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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]how you doing welcome back so I made ithome I just left one markand I thought I got all my ingredientsto me my recipe my dinner and I stillforgot my buttermilk but if you guys cansee I wanted to make him some chickenand wafflesI can’t ask for chicken waffles for thepast three days three or four days now Ijust getting around or anyone feelinglike cooking it and I still got my buddyminutes so I’ll probably do like a quickrendition my version quicker version aversion of some chicken wafflesI got Walmartchicken and waffles no I got Walmartwaffles great value chicken tenders wellbefore I begin anything I can’t cook Ican’t do anything in the kitchen withouthaving me[Music][Music]let’s have a toast let’s have a toastthe holidays Cheersso late[Music]hi out door if y’all knew if you renewBlaney get that subscribe button okayI miss lovely and I hope you love myenergy enough to want to subscribe andbe a part of my lovely League because westay in color so of course I’m takingthe lazy way out of course I’m settinglazy way out yeah I really don’t feellike making a homemade waffles so we’regonna do the quick style and we’re gonnado the rhythm a white folks[Music][Music]all right now that I got my chicken andmy fryer I might the pop mom walking inthe oven[Music]I love the air friar in the airfryerwhen is necessary andlike a very real way[Music]and firstly trying to stay away fromLake deep-frying[Music]it’s too easy problem wrapping obviouslybut most of the time we usually use thisairfryer but it’s a healthy wayand then for youbecause when it start flow any time thatyou eat frightened sentiment unknown tosomething mama always taught me and whenyou’re in pain your chicken and yourmeat sauce flow that means is basicallydone and once the lot will see it done[Music]so now I’m just basically preheating myair fryer[Music][Music]you know this chicken look we’re in thegood down sit down chicken[Music][Music][Music]who needs KFC chicken and waffles Jeremyplease KFC chicken 120 Carol’s chickenwaffles we use at miss lovelyz walmartbrand a chicken and waffles[Music]cheers cheers to the holidays[Music]the audience telling rules it’s so sogood if you guys have not tried alreadyhas additional attractive you if youa wine drinker we’ve got a beer a winedrink our wine lover connoisseur I’m nota shortcoming sword but I do love mycertain wines and they’re just certainwines that I kind of gravitate to andwhen I gravitate to them I kind of juststick to it and just stick to what Iknow and this Stella Rosa the bomb it’slike a semi sweet red wine and it’salmost got like a like uh a hint ofcarbonated carbonate it’s like maybelike five or ten percent or carbonatedas well so I like that and it’s reallycool you should try it[Music]so I got one more minute and then I’llput my steak in my airfryer[Music]the waffles are done[Music][Music]that’s good ain’t it yeah[Music]whatever[Music]that season I put on[Music]now let’s see what the state look like[Music]is it done[Music]so put on another six minutes[Music]enjoy the dayso if everybodyDork you gonna let the Lord get you onthem so you can know thank youwhat you mean it like what you minutelike says you call those dorkswhatever[Music]


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  4. Oh this looks like so much fun I love your two helpers I wish I was there so I could have some hot chocolate too hugs and kisses sweet friend and have a blessed beautiful holiday season and thank you for sharing this!!❄

  5. What beautiful young ladies there working with you!!! That hot chocolate looks so yummy. I’m coming to get me some lol. I need a cookie tooMerry Christmas honey!

  6. Oh man.. I haven’t even thought about making Christmas cookies with the kids yet. I need to get on it. Those sure are good looking cookies! I have a white Christmas tree!! Smart girl. Nothing beats real hot chocolate. It’s funny cuz I only make it during the holidays.

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