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what’s up y’all issue here of old my I’mcoming to y’all today to show you guyshow I’m gonna do fried chicken wings inthe airfryer okay y’all so I got mychicken wing if they good and clean andwe’re gonna do some waffles okay so it’sgonna be fried chicken and waffles so Igot my chicken wings in here theyalready cook and clean and everythingelse so I’m just gonna season them to myliking first I’m just gonna add paprikay’all know prep Rica it’s just good forputting a little color on it that’spretty much it cuz I’m really nevertaste nothing southern nothing specialabout Africa and I absolutely lovegarlic powdery’all can see I got my gloves on todaybecause we’re going in this thing okay Iain’t doing no shaking up a lot of itand I’m gonna add me some Tony’s we justwas in this container that Tony isseasoning it’s in the green jar atWalmart the green container and put alittle bit of black pepper gotta have ablack pepper y’all see belong in powderonion powder on your powder and garlicpowder you can pretty much you know beheavy-handed with it if you want tobecause it don’t really you have noseasoning in it no salt in it so righthere this is seasoned salt okay so nowall I’m gonna do is mix this togetherI’m a tribe just use one hand with mymixer in case I need some more seasoningprobably don’t probably don’tI’m gonna add a little bit more pepperEco because I like it to be a little bitof cooling really really don’t matterum because I’m gonna be putting on thebattle a little bit of parsley parsleyfor decorations out of me it make itlook like you did some traveling Indiannews okay so after I get to this pointall my seasonings are mixed in I amgoing to get the flour well I want usingthat flour it’s gonna call this calledchicken seasoned fry seasoned chickenfry I got this from the grocery store isthe Louisiana crispy it’s crispy so it’sgoing to chicken batter me try that Ijust sit over there all messed up earlyI’m gonna put that on this you can giveme another bowl hereokay so I got my my chicken fryseasoning mix right here my better andI’m going to just toss my chicken wingsin there flip them around a little bitand I want to place them in my airfryerlike soit’s all the chicken wings glue them inthe half-frightened just like thatwhile I’m doing this I am going to getmy oil y’all know y’all need a littleoil if y’all’s using the air fryer steelstill need it oh I missed some spots onthat so I’m gonna put that one back inafter that chicken was kind of beat andhuhI’ll put that in there like thatokay I don’t like when I see how on thechicken so I tend to just pull all y’allokay so I ain’t doing about making themissing my friend maybe that wasn’t agood idea but we gonna keep going keepon going and then I will show y’all makeroom for that piece okay now I will showy’all what I’m gonna do next okay as Ican see I got these chicken in here andI’m gonna get this oil right here canolaoil that I got from Walmart and I’m justgonna spray lightly my chicken cuz yougot to kind of get the white part of itor the flour off I guess because thechicken will be licensed you know if youdon’t spray it it’s gonna look like youstill got flour left on your chickenafter you cook it so I’m just gonna flipthem around I couldn’t do this in aseparate plate which I still can do butI mean I’m gonna cook them in hereanyway so I’m just I’m just missing astep you know what I’m sayingdecreasing a step or whatever you wantedthat’s what you want to cause just coatthe chicken with all and then I’m gonnaput in the air fryer like thirty minutesokayafter I over he’ll turn on I just got alittle simple twist knob airfryer twistand twist it until I get it to 30minutes and then I do it at 400 degreesthat’s the max that’s the highest myairfryer go I know some air fryers gohigher than thatso why that is in there I’m going to goahead and start on this batter for thesewaffles okay yeah so it has been 20minutes since I had this chicken in hereI’m gonna open this and show y’all whatit’s looking like that’s what it’slooking like so far trying to get itinto the light y’all so y’all can seethere we gothat’s what they’re looking like so farand I’m gonna close it and put it backin there for another I don’t know howlong I’ll let y’all know probably aboutfive minutes or soand they have my waffle batter righthere I’m letting it sit for like fiveminutes and then I’m gonna put it overhere in my waffle iron that I have righthere all I do all I use y’all with somehunger jack on pancake mix the completekind will you just add water but forwhoppers you got to add a little bit ofoil and that’s it gonna put them inthere in a minute what I’m gonna do nowis free it’s what I use Aunt Jemimabuttermilk complete pancake mix I’m justgonna spray my waffle iron here y’allcan see it’s hotand I’m going to add my waffle mix[Music]just put it in the middle and let it dothe rest would later go where you needto goand we’re gonna let that cook then ourchicken almost readysecond this chicken huhshe can looking do it y’all okay y’allso we’re gonna check on this chicken seewhat it’s looking like okay that’s whatthe chicken is looking like looking goodand over here I’m gonna check on mywafflethat’s what the walk was done and looklikegot a few more minutes on that and thenwe’re gonna be all set cook the otherwaffle and damn you gonna set the platesokay so my waffle is done done smokingthat’s what it looked like when it’sdone so I’m gonna take that out sit itin my plate cause I’ve seen the otherside it’s brown just like that one putthat in my plate I set that on the sidemy other wife or the same exact way okayy’all the next waffle is done and that’swhat that waffle look like when it’sdonegonna take that one out and then we’regonna go over here and plate them upokay so now we got two waffles plate itup show y’all what a chicken look likefried chicken in an air fryer now weonly got four pieces each so I’m justcooking for me and my husband and we gotfull Wang’seach just play them up try to make themlook cute y’all let’s seewe ready to eat y’all see the friedchicken come I eat and juice in everytime and that is it you guys look atthat good tell me that don’t look goodokay let me see if I can zoom out fory’all okay that is it that is ourbreakfast I put a little tiny bit ofbutter up there and some syrup littlebit in the middle yes I’m sure we won’tsir okay all right yeah that is it thankyou guys so much for watching y’all letmean it’ll be I’ll try this and let meknow how y’all like itthanks guys so much for watching I wantholla at y’all later bye

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