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Three Shirtless Guys Bake a Pumpkin Pie

2 Fellas and 1 Criminal Mastermind come together as the guys, as they attempt to bake a pie in time for Halloween (whoops).

Our cooking skills are obviously basic, so maybe you’ll have better luck making the pumpkin pie;

I hope you did/do Halloween things

Music used:
Nimbasa City – Pokemon Black/White
Jungle Japes – Donkey Kong
Haunted Fortress – Team Fortress 2
Battle Against a Mobile Opponent- Earthbound
Mad Monster Mansion – Banjo Kazooie
Misfortune Teller – Team Fortress 2
Can You Really Call This A Hotel I Didnt Receive A Mint On My Pillow – Undertale
Creepy Castle – Donkey Kong
National Park – Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver
Acceptance – The End is Nigh
The Price is Right Theme

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Video Transcription

by making a pie today but we don’t havethe ingredients so we’re gonna get someingredients from the supermarket shoutout Willy’s[Music]breed jose de aquila that’s the onlyscary thing about handling boysso it isn’t that’s a bargain feelingpretty around you huhhe isn’t and for only 390 that’s a stealright Chuck[Music][Music][Applause]shoulders with feelings you diaper brain[Music]why don’t one of you just do it one ofyou hold[Music]stop it nice and now a new boxerthrilledall right[Music]Ohat size button our native don’t do it onmy bellick lobby if you crack thatyou’re I’m cracking when making eggsdude that’s what we’re up to with a bitof pumpkin a bit of suger a bit of idiotbit of egg but down an idiot becausehe’s got egg on I’m gonna egg all of itit’s gonna be great I love but I’ll beso much fun to look at would you saythat me Knight do this skin real thingthis is the pot way – it’s reallyseriousyes cooking is my profession we haveadded the brown and white sugar and justlike society that’s plenty cinnamon whyFelix you you are a father why I thinkthat’s I think that’s which I wouldn’teven look at the size of the tray Felixoh I told you and you didn’t listen theygot more food it’s a good thing wedidn’t wear shirts so we have all ofthis river of shit on facesure you us good sense behind Felix it’sreally hotoh my god[Applause]dude that’s actually looking prettydeliciousI think the pumpkin needs to be mushedup more but Devlin points you have likea potato masher I’m getting lamentablyof you look at me you can say that buttrust me why why it’s wrong stop stopstop it let me in got the cream not thecrema cream it wants to do a funny moneyshut up the cream[Music]get a bit of cream dude a bit of creamcool how many creams I’m not sure I cantake responsibility open the bottom I’llget a pastry into the tray we defrostedall of them oh no give it a go you don’tall right check it out oh yeah are wemaking – yes there enough mix below it’sart so dude I’m not sure that’s gonnalet you shut up shut your mouth rightnow big Oh Jordan looks like he needs alittle booze stop stop you need to putit down Oh No[Music]that’s good I’m real proud of what we’vedone the abort it’s not enough is thatenough pumpkin was supposed to put inthis box what do we do now in the ovenit’s seriously yes Wow for how long foran hour and it’s pumpkin time alreadydude that’s Felix I’m proud of whatwe’ve accomplished I love you[Music]sucks I hate cooking you criminal butlike cream in this will sign also justcook that and then put cream at it offthough yeah let’s just cook the crossthat’s that’s great that’s smartall right oven shot[Music]a bit of geometry physics going on[Music]alright boys we’ll see you in an hourgood luckbut I would bleep in well maybe we willput the cream in to keep it in thefreezer for 10 minutes that’s whathappenedthe only choice Felix Felix Felix if youlook smart you’d realize that I don’tactually stains when you put fruit andstuff we’re gonna add some dates on thatwell I’m a scientist I think she said soit’s actually a math thing nobody didthat[Music][Music]I put in just regular sugar that doesjust no I think we accidentally createda dish $21oh god he’s herewe must kiss you[Music][Applause][Music]it’s hot[Music]Oh stupid monkey ears stupid monkeydegenerate[Music]get some of that fourth and five what’sthe verdict tonight we actually didn’tlady’s voice also that’s a sweatyeah put some coins in the freaking GAwhat’s your what’s your opinion man notbadno booed again it’s just the pastrythat’s really dry sometimes it’s a goodthing what can someone do that I reallywant to know what do you think of itfeelings when you eventually get thepumpkin pie oh right yeah

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