonna start withall-purpose flour sugar baking powderand just a dash of salt to give it a bitof a kick we are making a Belgian styleLiege waffle that’s gonna be risen withactive dry yeast instead of bakingpowder and then we’re gonna add our darkbrown sugar I’d love to make donuts andthis is basically a donut but in waffleform I’m gonna get the wet ingredientsegg helps the batter get ohsalts breaks down the proteins in youreggs and it’s gonna make for fluffierwaffle all right your whisk we’re gonnaadd our two eggs vanilla whole no andI’m gonna use a fresh vanilla bean Ilike using these whenever I have thechance you’re gonna get way more vanillaflavor and I also like that the vanillabeans kind of speckle throughout thewaffles just to kind of brighten up yourdough I’m gonna use yogurt and this isvanilla but you could be strawberryraspberry blueberryputting it one of the biggest thingsthat I was just messing up it was alwayssticking to the waffle maker it’sbecause I wasn’t putting enough butterthe butter has solidified half a cup ofmelted butter we’re gonna add ourroom-temperature butter that’s beenchopped into small piecesthis is muy importanteback in action blend all the ingredientsso it can be creamy and thick and thatkind of do a little Bob makes me feelmore like an adult I don’t think you cando too much whiskey to make it justright you know I don’t want to reallyover work the batter if you over mixyour dough it’s actually become toodifficult to work with and it’s gonnahave to firm of our gluten strands sonow that our dough has come togetherwe’re gonna take it and put it in a newbowl and never I let it rest in thefridge overnight now we’re ready to cookour waffles with a classic waffle makeryet two-thirds cup put it directly inthe center what’s already sizzling Ilove a good sexy waffle so this is theirdough that has sat overnight we want tostart by kneading our full sugar in I’mgonna portion this and to renouncewaffles so that way every waffle isabout the same sizemaybe just give it a little press downyou actually should not have to add anyPam or spray to it because there’s somuch butter in the doughvoila I usually cook the waffles maybethree to five minutesoh it’s fillingit’s definitely supposed to spill out ofthe size like that I can actually smellthe vanilla in it right now it’sfantasticwe want to make sure the waffle maker ishot enough that our pearl sugar actuallycaramelizes okay is I’m actuallysweating this is like because these area dough not a batter you can actuallycheck these before they get too darkwasn’t ready yet so don’t be afraid ofopening it before it’s ready I’m livegrandma that would be so embarrassed I’msorry you want to make sure that it hasdeep enough pocket this one’s about oneand a quarter inch which is what you’relooking for it goes of that signal thankyou for doing your job I need a littlebit more batter I just like completevoll crevices okay wait wait wait aminute now that’s not badthis is looking great we have nicecrispy edges a soft pillowy inside andwe have our pull sugar all the wayaround our waffle and there you go niceand golden hooray I’m so far away sookay it reminds me of funnel cakes atthe fair and now we’re ready to move onto our toppings my favorite part I’mactually gonna make a sauce tocomplement our deliciouswaffle it’s easy-peasy actually cuz it’sa one-two-three-four kind of combo onecup ofgroup two tablespoons of water threeteaspoons of sugar then four heftysqueezes of lemon juice so for toppingsI like to have my syrup and strawberriesit’s one of my favorite fruits a coupleof them have burst open already we’rejust gonna let this go for a little bitso I’ve decided to here my Belgianwaffles with a homemade toffee saucewhich is basically like a darker richercaramel so we’re gonna start with thesedark brown sugar then we’re gonna addsome heavy cream some butter and somesalts hello blueberry compote so afterabout 10 minutes your sauce should haveBacon’s turn the heat off and you wantto actually add your vanilla extracthere’s our fresh coffee sauce so haveour waffles and then well I guess onecan just pick these strawberries up huhso I just happen to have them milkchocolate that’s like chocolate snowit’s beautiful so we have our toppysauce and then our homemade speculoosspread or as we know in the unitedstates cookie butter so we’re taking ourhomemade speculoos cookies and we madesome cookie crumbs a little rinse tearwater and then we’re gonna add somecinnamon make sure this is nice anddissolved let this cool down to roomtemperature and then we’re gonna addsome refined coconut oil and then I’mgonna use an immersion blender to makesure it becomes a nice smooth spreadyou’re gonna just put it in the fridgeand let it sit overnight this is aspretty as it’s gonna get I guess we’regonna have some freshly whipped creamadd some nice confectioner sugar I wantto be able to put my whipped creamdirectly on top of the waffle and for itto actually hold a shape this is what wecall firm Peaks you don’t want to keepgoing from here because you’ll end upwith butter and then we add our maplesyrup products yeah nice and evenpiping throughout all those little holesthis is the toffee sauce we made earlierdrizzle all around our waffle this isgood old Cool Whip pop that right thereplop plop plop and apply we’ve got ahandful of this delicious shavedchocolate all the way around finish ourwaffle OOP sound effects at all soexcited to taste thisthis is my Belgium waffle the the she’llsoul and here we have our Belgianleisure waffle time to dig in hmmdoesn’t have that mm-hmmthat’s really good I didn’t do anythingspecial just follow the recipe didn’t II’m super happy without this waffle cameout the toffee sauce gives it a littlebit of a maple leaf flavor you getcrunch from the pearl sugar and thewhipped cream just bounces all togetherwouldn’t serve it to my grandmother butnot half bad I’ll give myself a littlepat on the back we saw three differentchefs make three different wafflesBianca and Lorenzo made quick breadstyle waffles and Tracy made a yeastleavened waffle Bianca and Lorenzo’squick bread style waffles used bakingpowder which is a chemical leavener thatleaven the batter instantly bakingpowder produces carbon dioxide gas assoon as it’s combined with liquid thecarbon dioxide will aerate the batterand make the waffles fluffy this isgonna make you have a beautiful fluffywaffle Tracy made a yeasted waffle doughby leavening the waffle mixture withyeast instead of baking powder as theyeast metabolizes the sugar in the doughcarbon dioxide gas is produced and thedough Rises slowly Tracy a Labrador riseovernight developing a rich and multiflavour when making their waffle battersBianca and Lorenzo both used the muffinmethod so wet and dry ingredients aremixed separately the wet ingredients arethen added to the dry ingredients andstir it until just combined how doesthat make a mess Tracy made a doughrather than a batter she combined thewet ingredients and sugar and then addedthe dry ingredients to the wetingredients to form a dough she enrichedthe dough by slowly adding cubes ofbutter Bianca and Lorenzo choseall-purpose flour all-purpose flour hasa moderate amount of gluten which is theprotein found in wheat flour lowerprotein flours will yield a tender crumbtracy used a combination of all-purposeand high gluten flourmore gluten creates tunnels throughoutthe matrix of the waffle mixture similarto the structure of bread I recommenddoing this on a low speed so you don’tget a big flower shower when you turnyour machine on the gluten produces astrong dough in a chewy R crumb theaddition of fat like the butter Tracyused will shorten the crumb giving it asofter texture waffles contain more fatand eggs than pancakes which contributesto their tenderness and improves theintegrity of their shape when subjectedto the heat of a waffle iron all of ourchefs preheated their waffle irons amoderate heat will ensure an even rateof cooking on the inside as well as theoutside of the waffles fielding a softinterior and crisp exterior like Lorenzoand Tracy’s wafflesBianca used an american-style squarewaffle maker in Lorenzo and Tracy used aBelgian waffle maker the square wafflemaker has shallow pockets and produces athinner waffle than the Belgian wafflemaker the Belgian waffle maker has deeppockets and produces a thicker andfluffier waffle this is my leastfavorite stuff Bianca overfilled herwaffle ironLorenzo under filled his and Tracy addedjust enough dough I told you it waslevel one I tried to told you the wafflemolds should be partially filled beforethey are closed to avoid spillage thepressure from the top waffle plate willspread the batter throughout the moldcreating an even shape though I don’twant it to come out a weird shape whenit comes to cooking waffles the moremoisture in the batter the shorter thecook time Bianca’s waffle batter has thehighest amount of moisture and willrequire the least amount of cook timeLorenzo’s waffle batter is moderatelythick from the addition of yogurt andhas less moisture and Tracy’s waffledough has the least amount of moistureand will take the longest to cookthrough completely at home waffle makerstake a lot of guessing out of wafflecooking but the suggested cook time isjust an approximation depending on theviscosity of your batter your wafflesmight not be crisp when the applianceindicates it’s done another way todetermine if your waffle is done is touse steam as an indicator during thecooking water in the batter will heatand turn to steam when the steam stopsescapeBing from the side of the waffle ironmost of the water has been evaporatedand the waffle is cooked through afterall of the steam escapes leave thewaffle inside for a few seconds longerto allow the outside ridges of thewaffle to crisp the sugar present in thewaffle mix will caramelize and helpproduce the brown color on the outsideof the waffles Bianca and Lorenza used amoderate amount of sugar and will have asmall amount of caramelization on theoutside of their waffles they’re gonnaask for more I’m telling you right nowtracy added pearl sugar into her wafflebatter before cooking this will increasethe amount of caramelization and producea golden-brown final productour chefs each used unique sauces to toptheir wafflesBianca used maple syrup lorenzo crafteda blueberry compote and paired it withwhipped topping maple syrup andchocolate shavings and Tracy madespeculoos spread whipped cream andtoffee sauce for her waffles Bianca andLorenzo’s lightly sweetened waffles pairwell with the sweet sauces they chose ohone time for Bianca as my friend saysit’s still gonna get it the strong doughthat Tracy used produced a sturdy wafflewhich can bear the weight of sauces andtoppingsTracy’s waffle is considerably sweeterso pairing the waffles with a very sweettopping can make the final dish verydecadent the balance of textures andwarm spices and Tracy’s toppings willhelp to balance the sweetness of thedish when is it not a good time to havewhat bowlswaffles are a fun dish to make at homeyou can use some of these tips to make aquick breakfast or an indulgent dessert[Music]

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  4. Awww so you can make with unripe plantains tooo this is awesome and delicious I’m loving it so much thanks for the great share my darling ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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