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Homemade Valentine’s Day Waffles with Fresh Fruits

Homemade Valentine’s Day Waffles with Fresh Fruits
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This Valentines day be more attractive, more surprising, and daring by making your own foods, yes main meal and a delicious, healthy dessert. Anyone can make reservations to a restaurant cafe, but it takes a special loving person to cook something special in private.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Coach George Tsanis

PS – this was not planned; this is not Valentines day anything for me as every day is special to me and I don’t need a calendar or anyone to force me how to live and think. I was inspired to make a quick waffle to show people you can do it 😊 and making something at home is a better option for Valentine’s Day than an crowded, noisy, expensive restaurant or café, and much healthier to because you will make it that way 😉

Didn’t have all ingredients, as mentioned, wasn’t planned, so make do with what you got. Ingredients used = milk, vanilla, eggs, flour…NOTHING ELSE but the topped strawberries, kiwi fruit, and maple syrup. For those that knew just from watching the video and seeing the pictures, yes, buttermilk is better than milk, so if you “plan” on making waffles one day opt for the buttermilk, and invite some loved ones over and share a loving face to face moment with good homemade food 😊


Original of the video here

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