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Vlog #2: No Bake Cheesy Pie with Chef Chie (Part 1)

An epic-fail advencharot with your favorite qasyntahan!

Link for Part 2: https://youtu.be/8TpEjE_EjUU

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! So we’re down to our next vlog.
We all know that I don’t cook because I don’t know how to hahaha so let us discover what is the technique I used to have my tummy filled with my delicious version of cake.
Watch me turn this raw ingredients into a very special snack!
Know what makes it more special? Because it’s a Birthday Special for my one and only daddy-yoooow!
With this cheap and easy recipe I dare you step out to your kitchen, make your own version of it and let me know how it turned out by commenting belowww 🙂

Ingredients are as follows:
All-purpose flour (oh! buti pa to may purpose tapos lahat pa!)
3 eggs (hindi lang isa, tatlo na yan! Di ko na alam kung magkulang pa yan)
Salted Butter (pero matigas ulo ko kaya unsalted ginamit ko!)
Condensed Milk (kahit anong brand basta yung type mo!)
Baking powder (onti lang neto haaa! Baka masobrahan ka naman)
Cheeeeeeeese! (Ang paborito ng lahat)
Lastly, the secret ingredient: PAGMAMAHAL (LOVE)

Tara, tawa tayo!


Original of the video here

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