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LEMON MERGUINE PIE – how to prepare it and bake it

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Hello YouTube Friends,
This recipe now has something to do with sweets and sugar. it is a dessert recipe called ‘Lemon Merguine Pie’… My video will show you step by step how to prepare it and bake it. I hope you will enjoy my cooking and baking show : )

The following are the ingredients to this recipe:
Pie Crust:
1-1/2 cups flour
1/2- teaspoon salt
4- tablespoons sugar
1/3- cup canola/veg-oil
4-5 tablespoons ice water (more if needed)

Pie Filling:
1- cup sugar
5-6 tablespoons cornstarch
2- cups water
1/2- cup lemon juice (include zest of 1-lemon)
2-3 tablespoons butter (margarine)
3- eggs, separated (yolks for filling, whites for merguine)

For Merguine:
3- egg whites
1/4-teaspoon white vinegar
1/4-cup sugar

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Video Transcription

hello everybody cooking in the kitchenwith Silvia again today I’m going tomake a lemon meringue pie so I’m goingto show you really quick how to do asimple pie crust for your pipe or thisrecipe you just need a couple things ofcourse flour for the crust so you’regoing to need about a cup of flour thisis one and you need about a half this isto make about the 9 inch 10 inch pie sothe piety of container that I have it’sabout a looks more like a 10 inch butthis is enough to make a crust for thatpie you can use this for any pie recipethat you need okay so we’ve got one anda half cups of flour we’re going to addabout half a teaspoon of salt and thenwe’re going to add about two we’re gonnaadd about actually four tablespoons ofsugar for this because we want the piecrust to be sweet so we’ve got onethat gives you a nice sweet press sothese are our dry ingredients for thisand we are going we’re not going to usebutter so we are going to use oil youcould use canola oil or vegetable oil somixtures I’m vegan sweetie like thislike this we’re gonna add about a thirdof a cup of oil and this is vegetableoil this one I’m using is come on boyput that in there this is gonna give youa nice flaky pie crust my card orderspie crust recipes and sometimes youdon’t come out too flaky but I foundthat this one rocks yeahokay so I’ll do it the oil mix in therewith the flour sugar in the salt youjust wanted to kind of look like littleplease here’s where we’re going to addsome water to help us find it you need acup of ice water okay and you’re gonnastart with a couple of tablespoons sowe’re starting with about fourtablespoons so you’re going to drop inoneand for putting it together like thisthe whole idea here is to help bind thedough together you need a whole lot ofwater but you do need some to help youput it together and you don’t want tomake it too wet that’s why we start withfour sometimes I have to add a littlemore depends on how dry the weather isbut this is a good temperature now okayso you can see how it’s holding itsshape and that’s what we want so alittle bit of flour for my hands I justwant you to see how the consistency isso now you’re going to put this doughtogether this is a very forgiving piecrust in other words I know I’m handlingit quite a lot some recipes tell you alldon’t overdo it but all you want to doin this case is just kind of bring ittogether see it’s not sticky that oilactually helps bind it and the water soall you want to do is put it togetherinto a nice little round like this looklike a big and we’re gonna put this inthe refrigerator for about half an hourokay wrap it in a piece of foil I’m notfor oh but some saran wrap or just aplastic baggie and put this in therefrigerator for about half an hour andthen I’ll showoh you can roll it up okay I’ll see youin half an hourokay it’s been about 30 minutes and nowwe’re going to roll it out so that wecan put it on our pie plate you can alluse the same plastic bag you ER orwrapping that you have when you put itin the refrigerator because you can do acouple things you can do it on thecounter directly on a washcloth or justyeah because once I take it here I canscoop it over and put it on the stickpiping so now we want to roll it out soit’s just sprinkle a little flour lookat our dough here and we’re just goingto roll it out to about the size of thepie plate and that’s gonna be I’d say alittle less than 1/4 inch thick soeither reason why I like to do the paperbag and stuff because once I get donewith that I could just throw that awaydon’t need it anymore so make it easierto take it out and move it around like Isaid this makes like a 9 inch 10 inchcrust for one pipe if you’re going tomake like an apple pie you just doublethe recipe and you have the top in thebottom for your shellsjust open it out doesn’t have to beperfect but you do want to make it largeenough to get on the sides of that plateso size is sort of like that I wentahead and preheated my oven for 350because we’re gonna bake this for about20 minutes or so 15 20 minutes just tobrown and across the little bit beforewe put the filler so that’s about largeenough so here we go we’re gonna fold itover bring your pie plateeasy as piethere we go now one thing about piecrust you don’t want to push it in whenit’s inside the container but you wantto do is you just want to lift it if youneed to reposition it a little bit likein my case I’m going to move it a littlebit don’t press it and I squish it outbecause that will harden your crust andit will not be as crispy as you’d likeit to be so right now it’s in a goodspot I just want to take it over alittle bit so that I have something towork with here and then any of thisrough edges you just want to fold himover like that talk of insight just givethem a little tuck I’m not to be lookreal perfect because one thing niceabout making homemade pies they lookhomey so you just tuck it in a littletowards the edge give it a nice littleJean there and then we’re gonna shapethe edge so it looks a little nicer okayso everything’s here and then we canmake our little friend you make itlarger or smaller depends on how youwant it usually I just push the twothumbs two fingers would make them andthen go around the edge oh my god yourfinger just to make sure it doesn’t comeover and then just push it together likethat like I said it doesn’t have to beperfect this is a homemade time we likeit to look homemade there we go nowbefore I put it in the oven I will I dowant to pierce it a little bit with aforkand the reason for that is if you don’tdo that the the heat of the oven willbring your Center up and then you’regonna have a big bulge making little airvents like this will help minimize thatsome people like to put a stack of youknow being dried beans and push it downyou can do that too but I don’t findthat that’s always necessary becausenaturally it’ll still move and inflate alittle bit but if you just give it a fewlittle holes here in there it’llminimize some of that bulge okay so Ilike to do that on the edges too just toget itthese will pretty much seal as they cookanyway so you don’t have to worry aboutleaking or anything like that so tinylittle holes this is all ready for theoven I’m gonna put it in the oven forabout 15-20 minutes till it gets alittle golden and the crust starts tocook okay back to it in about 20 minutesokay now it’s time to make our lemonmeringue filling one thing nice aboutthis meringue filling is you don’t needto have a pot over the stove makes theegg yolks and all that other stuff thisis really simple where you just have toheat it up in the microwave for a coupleminutesbeat it a couple times and I’ll show youthe steps so here’s what we’re gonnaneed for that we’re gonna use one cup ofsugar okay this is for the meringue andwe’re going to use five tablespoons ofcornstarch now just add that to thesugar because we want to make sure thatit mixes before we add anything else sowe’ve got one two threeor yeah just a little bit more that’sfive and then that makes right thereason why I do that too sometimes youwant if you want your mine to hold we’vegot two cups of water we’ve got half acup of lemon juice and the Rhine of thelemon and a couple of tablespoons ofbutter we also have three eggs that Iseparated these are the egg yolks theseare the egg whites this is for thetopping of the pie so I’m going to takecare of that a little bit later but wewill be incorporating this into thismixture okay so those are pretty muchthe simple ingredients we need for thisstep okay now once we add the he’sfalling apart once we add once we addthe cornstarch and sugar we are going towhisk in the water okay so we’re gonnaslowly add the two cups of water andjust mix that aroundand that it dissolves the sugarendocrine cell usually when you do thison the stovetop you have to keepstirring and stirring and stirring justto be sure you don’t burn the sugar andthe point so in this case all this andwe’re gonna pop this in the microwavefor about two minutes okay so make sureit’s a microwavable bowl now for our 808whites we’re going to be using the threeegg whites make sure that your containerwhere you’re gonna whip them is nice andclean if you drizzle the lemon juice andwipe it that’ll get rid of any oils thatmight still be lingering we’re going toonly need about a quarter cup of sugarand we’re going to instead of having inorder to help make the egg whites getstiff we’re going to add a quarterteaspoon of vinegar of white vinegarokay and we’re gonna get to that in justa minute now for the egg Phil I meanthem where I’m feeling all I wanna do isbeat your eggs we’re gonna incorporatethese and then microwave them again inthe microwave and you just have to dothatlet the mowing to start the water andthe corn stalks to start heating up okaynow we’re gonna put it back in themicrowave for another minute okay ourpie crust should be ready so I’m goingto take that outyou can see that the edges are nice andbrown we’re gonna be filling that injust a little bit just leave that thereand then I’ll show you how to finish ourmeringue okay now you can see that thecorn starch has gotten much thicker withthe water and the sugar and this is whatwe’re looking for we want a nice thickalmost like a paste and get the gluepuffy so we’re going to mix that gentlynow we’re going to add the lemon juiceokay so just pour that in this is half acup of lemon juice stand in[Applause]remember this is hot so doctor don’ttouch it[Applause]we’re also going to add our lemon zestthat’s the zest of one lemon lemon juicewas about two lemons makes about half acup just squeeze out the juice and zestwe sped around okay now we’re going topop this in the microwave again for twominutesokay okay so now we’ve got that in therefor two minutes okay now we can startwhipping the egg whites we’ve got thethree egg whites here these are alreadybeen chilled I had them in therefrigerator for a little while and wedon’t need to add the sugar just yetnot even the vinegar we want to whipthis up just a little bit so get a softsoftokay so there we go we have our softpeaks and we’re going to set that asidefor now the reason why we add thevinegar is begin if you don’t have creamof tartar the white vinegar is asubstitute so that will help foam upyour egg whites nicely so now thefilling is almost ready I had them inhere for two minutesthis was when I added the lemon we’regonna let this cool down just a littlebit we’re gonna start adding upegg yolks stir it around a bit helpscool it down we know about to temper theeggs so that they don’t turn intoscrambled eggs you just want to makesome of this with your egg yolks beforeyou pour it into the container[Applause][Music]now we’re going to whisk those in withthe rest of the lemon this is how youwant your meringue to it so it’s it’sthick its creamy the egg yolks are inthere get those incorporated nicely andyou’re almost I’m going to add thebutter no this is about two tablespoonsstill hotthis is going to make it nice and creamylet’s get some of this nice if you sendthe butter in here it’s always keptnicely we’re going to microwave for oneminute and that’s it when you’re readyto fill our pot the whipped topping allready to go we’ve got my first all readyto go we just want to heat this up oneminute there so like I said once youregg whites are ready and you’ve alreadymixed all your filling then we just haveto fill it into our nice Pike pie crustthis is still no hot and pop it in themy in the oven for about who probablyfive minutes keep an eye on it becauseyou know how the whipped topping isgonna Brown very quickly so you don’twant it to burn so just keep an eye onit after about two minutes or threeminutes and then once it’s browned thetips are Brown you can take it out okayso let’s let’s finish up that meringuefilling and we’ll be right backthe lemon and the egg yolks and thebutter sugar black white stuff allincorporated get that a nice littlewhisk then we transfer this to ourgo it inI guess if this makes one nice big 9inch I believe disc this pie plate isabout 10 inch but the filling is justenough for this partnicewe can get all right scoops hereand we’re going to scoop it up is madeon top we bring it around and bring itto the edges of the pieokay if you get the edges like that[Music]then we’re gonna seal the center’s intimegive it the little Peaks if you wantsometimes it’s a little extra okay nowremember this is hot so use your mittensI’m going to pop these back in the ovenyou just need to put it in there forabout I would say less than five minutesI’m actually going to put it on the topbecause that’s where the Browning willhappen more quickly keep an eye on itokay I’ll be back in about five minutesokay it’s been about five minutes and Ipeeked in there and it looks like it’stime you know pretty good so I’m gonnago ahead and turn this off and pick upsorry take out this nicehere make sure you protect your counterevery time you put something hotthere’s my lemon meringue pie recipe Ihope you get a chance to try it let thiscool thoroughly at least four I wouldsay an hour and then chill it in therefrigerator for at least four hoursbefore you cut it and serve it I hope Ican have a chance to show you a piece ofit as if there’s any piece left but ifnot I’m sure you’ll enjoy itso here’s my lemon meringue recipe tryit let me know what you think I’ll talkto you again bye

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