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HI GUYS!! I’m back with another video! 😊Today I’m gonna be whippin up some waffles and a smoothie. I’ve been trying to be more consistent with youtube so I hope you all enjoy the frequent uploads!! 💕And YES I’ve changed my intro for the billionth time lol I want it to fit my aesthetic 😂

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making of the waffle starts at 4:45

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Video Transcription

makes my dream of your new hit that
subscribe button if you’re not a
competitor so today I’m going to be
making waffles and a smoothie
there’s currently not much to eat in my
house right now and I can’t order pizza
because they don’t deliver
nobody’s deliveries out in my area so
we’re gonna you know work what we got
I’m gonna be making like a very kind of
smoothie and just plain old waffle so
okay I don’t know if I’m fully in frame
or not but my ingredients are the movies
page number Greek yogurt from X idiom I
think it’s a pizzas in here
oh okay so there’s nothing so very much
something is going to be adding some
blueberries and Greek yogurt many come
on bill time is time to switch to a
non-dairy lifestyle so I’m starting
their common note this is the vanilla
trying just to make this book or
whatever so I’m gonna paste in their
burgers after I’d only put like a third
in there I don’t wanna fight too much
she’s got her little clapping in the
background it’s my dog okay I’m gonna
take this this is home whatever so I’m
going to take the top which is the
yogurt part and put it in here because I
hope that gradually adds
it’s pretty good so I’m going to leave a
pretty sweet but I think I know what you
think this I’m gonna go to Orange
I wanted to have a bit of a citrusy
flavor to it
I have used on shoes for me so that’s
why I don’t think these will be a
I’m gonna go ahead and make the mix in
our pyramid
that’ll be stoked
let me see the darkness wrinkles I see
this you guys I know what I’m gonna do
okay so we’re gonna make a funfetti
waffle I’m gonna plug this up and spray
some oil on it and let it heat
okay so that’s completely my fault
let me go get that a real spoon okay
that’s fine we’re gonna add the spring
okay honey movie does in a bigger angle
this is smoking dear God I’m gonna pull
your bleep and then I’m gonna add the
mix to it
all right you thought all of that
spillage yeah yeah okay I’m gonna oh I
can’t even close e you I just made a mix
thank God for this little tray okay okay
I’ve gotten the plate oh wow she is
okay I’m not gonna really be in frame
but we’re gonna go ahead and start
making this cute okay so first I’m gonna
get some ice cream
okay now that I’m done with my waffle
I’m gonna take what’s in the important
and I am done
all right guys it the same to this video
if you enjoyed it make sure you give it
a thumbs up and subscribe I cannot
stress this enough a lot of you guys
that watch my videos aren’t actually
subscribed so you should definitely
subscribe and hit that little bell
beside of it unless you know what I’m
posting my next video and yeah that is
it I’m gonna go eat this waffle and step
on the smoothie and endure there it’s
Wednesday I hope you enjoy yours till I
see y’all again bye guys
I don’t know if you could deal with it
hey whip it up and make a meal with it
ain’t nobody getting real with it hey
forget I’ll break it down break it

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