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Puff Pastry Pies with Meat Stuffing

I would like to bring to your attention a recipe of very light & soft puff pastry dough, which goes well with different types of stuffings: ground beef, chicken & turkey; braised cabbage or spinach; cheese & cottage cheese.
Try to bake these pies, & you will please not only yourself, but your family & friends.

Ingredients for dough:

+ All Purpose Flour- 1700 gr
+ Cold Butter – 250 gr
+ Large Eggs – 1-2
+ Fresh Water – 550-600 ml
+ Salt – 2-3 tea spoons
+ Lemon Juice ( freshly squeezed )- 2-3 tea spoons
+ Ingredients for Stuffing:
+ Ground Beef or Turkey – 700 gr
+ Onion -1-2; Butter – 50 gr- for frying
+ Boiled Eggs – optional
+ Salt, Black Pepper, Spices, Herbs – by taste


– In a large bowl add 1000 gr of Flour, then on top of it grate 250 gr of Butter & mix it with Flour very well.Hack all this stuff with a knife/cutter

– Separately beat 1 whole Egg + white of the 2nd Egg & add to the
dough. Keep 1 Yolk for greasing the Pies

– Mix Salt & Lemon Juice with cold water & add them to the dough. Mix well
– Add 500 more gr of Flour, kneading the dough

– Add 200 more gr of Flour & knead until the dough becomes
non sticky, but soft. Let it rest at room temperature for 5 min., then put in refrigerator for 30 min.

– For stuffing we need to boil 2 Eggs & cut them into small cubes.
Use Herbs & Spices to taste

– Melt Butter in a preheated skillet & add chopped Onion
– When the Onion turns gold, add Ground Beef & continue to fry & mix
Stuffing. Add some Salt, Black Pepper & any preferred seasoning

– Fry Stuffing until it is ready, then cool it down. Add the diced boiled
Egg cubes, and finely chopped Herbs into the stuffing.

– Sprinkle a little Flour on the table, then start rolling up
the dough 8 mm thick

– Cut the circles from the dough using a glass or cookie cutter.
In 5 min start stretching the dough circles & put Stuffing in there

– Put Stuffing in each pie & stick its edges.
Flatten the pies & put them on a covered by parchment paper baking sheet with sticked edges down

– Use remaining Yolk to grease the Pies. Bake them in a preheated oven
at 430 ‘ Fahrenheit for about 25-30 min.
– When Pies became golden take them out of the oven & serve.

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