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MILLIONAIRE PIE EASY NO BAKE RECIPE. If you are looking for a no bake dessert full of delicious flavors, here it is. Millionaire Pie is such a vintage dessert pie. Add this to your collection of easy no bake recipes.

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Video Transcription

hi guys I am so ready to bring thisdessert for you today it is a no bake nofrills very creamy very dreamy deliciouscool refreshing dessert did I get it allin thereyou were so gonna want to make this itis called a millionaire piealright there’s so many versions outthere but I go up with this version herethis is a very vintage recipe so I amsure it has made its mark in so manydifferent ways but stay tuned you guysI’m gonna show you how I grew up with amillionaire pie now let me go over allthe ingredients you’re gonna need 1 piecrust but this is a graham crackerflavored crust here now this is aprepared one that I picked up from thestore or you can make your own crustyou’re gonna need one container of CoolWhip it’s about 8 ounces one jar of somemaraschino cherries and the juice somejuice now I’ve got 14 ounces ofsweetened condensed milk we’ve got somepineapple here these are the small cansnow I’m using crushed and I’m going tobe using some tidbits and these are 8ounces each you’re gonna be needing somepecans you know these are just choppedpecans probably about a cup we’re gonnaneed some cream cheese this is an 8ounce block and 2 lemonsokay guys it’s not about putting all ofthis into a bowl mixing it all up andput it into the pie crust okay there’s aformula here and if you stick to ityou’re gonna have a delicious pieafterwards that’s gonna hold up toeverything okay so let’s go ahead andget started with that okay so we want togo ahead now and start draining ourfruit starting with the pineapple so Ihave the two cans of pineapple that I’mgonna open and then I’m just gonna putthem into a strainer here and then kindof squeeze all the juice out of it allright those are the tidbits cuz I wantbig chunks in my pieright and then I have the crushedpineapple that I’m going to put in andthen all I’m gonna do is just kind ofsqueeze all the juice out you know anddon’t worry that juice will go to gooduse because I’m going to drink itbecause you know pineapple juice isreally good for you now I’ve got anotherbowl here and what I’m gonna do is justdrain my cherries that I want to use soI’ve got these right herewe want to make sure that those cherriesare very well strange so what I’m gonnado lock off as much as I can and thenI’m just gonna lay them out on a papertowel or a few paper towels cherry juiceis really good to drink too so I’m justgonna Pat these try really good and thenI’m gonna chop these up I would havethese ready that way when I do the othermixture these will all be ready to go in[Music]okay these cherries they smell sodelicious right now all rightso make sure you chop them up reallygood okay so we’re gonna take our creamcheese here that’s been really softenedroom temperature and I’m going to put itinto a large mixing bowl that and thenwe’re gonna take our 14 ounce size ofsweetened condensed milk and add that inthereif you’re adding sweetened condensedmilk to something you know it’s gonna begood oh yeah okay I got some lemons justgonna cut them in half I want to be ableto measure out like three tablespoonswhat I’m gonna do is put my lemons in[Music]let’s leave it out[Music]let’s go ahead and measure that out wewent three one two and three blend thisall together until we get a nice mix onthis okay so I’m gonna give my electrichand mixer out and blend this alltogether until it is nice and smooth[Music]we’re going to do now is add half my tubof Cool Whip here the other half isgoing to use for the top of the pie soit’ll serve a purpose[Music]that looks amazing all right you takethe beaters off because you know we haveto set the pi up and once we step thisonce we start setting the pi up we’regonna need something to eat okay nowwhat we’re gonna do is start adding ourpecans which is about one cup you knowthis is your pie so whatever you likewhatever you don’t like you’re gonna seeone thing not go in my pie that you mayremember putting in a millionaire pie sowe can now and add our cherries that Ichopped up and I had dried you know I’vegot my pineapple going in[Music]okay let’s kind of fold this alltogether[Applause]very likely we don’t want those cherriesto bleed too much into the pie becausewe don’t want a pink pie oh my gosh thisis looking so good do you know yet youcan eat this just the way it is but I’mnot gonna do that to you this today sowhile look how delicious that looksright there hmmyou’ll see let’s go ahead and put thisin the pie shell[Music]mmm-hmm look at that when that sets upits gonna be beautiful yepI said setup because it is gonna take alittle bit of time this part was so easythe hard part it’s probably gonna haveto be waiting for this to set up whatI’m gonna do now is just put the coveron it so it’s nice and protected when itgoes into the refrigerator and it’sgonna sit in there for at least fourhours or overnight and what’s reallygreat about this is that if you have anevent that you want to make this for youcan make it the night before and thatway it’s all solid and everything thenext day or you can make it the day ofand just let it set in your refrigeratorfor a couple of hours there we go y’allI’ll be back when I pull this out of therefrigerator and then we’re gonna dosomething else with it and eat itpie is always ready to come out of therefrigerator now what I’m gonna do istake some of that cold whip I’m going toput it into a piping bag with a big startip on the end of it and we’re gonnapipe this on to our pie and then I’mgonna put cherries on top of that tofinish it off we gotta make it lookpretty[Applause]let’s start from the top and my famoustrick of all to squeeze down to thebottom until you start seeing it comeout of the tip right there oh mygoodness that’s looking really good allright what I’m gonna do now is take mycool whipmake little florets all the way around[Music]it’s so creamy dreamycool and refreshing mmmthe crunch of the nuts in there thatpineapple that cherry just adds thatlittle zing to it oh my gosh this is sogoodI’m glad to put it on a graham crackercrust okay guys what’s in yourmillionaire pie let me know down belowin the comments give me a thumbs up ifyou’re new to my channel make sure youhit the subscribe button down below andthat Bell notification of that wayyou’ll always know when shows like thisone here are posted IO I will see you onthe next episode

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