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hi guys welcome back to my channel ifyou are new here it would mean a lot tome if you would subscribe and turn onthat notification belt as I do a lot ofmommy videos a lot of clean with me is alot of quick recipes and today I have acook and clean with me I made the kiddossome Mickey waffles and I am going toclean up my kitchen afterwards becauseit was a complete disaster once I wasall done this is the weekend beforetheir winter break so I figured I wouldtreat them to a delicious breakfast soI’m gonna start off by gettingeverything ready my waffle maker theeggs the butter the pancake mix I meanthe waffle mix the cheese ofstrawberries I’m gonna get everythingout and get breakfast prepped before Istart cooking[Music]so I actually saw a mommy blogger makeher bacon in the microwave and I thoughtthat was a genius idea because I don’tknow about you guys but I do not like toclean up grease all over my stove so Ifigured I would give it a go she put itin the microwave for three minutes andthat seemed to do the trick but not sureif my baking was too thick compared tohers but mine took about six minutes sowhat I did I put it in the microwave forthree minutes and then I took it out andit wasn’t quite done so then I flippedthe pieces of bacon and I put it in themicrowave for another three minutes andthat seemed to do the trickand they were cooked all the way throughso it was an awesome mom hack there andthe awesome part about this as well isthat the paper towels absorb all thatextra grease that nobody needs so now weare off to making our waffle batter ourdelicious Mickey waffles and my sondecided to make a tick-tock out of thisbecause he loves those Mickeywaffles and he wanted to show it off toour few tick tock followers I thought itwas so cute and here he is helping mecrack an egg and we are gonna get mixingto make these wafflesso next we are going to make thesescrambled eggs I am just cracking acouple eggs I like to add salt andpepper and a dash of whole milk I feellike the whole milk it keeps it likethat fluffier texture but here I open upthe wrong side of the pepper of coursealways having to do something wrong umso I had to take out that extra pepperthat fell inside there and I’m going towhisk and we are gonna get cooking verysoon I almost forgot to wash up mystrawberries and slice those up so hereyou will see me slicing up some freshstrawberries that I just washed now thisis a Mickey waffle skillet that I boughtI believe I bought it back in Februaryof this year and it is amazing I boughtit from the Disney Store calm but Ithink they sell out of this pretty fastI believe it was like $50 I’ve seen someon eBay for about a hundred which iscrazy but I’m not sure if they stillhave it but this is an awesome wafflemaker it is so cute it makes the waffleis so crunchy and delicious and my kidsI love it[Music]and another great thing about thiswaffle maker is that it’s two-sided soyou can make the waffles on one sideflip it over and then make waffles onthe other side and if you’re a mom ofmultiple kiddos that is like a lifesaver and this is the final product ofthe waffles I like to add a little bitof powdered sugar just to give it someaesthetic and next I’m going to make theeggs I love to use is Kerry cold butterI normally buy it from Costco but Ihaven’t gone in about a week and a halfso I picked up this quick softenedbutter from Fry’s and I am going to goahead and make this some scrambled eggs[Music]I also went ahead and added someshredded cheese on top of thesescrambled eggs and here is the finalproduct some Mickey waffles andscrambled eggs and some strawberriesso now we are eating breakfast I amactually eating on the side as I’mseating the baby at the same time she isstarting to eat rice cereal but shedoesn’t seem to be a big fan of the ricecereal so not sure if she’ll slowly getused to itcompared to her milk and I also left thebacon in the microwave the kiddos arethe ones that told me hey mom where’sthe bacon so I ran to the microwave tookout the bacon and I just popped it rightnext to them and on this day my husbandwas actually at work and my teendaughter was somewhere in the house Icalled her name out she never came so Ifigured I would just leave her platethere whenever she was ready she wouldcome in eat teenagers I tell you sonormally before I start cleaning upafter I cook a meal I like to put thebaby down for a nap or I like to put herin her swing and that normally helpseight out of ten times but on thisspecific day she did not want to nap shedid not want her swings so her brotherswere watching a Christmas movie in theliving room so I just sat her right nextto Daniel which is my 11 year old sonand she was tubing with them for a goodbit while I filled up this kitchen[Music]and also if you saw last week’s videoyou will know that there is a giveawayso make sure you head over to myInstagram as I will announce the one ortwo day[Music][Applause][Music]and washing the dishes is my leastfavorite parts of Oakland exterior webuy our dream dishwasher we have oneright now but it’s broken so hopefullynext year I buy my dream dishwasher andthen I don’t have to sleep around thesink for a half an hour[Music]and now I am going to wipe down with mycabinets I’m just gonna use a little bitof warm water and soap just to give it aquick wipe a little bit of the wafflebatter spilled on the side and I fearthat I would pick up the bag and give ita good wipe[Music]next I’m going to wipe down my stainlesssteel appliancesI bought this stainless steel appliancecleaner I believe at Home Depot and itdoesn’t amazing job at wiping down allthe fingerprint that stay behind as atraitor so now that I’m all donecleaning up the kitchen I am going to goahead and give it a good Swiffer mop andif you enjoyed videos like these makesure to subscribe and turn on yournotification valve bye[Music]

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