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I remember when mama made a Lemon Icebox Pie. We all loved them so much. It only takes 5 minutes and then it has to chill. Make this pie today for your family and friends. So easy and so good!

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to life withSheila today we’re gonna make an iceboxpie this is a recipe that my mama taughtme how to make when I was young and Ilove this recipe because it’s quick it’seasy and it’s so tasty you’re gonna needtwo blocks of room-temperature creamcheese a graham cracker crust a lemonyou’re gonna use the juice and the zesta can of sweetened condensed milk a cupof cool whip and I’m gonna mix mine inthis mixing bowl with the spatula andthen I mean with the whisk and then I’mgonna use the spatula to pour it in andif you want to use your Kitchen Aid goahead and pull it out I didn’t want topull it out for this quick fast recipe[Music][Music]to explain how you make me feel inside[Music][Applause][Music][Music]hey the things I’ll plant the things Iwould say now I so cliche I’m trying todo[Music]you don’t know how I were insidedoesn’t show what my nerves are insideout is because you’re not worth lessthan perfection[Music]can take my breath away[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music]just closed way[Music][Music]you this recipe really does bring back alot of memories from when I was youngerand I’m glad that I still want to makeit for my family it is something that isquick and easy once it’s mixed up allyou really have to do is put it in theicebox and let it set for at least twoto three hours on this day I made it inthe morning before work and of course wehad it for dessert that night like Isaid it’s something that’s so quick andit’s so tasty and it’s versatile you cankind of change the things and pull thelemon out and add lime instead or Idon’t know it’s it’s definitely worth ashotoh my child I know[Music]goit’s not your fault don’t desert all thebed in the hair[Music]I know you tried so hard[Music]I know you’ve done your part it’s notfair[Music]you did your time how much longer willyou sufferdon’t give up just hold on it’ll bealright[Music]you’ve tried to be a good man inside dideverything that you thought you shoulddid it seemed to do you any good[Music]no it’s not that digit[Music]much longeryes

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