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RECIPE🥧 bake with me – APPLE PIE

Hi there, this is Yue !
I thought I’d come up with something new today so I created a little cooking video of me baking an apple pie c:
I actually love cooking and baking, so I might do more of these in the future.
This recipe was based on Beth LeManach’s video (link down below), whose tutorials I’ve been watching for years.
A few notes in retrospect: I added too much cornstarch which caused the filling to be less runny and more pudding like – still edible but not ideal. I’d recommend not to leave the filling out for too long, otherwhise there will be too much excess moisture which you’re unable to use. Apart from that, everything went well and the pie was very tasty! It disappeared within two days in my household so I could only film myself cutting the last piece :’)
I hope I could inspire you to do some fall/winter baking yourself~

Thanks for joining my journey today and see you soon!

🌷 Filmed & Edited by Yue
Instagram @floralrain9
Tumblr @floralrain9

Based on this video:

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Original of the video here

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