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Stoners Bake Vegan Apple Pie, Cannabis Optional | Pillow Talk TV

Its not the holidays without vegan apple pie! We simply swapped in vegan butter to make this recipe for everyone to enjoy. Swap in cannabis vegan butter for some extra fun on the dessert table. Baking is fun. Getting baked and then baking is a legendary experience. These two stoners are baking vegan apple pie. Crumb apple pie to be specific, with fresh picked apples straight from the orchard. What are you waiting for? Start your cannabis infused, vegan baking. More marijuana please.

Make any pie vegan by swapping your butter, since pie crusts are inherently vegan. Make any pie get you high with some pot butter, or just smoke then eat. That works great too! More vegan apple pie please.

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Video Transcription

Ho, ho, ho.This is Baked.And we’re really baked.And we’re making vegan crumb apple pie.We’re baking it.Just in time for the holidays.This is our holiday pie of the year.
I’m so excited.Ooooooo.So there’s like lattice pie, but then there’s
crumb apple pie!Right, and how about this crumb apple pie
infused with cannabis.Oh, wow. We swapped the butter. It’s vegan.Right.But it’s just a great pie. That’s really the point here, right. It’s just a great pie.Great pie, and an FYI for all of you.
We’re not making our own pie crust.But most store-bought pie crusts are vegan.Don’t use any butter, no milk, no eggs, nothing.Keep it simple. Store-bought pie crust.
What are the rest of the ingredients?We have apples, obviously.Sugar, flour, cinnamon, and butter.Those ingredients are for the crumb topping and
the pie filling. Its so simple and easy.Its worth noting, we went apple picking
to get our apples.That’s the truth. Right from the source.Right, but you can buy store-bought apples
and they will be just as delicious.They should be fine. I mean
it’s not quite as delicious.Well not quite, like picking them off the tree like we did.Can we start our baking now?Let’s get to baking.First…Then we… bake.You know what happens when you do that.Oh I snuck one. I snuck one.Guys, he doesn’t read the directions properly. Ah, bitches.Begin by pre-heating your oven to 350 degrees.And make sure that pie crust is room temperature.Now, the crumb topping.Ooo, that’s my favorite part!Yes, we’ll do the crumb topping first and
then we’ll set it aside.In a bowl, a small bowl, mix your flour,
cinnamon and sugar.Mix it together. Mix it together.This is where the best part happens. The butter.
Use your butter and you just cut it with a fork.Crumple it all in. You want it to get crumbly.Vegan butter or cannabis butter,
or cannabis vegan butter.That’s the part bitches.
This is where you add in the cannabis.You want it to be crumbly. Its going to be pretty obvious when its done, and you can see it here.Its amazing, its going to be crumbly
and you set that aside.Now it’s time to prepare the filling.Peel and core those apples.Yes, you want to cut them up a little bit too.
Then this part is key, its a must.Put your apples in a microwave-safe bowl and put them in the microwave for five minutes.You’re pre-cooking your apples which makes it so much better. So basically what’s gonna happen is…They’re already soft, so they won’t be cooking in the pie like that. They’ll already meld together.It really allows the apples to soak up that cinnamon and sugar, that ooey gooeyness.Cannabis if you are so inclined.While they’re cooking in the microwave you mix your sugar, flour and cinnamon in a bowl.That’s my job. I’m the mixer. It goes like this.
Stir it up. Mix it up.Once the apples are, done take them out of the microwave and drain that excess water.Cuz you don’t want back into your pie.And then you mix the apples into that
mixture in the bowl.In the cinnamon and sugar.And that’s your filling! Oh!Yes. Now, you have your crumb topping set aside. You have your your apple filling set aside.Take out that pie crust and just roll it a little bit.
You want to thin it out.Because you want to fill the whole pie pan and then you want to crimp the edges around the side.So you want it to be really, really nice.
Okay, you’ve done that.Now, put your filling in.Woo!Spread it out evenly.Spread it out evenly. Handfuls.Crump the topping. Crump it on.Spread it all around evenly. Can we bake this now?
Can we bake this?We’re gonna bake this. First!
This is a key.If you’ve ever made a pie before and you haven’t done this, then your pie crust will get burned. Over-cooked.Oh yes.You want to either use the pie protectors, we
don’t have the protectors.Tinfoil works just as well.Tinfoil around it. Your going to bake this baby
for about 45 minutes.Take off the tinfoil and then cook it
for another 10-15 minutes.You don’t want the crust to burn, so you tent it
for the majority of the time.Yeah, because basically it’s still gonna be
cooking underneath it.Right, but not getting burned.Then, I’m sorry all.
You gotta let it cool for an hour.Then you can eat that pie, with ice cream.The idea here is that if you’re gonna do it for
the major holiday festivities…It needs an hour to cool. So you better do it early.Do it early, but it’s delicious when it’s warm.
Its still delicious if its not.Ice cream. Cool whip. Chocolate syrup.
Maybe, that’s odd. Do people do that?I don’t know. People put cheese on their pie.
But this is vegan, so vegan cheese.Delicious. Nutritious. Cannabis optional.Super easy step because all of you already have your cannabis vegan butter pre-made.Right, so then you just insert it into your recipe.This was baked.Yeah bitches.Ho, ho, ho.This was our vegan crumb apple pie.And we baked it while getting baked.Follow us on our Twitter @letspillowtalk
and Instagram @pillowtalk_tvAre the donuts ready yet?They’re not ready.F*ck. Donuts please. F*ck.They’ll be ready soon.

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