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No Bake S’mores Pie

Rich chocolate ganache and fluffy marshmallow cream all on a graham cracker crust. The best part? No baking required! If you’re on dessert duty for any dinner parties this holiday season this S’mores pie will be a hit for sure.

-graham crackers 2 cups (optional to mix in crushed pretzels or cereal)
-butter 4 tbsp
Chococlate ganache
-semi-sweet chocolate chips 1.5 cups
-butter 3 tbsp
-heavy cream 3/4 cup
Marshmallow fluff
-marshmallows 10oz
-milk 3/4 cup
-heavy cream 1 pint (for whipped cream)

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Video Transcription

welcome to Abby’s kitchen today we’regoing to make a super simple anddelicious no bake s’mores pie so our pieis gonna have two layers for the crustwe’re going to use graham crackersbutter and my little trick is I like toadd a little bit of cereal sometimesthat you salted pretzels I think thatadds a little bit more texture and thatto the flavor of the crust I think alittle bit of cereal also makes yourcrust just a little bit healthierafter the crust we’re going to add arich dark chocolate ganache so for theTropicana SHhhh we have a cup and a halfof semi-sweet chocolate chips threetablespoons of butter and a 3/4 cup ofheavy cream so that’s all going to getwarmed up into a chocolate ganache ontop of the chocolate ganache we’re goingto add our marshmallow fluff and so hereI have 10 ounces of marshmallow I loveusing these big ones because they’reliterally about an ounce each so youjust have to count out ten but thesmaller ones the miniature ones aregoing to be eat a little bit easier tomelt we’re going to melt that in withour milk separately make a whipped creammix that together and later our pie andmy favorite part about this of course isthat it’s no big so even if you’re inthe heat of summer you don’t want toturn on your oven you have a dessertready to go to take to your dinner partyor to serve your guests so first we’regonna make our dark chocolate ganacheyou knew that we’re simply gonna add ourthree tablespoons of butter into alittle saucepan we’re one-and-a-halfcups of chocolate chips and our 3/4 cupof heavy cream we’re going to let thatmelt together on low heat on this sidewe’re going to make our marshmallowfluff so here we have 3/4 cup of milk Ilike to use a instead of a saucepan Ilike to use a saute pan because I thinkit does a little bit faster and then our10 ounces of marshmallows which I’m justgoing to tear up a bit so that it meltsfasterif you’re using miniature marshmallowsthen you don’t have this problemwhere our ganache and fluff are warmingup on the stove we are going to make ourcrust so to make a prosperous I’m goingto put this in the microwave because wewant melted but butter or not coldbutter so that’s going to go in for aminute I’m going to make our crusty oldfashioned way which is just what theclean ziplock bag and our crumbling ourcrackers then using a rolling pin toroll over it you can also do this fasterin a food processor or in a blenderessentially we just want our grahamcrackers to become crumbs so cymaticswith this same with our cereal crumbsand then just unleash your inner angernow we have a bag of graham cracker andsyrup crumbs that’s ready to meet ourmelted butter and you made into a crustlet’s give our chocolate chips a stiryou can see that a lot of the chips havealready melted and it’s incorporatingwell with our butter and heavy cream sothat still needs a couple of minutes tofully incorporate same with ourmarshmallow wanna give that a stir youcan see that some of the marshmallows onthe bottom already starting to melt wewant all of the marshmallow to melt withand our butterand mix that together it’s okay if yourgraham cracker crust is a little bitchunky the walls are not fine becausewe’re gonna press it right in I did nothave sugar to across because I don’tlike my donors to be super sweet but youcan definitely add quarter cups sir cupof sugar in the crust to your likinganother nice thing to add to yourcrosses a dash of cinnamon does it’lladd a lot of steps to the flavor of thelist so the recipe I’m using today isenough to make two 8-inch pie tins soI’m not really using a little bit biggerI’m using a 10 inch cake pie today or acake tin today so instead I’m going tomake a one big pie and I’m also going tomake a couple little ramekins so theseare for when you don’t want to share nowwe’re going to take something that has aflat bottom like the bottom of a glassand we’re going to press the crustif you don’t mind turning on the ovenyou can also bake these for five minutesit will give it a nice toasty flavor butit’s totally fine if you don’t bake itthe graham crackers will still tastedelicious you just want to pack thattightly now let’s check on our ganacheand our marshmallow filling so ourganache is basically done the chocolateshave melted in we can turn off the stovenow the remaining chocolates willcontinue to melt while the ganache coolsand as you stir now on to ourmarshmallow fluff this is also builtbeautifully incorporated with our milkand now we have this melty gooeymarshmallow fluff that we canincorporate with some whipped cream forour pie so let’s also turn off the stoveand that’s a cool we’re also going tospike up our dark chocolate ganache alittle bit I’m gonna add in a splash ofBailey’s you can also add in Kalugaamaretto even or just some straight-upburn now we’re gonna make a simplewhipped cream so I just have heavy cream2 cups I’m gonna pour it onto myKitchenAid I’m gonna blend it on high tomake sure that your what prim comes howsuccessful make sure your bow is cleanyour whisk is clean and that yourwhipped cream is cold it’s also ideal tochill the bow if you have therefrigerator space[Music]after about three minutes you’re goingto see soft peaks form we’re gonna letit go for another minute now you can seeour whipped cream has is holding its ownshape so it’s ready to be incorporate itwith our marshmallow fluff so now ourmarshmallow fluff has cold you can alsosee it’s deflated quite a bit you wannamake sure this is completely cold beforeyou add in the whipped cream otherwiseyour welcome is going to be deflatedbecause of the heat so I have my twocups of whipped cream here I’m going tofold it in first about a third I’m justgonna fold like this careful not todeflate our whipped creamso I’m always sort of scooping to theoutside and then floating inwards likethisnow I’m going to add in the rest of thelookthe marshmallow fluff on his phone is alittle bit sticky it’s probably a littlebit too sweet but blending it in with alight and fluffiness of the whippedcream will give you the perfect pievillainnow our marshmallow fluff whipped creamfilling is made we’re ready to assembleour pie so on top of our crust we’regoing to layer on some of our darkchocolate ganache laced with Bailey’s soit might look super liquidy right nowbut this pie is meant to be servedchilled and once it shows in the fridgethis chocolate liquid will become moreof a ganache pudding texture we’re justgoing to smooth out our chocolateganache so that covers our entire now wecan layer it in our marshmallowsso to garnish our pies I’m going tosprinkle some reserved graham crackercrust I’m also going to shave somechocolate on top just take a peeler andthe normal chocolate bar you’ll getthese adorable shavings so here is ourfinished s’mores pie make sure to coverthis and refrigerate for at least 4hours before serving I like torefrigerate my overnight you can alsokeep it in the fridge for a couple ofdays but it doesn’t usually last so Ihope you enjoyed this give it a try athome and thanks for watching happycooking

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