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Old-Fashioned Coconut Cream Pie

❤️SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/divascancookfan Old-fashioned coconut cream pie! This pie yall…if you’ve been searching for a crowd-pleasing coconut cream pie that’s full of coconut flavor then this is the one! This coconut cream pie starts with a buttery baked pie crust. It’s filled with a homemade coconut flavored custard and topped with ridiculous mounds of fresh coconut-cream cheese whipped cream! Toasted coconut flakes are sprinkled on top to finish it off. Yeah, it’s pretty darn delicious! It’s a must-have for those holiday dessert tables!

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Video Transcription

hi guys today on divas can cook we aremaking this homemade coconut cream piefilling and we are gonna turn it into aBlue Ribbon worthy old-fashioned coconutcream pie this is a true southernclassic you guys you ready let’s go allright let me close this dough and we aregonna get busy this pie makes me happyokay we’re gonna channel our innersouthern grandmother we all have oneinside of us so we’re gonna add oursugar into a saucepan you can use like alarge pot which I shouldn’t use okay nowI’m gonna add in some cornstarch so youdo all thickened up you know all inthere get all in it okay now we’re gonnaadd in some salt so we’re gonna whiskthis around to get it all combined I donot have my heat on at the moment justtrying to get all these dry ingredientsmixed in next I’m gonna add in somehalf-and-half now if you look atingredients and recipes for likeold-school coconut cream pies you willfind a lot of evaporated milk that wasused you can use evaporated milk if youwant to but girl half-and-half makes itall creamy and stuff so yeah we’re usinghalf-and-half here there’s my coconutmilk going in you see canned coconutmilk and not this stuff in the carton isbecause this is gonna give you somereally good flavor and now we have somecoconut cream if you are not usingcoconut cream for your coconut creampies you missing out it really adds likea deeper level of coconutty sweetness toit and it’s so good so add that coconutcream in there now I have my heat tomedium I’m gonna start up just until youknow kind of dissolve all those sugarsand that coconut cream and now I’m gonnabring it to a steam okay I’m just gonnaget it nice and steamy it’s okay if itsimmers or bubbles up just a little bitbut I do not boil my homemade custard Idon’t do that I just kind of simmer it’svery very oh so gently and then once itgets all steamy and stuff we’re gonnatemper our egg yolks so there’s my eggyolks in that little bowl I’m gonna adda few spoonfuls of this hot steamed andmilky mixture just to kind of introduceit to these egg yolks alright just dumpthat right nipplethen we’re gonna stir it up a little bitjust like that and now at this point youcan go ahead and just slowly pour thoseegg yolks into the pot very slowly verygently and make sure you keep that spoonokay because at this point once you addthose egg yolks honey it just got realokay it just got real real because rightnow you are married to this pot andyou’re gonna stir and stir and stir theentire time until it begins to thickenup keep that heat on a barely-theresimmer should be steaming and seemingvery very gently if at all okay you’regonna get to the point where you likeyou know what I should just went to thestore and got a box of coconut creampudding why am i trying to make homemadecoconut cream why why why why and thatis when it’s gonna thicken up on yourcase gonna hear your cries and it’sgonna thicken up on you and eventuallyyou keep on stirring it up you wouldhave a nice and thick and creamyhomemade custard like this and it’s soworth it it doesn’t take you that longit’s just a whole bunch of doggone stirand it’s just like oh god it’s annoyingbut yeah it’s so worth it look at thatwhat it’s like creamy four days creamycreamy creamy creamy okay that looksgood once you get it nice and thick Ihave to really cook it down I cook mineall the way down because I like for mycream pies to be firm I don’t want tocut it and have it spread out all on theplate mm-hmm I like it for it to be firmso I go ahead and cook it down untilit’s very very thick and then I add somebutter go ahead and stir that butter inthere and that butter it’s gonna make itnice and rich so don’t skip that stepokay it needs to have that butter isworth earnsokay that is nice and thick and lusciousand it’s gonna thicken up even more oncewe get it in the fridge so now we’regonna add some extracts for doingvanilla and um coconut because I meancome on come on you have to do it iscoconut extract add that coconut extractin there and then we’re gonna add insome vanilla extract it’s the rightthing to do my soul feels good addingthose two things in there is just theright thing to do okay so stir it all upnext comes our coconut flakes make sureyou use the nice soft and moist coconutflakes you can use sweetened orunsweetened ever it’s gonna lift yourskirts fine and as you can see I kind ofpulsate at my coconut flakes even morebecause I don’t like long strips ofcoconut in my coconut cream pie so I putthem things in a food processor and thenthey’re like little tiny bits I likethis texture right here yes go ahead andstir those into your pudding and girlyou are done stopsturn it up somewhat just done Moniqueokay so here is our par baked pie crustyou guys know I do not like a par bakedpie crust normally I do not like it istoo crispy is too crunchy I just don’tlike it but for this recipe mm-hmm onceyou taste that crispy biscuity crispycrustwith this creamy pie is just a way to goedge the textures it’s just work so yeahdefinitely do a par baked pie crust okayI have a recipe for this pie crust on myblog it’s my favorite one I use it forall my pies it tastes like biscuits andit’s so good so use this recipe nowwe’re going to go ahead and cover up ourpie with some plaster right make surethat plastic wrap is touching thesurface of your pie that way you won’tget that little skin on top that’s somehomemade custard some pies can getalright that looks good go ahead and popit into the fridge for at least 4 hoursI always do overnight always the flavorsjust get so strong but four hours willdo if you don’t have enough time okay soit’s done it’s the next day let’s removethis plastic wrap and it is firm honey’sthick like a southern girl look at thatyep it’s done okay on to our creamtopping I have some heavy cream goinginto a bowl I’m gonna add in somepowdered sugar to sweep it all up alittle bit and now I’m just going to mixthis up until it’s nice and fluffy goodgirlyou’re gonna be in for want to getcomfortable yeah it doesn’t take thatlong but yeah you’re gonna be mixing itup for a little bit but eventually youwill get these beautiful nice stiffpeaks like that mm-hmmyep that’s what you want set that asidego to this bowl this is our cream cheeseBowl I have a little berry cream cheesein there I’m gonna add some coconutcream this step is optional this littlecream cheese Bowl right here but why notadd a bit of tanga cream cheese coconutflavor to the topping it’s just yeahit’s good okay there’s some vanillaextract and of course some coconutextract we’re just gonna add a littleVava voom to our topping you know justto kind of kick it up a little bit itdoesn’t have a strong cream cheeseflavor just you know just a littlesomething okay you can go ahead and mixthat cream cheese into that whippedcream topping just like that and thenyou can throw it in the fridge and getit really really nice and firm and stuffmm-hmm I like the attention look at thatso theyI like it nice and big that’s perfectnow go ahead and just place this on yourpie you can use a pretty littledecorative design or you can just keepit like I did just dump it on there justkind of just kind of spread it out likethat so once you get all that toppingsready I’ll add some toasted coconutI have directions on toasting coconut onmy blog post that links in the infoboxand now we’re done a beautifulold-fashioned tasting coconut cream piethat topping is just so light as a cloudand that filling is thick and creamythat crispy buttery taste and pie crustyeah it’s like the bomb.com I hope youguys enjoyed this video don’t forget tosubscribe and check out my other videoslater[Music]

21 Replies to “Old-Fashioned Coconut Cream Pie

  1. The smiley is at 1:561:57 upper left corner on the white cabinet. YAYYYY FINALLY FOUND IT FIRST!! And girl this was hard to watch, I’m on a diet!

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  6. My husband has been asking me for the past 2 weeks to make him a coconut cream pie. I love all your recipes so I will definitely but filling his request now.

  7. I love coconut cream pie. Thanks for sharing your video. By the way I have tried so many of your recipes and people love the foods I’ve made.

  8. “Thick like a southern girrrrllll!”…you are so funny, I love it! Great recipe coconut cream pie is one of my faves, so thanks for sharing!

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