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😱STRANGER THINGS SEASON 3 – Geek Out Sesh! (We make waffles because duh)

Hey Geeks! Since Netflix just released Stranger Things’ third season, we are geeking out over what we LOVE about the series!

• Which Stranger Things character are you?
• Favorite moment of the first two seasons!
• We find out Boser should not EVER make waffles. Ever.

Shout out to our Geek Guest: Ky!

We would love to hear what you thought about in the comments below! We would also love to hear from you guys on what kind of topics you would like to see! Naruto, Pokemon, Apex vs Fortnite, or even something as classic as D&D and Thundercats! We want to know!

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Until Next Time Keep Geeking Out!!!

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