Disney Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker | How to Make Fun & Easy DIY Mickey Themed Waffles!

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Video Transcription

hey everyone welcome back to awesome er
kids today I’m super excited to bring
you this Mickey Mouse waffle maker we’ll
be enjoying some Belgian waffles today
look at how adorable this is here’s
everything it comes with will need fresh
ingredients to make the best-tasting
waffles I can’t wait to play with this
let’s open it inside is the non-stick
baking plate there’s a cord wrap at the
bottom for easy storage
and the safety latches right here let’s
go plug this in so it can preheat when
the light turns on that means it’s
all right let’s make the batter here’s
everything we’re gonna need first let’s
crack two eggs
now I’ll whisk it until it’s smooth that
looks good
let’s add in two cups of all-purpose
flour I’ll give it a light mix
time to put in 1 and 3/4 cup of milk
keep whisking to all the lumps are gone
alright now let’s put in 1 tablespoon of
sugar 4 teaspoons of baking powder 1/4 a
teaspoon of salt
here’s 1/2 a cup of vegetable oil and
last but not least 1/2 a teaspoon of
vanilla extract time to mix it up oh
that’s looking great let’s compare some
you don’t want to overfill it because
it’s gonna rise the instructions say to
cook it for about three to four minutes
I’ll try three minutes first and it’s
done check it out everyone I think it
could use a little bit more color let’s
add some time and go with three minutes
in 30 seconds now looks delicious
do you prefer waffles or pancakes I
personally prefer pancakes over waffles
but they’re both delicious
let’s spice up the waffle by adding some
cocoa powder
let’s pour it in
this looks amazing I’ll make another one
this time I’m gonna add some chocolate
look at all these waffles let’s add some
toppings for the first one I’ll put some
blueberries raspberries
in strawberries and I’ll lightly dust it
with some powdered sugar and of course
we need syrup these look amazing let’s
go decorate some more these are the
chocolate waffles let’s add some more
chocolate and some powdered sugar ooh
let’s do what cream and I’ll dust it
with some cocoa powder what do you think
we have one more to make this one I’ll
chop up some cereal
I chose fruity pebbles I’ll add some
whipped cream strawberries
rainbow sprinkles
powdered sugar and maple syrup
I love how these turned out go let me
know in the comments which of the
waffles for your favorite blueberry
waffles chocolate waffles are cereal
waffles well this was a lot of fun and I
hope you guys enjoyed this video hit
that like button if you did and don’t
forget to subscribe to see more thanks

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