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Quick and easy fall treat: Mini baked apple pie attempt

How to make baked apple pie, for 2 apples:
1. 2 apples
2. 1 Cup of brown sugar
3. 1 Tablespoon of cinnamon
4. 1/4 Teaspoon of all spice. (If you must)
5. 2 teaspoons of butter
6. Pillsbury pie crust
7. Bake at 350 for 30 mins
Serve with ice cream 🙂

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello everybody this is Patrick andAlyssa here can you tell us what we’remaking because I don’t have a clue oh sowe’re gonna make these little apple piethings where you use the outside of theApple and you scoop it out and then youput like the Apple crust on the top andpop it in the oven so it’s kind of across between a baked pie and a bigapple like in the middle that’s easy yesif you like me you probably stillconfused it’s a hybrid baked apple piebaked apple so obviously we’re gonna usean apple so the main ingredient you cutthe top off kind of like a lid that wasfastthat is okay we’re gonna get hurt allright so this is cut straight throughthe lid like we make a lid little toofar down we just don’t point that at meif you need help I’m the expert atcutting apples apparently I think theproblem is I’m trying to kind of even myapples not even ha ha ha mine’s not evenknow you’re supposed to have like anapple corer and it turns out the Applefor you much easier we don’t have oneright so we stabbed through the middlekind of you’re cutting the core outyou’re gonna bruise your Apple this is athousand times easier with an applecorer from the dollar store Oh alwaysthrough the Apple thousand times easierwith a apple corer she said I’mswitching to a spoon definitely a spoonfavorite scooping for my course so farin the Apple is not in the center whatdid you do no you need the X the outsideApple to take the core out oh you’regonnaI’m trying to take that core out to be alittle more delicate party you’re gonnahave an empty apple pie with no apple init just like my heart that was good niceclose enough now you should just showingoff do that right yeah you’re gonna tryto scoop out most of the apple and putit in the sea are you scuba demos my assthat’s what I’m saying that was not as aproblem yeah we’ll see whose looksbetter on damn ityeah dogs on a healthy diet apples onlyactually probably have to pick that upbecause many won’t eat apples okay Ilied I have to cut up a secondary Appleto put it to you’re an empty pot havethe videos in the scooping I’m gettingtherewhy I might lead to form inside becauseyou cracked it and multiple spots Ithink it’s when I cut straight throughthe bottom the proper tools before weattempted this do you think I feel likethat satisfactory I feel like I mightlike some spiral beyblade you’re justthe spooky all right now you take thetop that you cut off okayyou can cut out the stem middle part andthen cut the other piece like the restof the top up into little square sothese are my pieces yeah let me see yourpieces I want to eat my own hey minewill turn out greatyeah well we’ll see I guess I can cut ita few more timesi’ma finish you off hmm i’ma win thisbattle because I’m gonna have an emptyone we have to do a whole nother Applejust take like 20 minutes no we’re gonnacut it the normal way and just cut it updon’t like coffee with bed this was somuch easier to eat Apple we’ll just cutin half took two seconds this issupposed to be cute and holiday andadorable it’s not for function there youhave a closed don’t make things becauseit’s useful if I had an apple and alittle mini ice cream scoop them up insuper easy yeah enough so there’s adollar story yeah they really do yeahpretty sure pretty sure the dollar storesells stuff for more than a dollarthat’s Dollar General that’s a nine the99-cent stores read their correct storeno you’re talking about the dollar storeDollar General Store it’s actually adollar and the dollar tree look at theseed all rightwe’re have baby apples growing in thekitchen you mean an apple tree that’swhy I met just cut it into little pieceslike like these things in your bowlthanks in my casesme your paces they are but my ear isringingactually continues yeah it’s cuz I’musing the wrong part of the night ohthat must be itI’m trying to do what you were doing andI can’t believe it I don’t even likeapples I imagine this cook eating awaythe content I can because I have enoughinside Apple I didn’t come on homeit’s not going to fit your Apple they’resupposed to mince it now put cinnamonand cloves and brown sugar on the bowllet’s roll around how many whole processworld’s longest way to eat an appledoesn’t look clean that’s not here Itook it out so I need another bowl ofbrown sugar we don’t need that much wehave a bowl of brown sugar share thebowl rightsay sure you not going to eat all thatfor yourself are you how do you knowthat is one Apple what’s the point ofmaking a healthy snack okay nevermindwe’re finishing so now I need to putbrown sugar my thing allspice allspicethe deodorant yeah dirty mouth dirty nowcleaning up with allspice no that’sorbits gum whoo that’s why they call itallspicedid you inhale it put the cap on thisone if you use some of this make sureyou don’t burn it near your face keepaway from babies okay so ingredients howmuch brown sugar brown sugar which isprobably too much but I have a problem Ican smell it again from here I’m havingflashbacks is unneeded in this Apple Ifeel like Anthony makes you cough thatmuch is probably not good for youloading her ‘aa careful my accidentprobably well yours it’s gonna be likean exploding volcanoI wasn’t definitely at the bottom Iforgot the hole he’s gonna have I guessa tail of brown sugar now we eat ourslices place the restcuz that’s inside the Apple what weshould do Julie is going through allthis sugar maybe I underestimated itnext time we’ll have applesauce withbrown sugar apple bushes so wait aminute alright Happel pieces are uglyyepjust making sure they’re not supposed tobe that ugly why are they silent becausemine is so bad looks like a coconut withlike or like all those fruit basketheads you know okay ask you know that wereally have apples on Ohmake your own pie crust lazy like me[Music]that was gonna be chicken pot pie thisweek but all right well it looks like acrepe this is the part that makes it theapple pie you cut some strips and thenthen cut the strips in half because myapple is not that big and you makelattice work on the top of your Applethat looks like an apple pie here’s somepieces most like the monsters in Villeyou know mummy no like the energy drinkokaymy god we’re supposed to put a littlebutter in there in the middle yeah butwe’re supposed to have butter yeahthat’s not goodthere’s no turning back at this point Icouldn’t insert it through the middle ofmy Apple probably to the bottom becauseI’d only the holes in it this is notgonna turn out good you gotta dive it intheredulled it in there it just keeps gettingworse the more I touch this here looksdecent Lee’s McMaster butter this it’snot supposed to be thereNick we eat it raw it smell a little bitbutter and put in Russian on the topgently brush it see all right let’s dothatwhere’s the butter we technically justput butter on the top how are wesupposed to do thatthis is not multiple butter yes it is alittle are the same things in themicrowave for too longit started boiling well you’re supposedto have a brush to brush it on but Iguess you’ll have to use your fingerwhy don’t I just dump it in no no youput it on the crust so that it cooksreally please my finger butter brush wedon’t have many things where’s WilsonHey no I’m surprised you trust me to doanything project after my behaviorbecause I am overdone on paint piecesphases that keep same pace pace guessnow we’re back atthirty minutes after 30 minutes of albumpreparing a table of cooking after along time we’re back and we have finalproduct ready we’re ready to show youhow yeah you guys need a judge nope letme know in the comments who do you thinkdid a better job I get effort forcharacter yeah you’re right you don’twant okay so you want to guess whichone’s minewhy is your look so much better your legbecause mine you need a sharp knife yougive me the sharp knife let’s put thatout there what you guys thinking abouthers would you want to make somethinglike that it actually wasn’t that hardI’m sorry the real test is how does ittaste so let’s say goodbye mine’s asmall party they need fork hey do youthink your picture yours I’m gonna tryminehmm you need a fork or something how’sit tastelet’s yeahyou didn’t need a piece of Apple yet didyou yeah pretty goodso overall good snack it tastes prettygoodand if you don’t stab your Apple downthrough the bottom and then send anotherdifferent ways that’s pretty cute let usknow what you guys think in the commentssection below if you want to see morevideos like this you know let us knowlike it subscribe appreciate sport otherthan that have a good one you haveanything to say cooking lessons yeah I’man eating these videos from my ownbenefit I am

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