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No Bake Key Lime Pie

Easy No Bake Key Lime Pie

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Video Transcription

hi guys good morning and welcome to mychannel Ella dishes it out today we’regoing to be making some delicious KeyLime Pieso our ingredients are happy whippingcream 2/3 cup of heavy whipping creamokay we got to use Philadelphia well Isay Philadelphia any brand of creamcheese that you want ok got my lineshere but I’m gonna be you instead ofusing these lines of usually these linesfor garnish I’m gonna use 1/2 a cup oflime juice got my lime juice herealready measure it out also calls forone 14 ounce can of sweetened condensedmilk so those are the ingredients andI’ve got my two pipe prepared pie crustshells so I’m gonna have to make a piecrust okay so I’m gonna open these piecrust shells and get them ready beforewhen the mixture is done don’t be readyto be pour it in makes you drop a loteasier when things are already preparedokay so I’m gonna sit this to the sidefor nowdo the same thing with the other one andthese tops you can use these Tufts toput on top after you finish it so it’sreally handy and dandy okayso this is a no bake pie a no bake keylime pie I used to live in Florida inWest Palm Beach area and there’s arestaurant called the old Key Lime houseand oh my gosh they have the best keylime piesdo you ever down in the west palm areayou sure to check it out send a littletown called I think it’s Lantanait’s been years since I’ve been there soI okay so we’re getting ready to getstarted so what we’re gonna do is we’vegot our ball here we’re gonna pour theheavy whipping cream in there cuz we’regonna have to whip this so we’re gonnabeat the whipping we’re gonna beat thewhipped cream on low until it’s smoothfor about one minute[Music]so I’m talking aboutthe beaten successwe’re done with that we go set thewhipping cream to the side the whippingcream to the side we’re gonna whip thecream cheese okay it’s gonna be a littleharder we gotta beat this whipped creamcheese the cream cheese low-speedtill smooth about a minute[Music][Music]spinner from[Music]okay but all I could get off of thereokay so put that to the sideokay now I’m supposed to pour in mycream my condensed milk so let me get myokay I’m gonna continue the beat whileboarding in[Music][Music][Music]because I want to make sure I get all ofthis out of this can I leave nothing inthe can all that just just a nicechicken in that can oh no Meahnot going in the trash can going righthere in my pot oh okay[Music]I knowI feel myself[Music]okay that’s done that means asideokay yeah next thing we’re gonna dowho’s gonna add the lime juice okay soand it’s condensed milk okay now I’mgonna add I’m gonna add my heavywhipping cream I’m gonna add my limejuice okay to this mixture beat againdon’t beat again my fingers are cleanguys just wash my hands okay[Music]next I’m gonna add my lime juice slowlyokayokay all right it’s ready for our pannice so I’m gonna get the pans over hereget them it’s ready for my first show Igot some wine slice here to garnish sowe’re gonna refrigerate these overnightand then we’re gonna come back tomorrowI’m gonna show you the delicious resultslike probably my third favorite dessertmy number one favorite dessert is bananapudding no maybe strawberry shortcakeyeah strawberry shortcake comes innumber one bin banana pudding is numbertwo and key lime pies number three butit has to be made good so we shall seewhat happens with this piethis is my first time making trying tomake the key lime pie I’m scratch sohopefully it comes out greatthat was a little bigger some reason alittle bigger that’s okayokay I’m not gonna decorate these untiltomorrow when I take them outrefrigerator that’s when I’ll decorateit[Music]okaymmm just tasted what was on my finger itis so goodangrily can get it finger-lickinggoodness I was gonna move that to theother side but I wanted that swirlmiddle all right that is so good okayI’ll put these tops on refrigerate themovernight and we’ll come back tomorrowand finish the garnishing and decoratingit and tasting it of course okay guyssee you later see you in 24 hours okayguys welcome back to Le dishes it outwe’re going to finish up these pies okayso I’ve got my Cool Whip whipped toppingit’s not cool whip but it’s it’s awhipped topping so I’m just going to goaround the outside of the pie outerlining of the pot that’s simple it’s thespot right there go that in okay nextpie do the same thinggo around it outsidewith the icingyes what you missedokay next all you do is garnish it withthe line so just take a line stick itthere there my phone’s ringing I’m gonnaignore itthere and theresame thing with the other pie take yourline there there there and thereokay can you put one in the middle ifyou want stick one in the middlestand it upgoing in the middle stand it up andthere you go maybe they went out youexcitedthere you go home a key lime pie thankyou guys for tuning into my channel Iwill dish you sit out this is quick andeasy no baked key lime pie find this andother recipes on my channel Ella dishesit out have a great day and Bon Appetit

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