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LED Presents: CultureCast’s Heaven’s Kitchen. How to Bake the Perfect Apple Pie!

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Welcome to The CultureCast, GoLEDigital’s newest weekly program brought to you by the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist.

Following in the footsteps of St. Dominic, our mission is to be preachers and teachers and this calling puts us in front of all kinds of interesting people, in interesting places, doing interesting things. All for a greater purpose much larger than any one of us; Like being on Oprah, or being on top of the billboard classical music charts, or on television game shows.

Join us every week as the CultureCast takes you inside our kitchen for: Heaven’s Kitchen to show you how to cook for an army and become a culinary artist! Or come along with us and go: On the Road with the Sisters to become traveling pilgrims as you discover all the things that can be seen and those that are unseen! Or sit down with Mother Assumpta Long as she unlocks a few stories from some unsuspecting guests!

Join us each week for unlikely adventures and together let’s learn new things, see new places and meet new faces on The CultureCast. This week HEAVEN’S KITCHEN shows us how to bake the perfect Apple Pie!

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Video Transcription

[Music]this week on the culture cast we takeyou for an inside you to learn culinarysecrets in Heaven’s kitchen aren’t youtired of not knowing we want to cook onepiphany are you tired of not knowingwhat epiphany is well you’ve come to theright placewipe away those burnt Christmas cookietears and save that Easter lamb fromanother one-star review let us help youbake away the mystery of liturgicalcooking welcome to heavens kitchen wherewe not only help you develop your bettersense of taste but we help you increaseyour faith because it’s time all of ushelp each other obtain heavenlygreatness so on your road to culinaryholiness make sure to stop by ourkitchen and learn how to bake food forthe Soul so that your meals tastestraight from heavens kitchen welcome toheavens kitchen my name is sister ReneeNoel and I’m sister Mary Avila todaywe’ll be teaching you how to make theperfect apple pie so I grew up makingapple pies with my mother and mygrandmother my mom actually grew up onan orchard so she knows a lot of secrettricks but she passed down to me and thefun thing about apple pies everyone kindof has their own variation across thecountry and you can make apple pie forpretty much any season I mean fourth ofJuly Mother’s Day Thanksgiving Christmaspretty much any time they SaturdayMonday any day it worth day any day isgreat for apple pie and so we’re goingto show you how to make it so you canenjoy it any time of the year that youwant so we’re gonna go through theingredients first and then we’ll kind oftake you step-by-step through theprocess so first we’ll make the crustyou’ll need 2 cups of flour 1 teaspoonof salt 2/3 cup of shortening andsix to ten tablespoons of ice-cold waterfor the filling you’re gonna need aboutsix cups of apple slices that’s aboutsix medium apples and I know a lot ofpeople tend to use Granny Smith or tartapples for their apple pies but actuallyusing a mix of different kinds of applescan get you a more richer flavor sowe’re gonna use a little bit of booksyou also need for your filling a quartercup of granulated sugar and increasethat to a half a cup if you are onlyusing tart apples a half cup of brownsugar a quarter cup of flour and thencinnamon nutmeg enclose and we have acouple of amounts that are kind ofsuggestions you can add more or less asyou enjoy about 3 teaspoons of cinnamon1 teaspoon of nutmeg and just 1/2teaspoon of cloves and then 2tablespoons of cold butter not chocolatenext you’ll want to pre-heat your ovento 375 degrees peel and core the applesand slice them into thin wedges[Music][Music]in a medium bowl mix sugar flour theapples and all your spices the spiceamounts again are suggestions you canadd more or less depending on your taste[Music][Music]set the filling aside next in a separatebowl you’re going to make your pie crustmix the flour and the salt together inthe bowl and then add the shortening cutit together with a pastry blender orfork until you have small chunks thatare about the size of green peas or alittle bit smaller then you’re gonna addyour ice-cold water one tablespoon at atime and my mother always said this wasthe really important part that itactually has to be ice-cold so get a cupof water put some ice cubes in itlet the rest of the water get cold andthen take your water from there asyou’re adding it to your pie crust sowhile you’re adding your water toss yourcrust with a fork and eventually you’llnotice that the mixture will start toleave the sides of the bowl make surethat it doesn’t get sticky thoughbecause it’s always easier to add alittle bit of water than to start addingflour again to make it less sticky sowhen you’ve got the right consistencythat your dough stays together when it’spressed but it doesn’t stick to yourfingers you’ll know you have the rightconsistency so now that you have theperfect pie crust you’ll want toseparate your dough into two even sizedballs turn the dough on a lightlyfloured surface flour your wooden ormetal rolling pin so it doesn’t stick tothe dough you want to flour your handsand roll it into ten to twelve inchcircles[Music]gently fold it into fourths carefullylifting off the counter and positionedthe center point in the center of thepie 10 unfold the crust and adjust sothe crust is centered in the tin you’llthen cut off the excess crust leaving aquarter two and a half inch overhangthen you’re gonna fill the bottom of thecrust with the apple filling and takeyour 2 tablespoons of cold butter andshave it on top of the apples in thefilling this is my grandma’s secrettrick that she like to do to make theinner filling moist and delicious afteryou’ve done that roll out your other piecrust and put it on top in the same wayonce you have that now you have to sealyour edges take a little bit of water onyour finger and gently wet the edges ofthe pie crust pressing it together asyou go around after that take the topedge of the pie crust fold it overunderneath the bottom crust and then youcan pinch it shut there are a coupleways that you can do that you can eithertake your thumb and your forefinger andkind of crimp it along the side myfavorite way is to take the forefingerof your left hand and your forefingerand your thumb of your right hand andpinch it in between so you have a littleripple there another way you can do itis just by taking a fork and pressingthe edges down either way you want tomake sure your pie is sealed[Music]after that cut slits in your pie crustso that air can escape and you don’t getair bubbles between the crust and thefilling so in order to have your piebaked in a beautiful even color you’llwant to use a pie foil guard in order toprotect your crust otherwise the crustwill get hard and burnt and your Centerwill just barely be cooked so what youdo is you take strips of foil and youcan fold them together so that you haveone long strip that’s long enough to goaround the edge of your pie and justgently wrap it around and cover thecrust make sure you don’t press too hardor you’ll imprint the foil into thecrust as it’s not cooked yet afteryou’re done with that put the pie in theoven and let it bake for 30 minutes sowhat do we do with all this extra piecrusts though you can make heavenlybites heavenly bites my mom called itpie crust cookies but it’s a great wayto use that extra dough that you haveleft sitting on your counter from theexcess that you cut off one of thethings I love about them is they’re kindof whimsical in the in the sense thatthey don’t really have a specific shapemy mom would just press it onto the panan extra pie crust sprinkle cinnamon andsugar together on top of them and letthem bake with the pie these only takeabout 10 to 15 minutes so make sure youkeep an eye on them but those will burnso then you’ll remove the foil and allowit to bake another 15 minutes or untilthe top of the crust is an even goldenbrown take out your pie let it cool on acooling rack serve and enjoy the coolingpart is important because if you don’tlet it cool enough the filling willstill be runny it has to have a littlebit of time to set once it comes out ofthe oven thank you for joining us forthis episode of heavens kitchen andwhether you’re eating this onThanksgiving or 4th of July enjoy yourapple pie if you liked this episodeplease like and subscribe to our youtubechannel the heavens’ kitchen podcast andall of our other content is available atgo le digital org if you’ve enjoyed thisparticular show of the culture castplease make sure to LIKE and subscribeto our YouTube channel or follow us onTwitter but as always all of thiscontent can be found on go le digitalorg[Music]youyou

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