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Pepper Roti Pies – Episode 899

These bake at 400 deg F for 30 mins.
Makes 10.

3 cups All purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
2 cups water to knead
8 tbsp unsalted butter
3 medium sized potatoes boiled in salted water
1 small carrot finely grated
1 cup pepper Jack cheese
1 hot pepper finely chopped
2 pimento peppers finely minced
Salt to taste
1 small onion finely chopped
1 tbsp bandania finely chopped
1 tbsp garlic finely minced
1 tbsp golden ray



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Video Transcription

today Flom need to go in with water wewant to create a film door but we don’twant to over knead the flour for thegluten to form so it’s just gonna kneadit until it comes together into a veryfirm do so don’t add too much of waterso as you’re adding you want to squeezeit your fingers and let that waterabsorber let the flour absorb that waterso now that it has enough water in thereI’m just gonna bring it together into aball next you’re gonna cover your doughand allow it to rest for about tenminutesso guys after the door has finishedresting you’re gonna take it out of yourbowl and we’re gonna place it onto afloured surface and we’re going to openout the door using your rolling pinwe’re gonna open it out to about a halfof an inch thicknessjust at your door cider let’s preparethe pot socks that goes inside of theglue so here I have one stick of butterwhich is a stable food and I’m justgoing to pull my parchment paper overand I’m going to first down you’re justgoing to take the bottle and place it inthe center of this too now you’re goingto pull this over I like this just pullall of the ends over when I close it andcreates a pouchonce you have this you’re going tolightly flour your surface and rule thisout now I’m going to fold this intothree I’m just going to transfer it tomy crotch so now let’s prepare ourfilling in this saucepan I have someculinary butter you can use butter youcan use cooler you can use oil so thatI’m going to go in with some finelychopped onions and we’re going to loadonions to sweat until it’s very tenderand I have my heat on a medium low forthis once the onions are nice and softwe’re going to go in with some finelyminced garlic some hot and pimentopeppers finely minced and you can put asmuch or as little hot peppers as youwant in this and I’m going to go withsome finely grated carrots I’m going toselect itI’m gonna add in some salt just a pinchto flavor dr. Sol is aromatic Sandersnow I’m gonna go in with some choppedabandon you or shadow Benny or feel outtrue or a cow and we’re just gonna mixthat in at this time I’m gonna take offthe store and I’m just gonna move thisover onto the counter stuff to seasonour potatoes it’s already boiled andmashed the potatoes ahead of time I justboil it in something like these saltedwater I’m going to add in thosearomatics I’ll be sorted I’m just gonnamix this in next we’re going to go inwith some pepper jack cheese I likeusing pepper jack cheese for this but ifyou wanted to use your favorite NewZealand cheddar cheese or whatevercheese you like by all means feel freeto do that and you’re going to mix thecheese into that potato now a quick tipis if you are using a cheese that’s verysalty like a New Zealand cheddar cheesego a little shy on the salt when you’reboiling the potato if you’re using acheese like I’m using that’s not verysalty you can add a little more salt butat this point once everything is mixedin you can go ahead and taste and adjustyour salt accordinglyjust set your filling aside let’s workon to do I’m gonna leave flour bothsidesmake sure you floor it so it doesn’tstick and now we’re gonna start to rulethis out but no rule it’s about aquarter of an inch thickness so there’sa presentation see I’m just trimming offthe edges that are not very straightbecause I want my prize to be nice andeven and look really pretty when I foolthem and I put them together so just bele trim off the edges so you have a nicerectangular piece of dough to work withthem okay so now I’m gonna cut this intostrips one and you’re gonna cut them tothe size that you want your pies to beand I’m gonna cut this into 1/2 soyou’re gonna take your filling and youwant your filling to be nice and cooledyou don’t want it to be too hot andyou’re gonna put some of that filling onone half of the to me I’m gonna bringthis other side over and we’re gonnapress down to sealer using a fork I’mjust going to crimp the ends this isgonna help help it to seal and preventit from opening out and it also makes itlook really prettyand as fast as I finished one I’m gonnaplace it onto a tree so guys I’ve madeout all of the prize now these are goingto go back in my refrigerator because Ineed them to be really really coolbefore pop them into the oven now if youwanted to run individually wrap theseand freeze them and make them at a laterdate of course you can soonce they finish and they’re nice andchilled we’ll pop them in and then we’llallow them to cook so I’m gonna biteinto this you guys to hear how crunchyit is Wow

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